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31 days of YokoRyo - drabbles

31 days of YokoRyo - drabble series

31 days of YokoRyo - drabble series
Pairing: YokoRyo
Rating:  PG - R
Genre: Romance, friendship, humour,
I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
I made a drabble series with 31 days of YokoRyo. (This is the first of twelve drabble parts. Every month of the year will include another pairing - but I post the rest during the next weeks, and not one pairing per month. That would take too much time, ne?! ^_^) 



„Yokoooooo.....my package arrived....“, Ryo screamed across the whole apartment.

Yoko's head appeared from the living room and looked irritated at his boyfriend:

„A package?“

Ryo only smiled brightly and bit on his lips.

„Ohhhhh....that package...I wait in the sleeping room.“



„You know I love my bike, ne Ryo?“

Ryo nodded.

„And I love my Nintendo“

Ryo nodded.

„And I love bananas“

Ryo nodded.

„And I love music“

Ryo nodded.

„And I love Kanjani“

Ryo nodded.

„And I love you“

Ryo kissed him.



„I think I forgot something in the dressing room....Yoko.....dressing room“, Ryo said.

„Oh, okay, I wait here“, Yoko answered.

Hina and Maru rolled their eyes. 

„Maybe I go with you, Ryo“, Maru said.

„Oh, no no, I go with him“, Yoko interrupted.

„Why do he never recognizes when Ryo wants sex? Instead we always have to make him jealous“, Hina sighted.



He woke up late at night and turned round. He softly touched Yoko's lips and stroked across them with his fingers.

I love your lips

I love your eyes

I love your nose

I love your hair

I love your body

I love you Yoko.

He kissed him softly and snuggled up to him.



„Ha, I am the best, 1 Million points....“, Yoko held his Nintendo between his hands and pushed various buttons.

Ryo tried to snuggle up and kissed his cheek.

„Ha, look, there I am the master of this game.“, Yoko laughed.

Ryo put his hands across Yoko's waist and stroked across his chest.

„I am the hero of this game“, Yoko shouted.

„Can you be my hero now“, Ryo looked at him with puppy eyes.



„What do we need to buy?“ Yoko sat on the table and write down the list.

„Lube“, Ryo said.

„Yes, and we need vegetables.“, Yoko added.

„Lube“, Ryo said.

„Yes, I got it, and we need fruits“, Yoko thought.

„Lube“ Ryo said.

„Yes, Ryo, I know....and we need some chocolate“, Yoko mentioned.

„Lube“, Ryo said.

„Yes, I have noticed it, Ryo....“, Yoko said a bit annoyed.

„I just want to make sure that you don't forget it like the last time...“, Ryo answered.



He stroked across Yoko's chest and snuggled up to him.

Yoko put his hand around Ryo's shoulder and kissed him slightly.

„I love the days when I am top“, Ryo said.

„And I love every day with you“, Yoko answered.



„What are you doing?“ Ryo walked up to the kitchen.

„I cook something for you“, Yoko smiled and pushed Ryo out of the kitchen.

After an hour Yoko brought nearly black cookies into the living room.

Ryo looked at them and smiled at him: „Thanks honey, but I think they aren't good anymore.

Yoko looked down and sighted: „I just try so hard, but I can't cook....“

Ryo tousled through Yoko's hair and kissed his lips energetically: „I promise to teach you everything about cooking.“



„I think Jin is better in singing than Ryo“, one of the juniors said during lunch.

„What did you say? No one put my beloved junior on second place, do you understand?“, Yoko pointed at the junior, who only nodded, scared of the senpai yelling at him. Subaru just rolled his eyes and sighted: „Gomen, he is a bit crazy sometimes.“ He pushed Yoko forward and whispered: „You are crazy....you're like a love sick teenagers Yoko.“



„Why aren't you talking with each other?“, Subaru asked Ryo after a rehearsal.

„I won the video game last night“, Ryo answered.

„Ah, and then?“, Subaru added.

„Nothing – that was everything.“, Ryo looked at Subaru, who stared at him.

„Nothing more? That's the reason why he is angry?“ Subaru continued and Ryo just nodded.

„How can you manage to be together with him? I don't understand it“, Subaru mentioned.



Yoko held Ryo closely to his body and felt his breathe on his chest. He stroked across Ryo's back and kissed him slightly. His hand touched Ryo's and their fingers started crossing, while Yoko stroked Ryo's palm with his fingers. “I never want to lose you, Ryo”, he whispered in the other one's ear. “I love you, Yoko”, Ryo answered.



„I am really bad in love things, I just put everything in codes, I never tell someone directly about my feelings.“, Ryo explained Yassan.

„Ah, so the „I love you“ from yesterday was a code?“, Yoko shouted from the other side of the room.



He put his hands into Ryo's hair and kissed his neck, while he could feel the movement of Ryo's hips. He could feel that he was totally in Ryo now, and he embraced his lover tightly, smelled his scent and moaned: „Aishiteru“.



Yoko loved Ryo and Ryo loved Yoko, and everyone knew about it except them. Every try to bring them together failed and Kanjani decided to give up, when suddenly the door opened and Yoko walked in: „Did anyone of you knew that Ryo has a crush on me? Maybe we are going to date now...that's unexpected, I know....“ Subaru rolled his eyes and hit his head on the table: „Yes totally....that's so surprisingly, like snow in winter....“



„What are you doing Ryo?“, Yoko asked. Ryo stood in the kitchen and prepared something for the evening. „It's a surprise, but I am nearly done.“ After a few minutes he came to Yoko with a big bottle of cream and another one with strawberries. „Do you wanna eat in the sleeping room?“, he asked Yoko, who only smiled and stood up immediately.



“Look there Ryo, an alien”, Yoko screamed and pointed at something behind Ryo. Ryo turned round and answered: “I can't see anything, Yoko, where...” he stopped when he saw that his sushi was gone. He looked at Yoko, who sat there with a full mouth and said: “Sorry, it must have been a mistake.” Ryo rolled his eyes and sighted: “Every time the same, I always loose my food...”



“What are we doing here”, Subaru sighted. “Oh, no what am I doing here”, he added.

“I thought I need to learn cooking, because I want to surprise Ryo-chan”, Yoko looked at the teacher who explained how to mix the ingratiates.

“Yes, but why am IIIIIII here?????”, Subaru asked again. “Because you are my best friend...”, Yoko smiled. Subaru just sighted and rolled his eyes when he started to cut the carrots in front of him. 



“Yoko, Yoko, Yoko, Yoko, Yoko......” Ryo jumped up and down and danced around Yoko. Yoko just sat there and rolled his eyes. “Yoko, Yoko, Yoko,.....” Ryo kept up singing his name and dancing up and down.

“What the hell is going on here? Since when does Ryo act like this?”, Hina stood at the door and looked irritated. “Since they had first time sex last night...:, Subaru murmured and walked out of the room.



“Ryoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...............”, helppppp.....Ryo stopped and sat down in the snow, as far as it was possible with his snowboard. He turned round and saw a black cap rushing down, arms flying in the air and yelling echoed, till he landed in a big mountain of snow.

Yoko was never skiing in his life, and he was sure he didn't do it again.



“Tell me three things you love about me?”, Ryo snuggled up to Yoko and kissed his cheek.

“What? Three things?”, Yoko answered. “Hey, don't say there are less than three things you love about me?”, Ryo murmured. Yoko laughed and kissed him gently: “No, the fact is I don't know where I should start...”



“How does this shirt suit me?”, Yoko asked and watched himself in the mirror. Ryo sat on the chair and stared at him: “Not bad”, he said.

“Ryo, that's the 10th shirt and you always say “not bad”, can you say something else?”, Yoko answered.

“I think you look best without clothes...”, he stood up and kissed the other one forcefully while he pulled off Yoko's shirt.



“have you read this fanfiction Yoko?”, Ryo asked Yoko who sat next to him and twisted some of the older one's hair. “Which one?”, Yoko smiled and looked at Ryo. “The one where we had sex in the shower?”, Ryo answered. Yoko nodded and grinned, while Ryo bit on his lips: “Can we try it in reality?”, Ryo murmured. Yoko stood up and pushed the other one to the bathroom.



“Ryo, time to stand up”, Yoko whispered, but Ryo only moaned and turned around. “Stand up, honey”, Yoko kissed him softly on the cheek, but Ryo didn't open his eyes. “Ryoooo.....stand up now”, Yoko got louder, but Ryo pushed him away and put his head under the pillow. “okay, I am going to take my shower alone now!”, Yoko turned around and waited a second. “What...no, I am awake, give me a second”, Ryo jumped out of the bed and stood next to Yoko. “Rehearsal in one hour, so get ready boy!”, Yoko smiled because he knew how he got him out of the bed. “That's unfair, and our shower??”, Ryo looked down on the floor. “Tonight we have time enough....”Yoko said and left the room.



“Jan-ken-pon”, Yoko and Ryo screamed during rehearsal break. “Nooo, you won again, once more”, Ryo yelled. Yoko rolled his eyes and raised his hand again: “Jan-ken-pon”, but again it was Yoko who won. After one hour and not only a single win for Ryo Yoko sighted: “Maybe you should ask, then we can stop this game, Ryo?” “Noo, I want to win it”, Ryo yelled. Subaru rolled his eyes and started to read again. “What's going on there?”, Yasuda asked. “Ryo try to win the TOP position tonight, and he doesn't want to ask if he can be top this time.”, Subaru answered. Yasuda looked at him and said: “And why isn't he able to ask?” Subaru sighted and looked at him: “That knows only god, I think....”



Love is difficult – love is beautiful – love is gorgeous – love is the best thing ever – love is being loved – love is to give love – and for Yoko love is Ryo.



“It's a mountain”, Subaru said

“Oh no, wait, it's a flower”, Hina said

“No, it's cup”, Yasuda said

“No, it's a horse” Okhura said

“No, it's a pig”Maru said.

“No, it's a portrait of Yoko”, Ryo smiled and showed them his self made picture.



Yoko couldn't believe it – he was together with Ryo, and that meant a lot of fun and a lot of love and a lot of sex.

Ryo couldn't believe it – his beloved senpai was his lover now, and that meant a lot of fun and a lot of love and a lot of sex.




Water ran down his back and Yoko stared at Ryo's back and his ass. He loved to take a shower together, especially at this point when Ryo turned round and smiled: “Let the show begin”.



“Holiday?”, Yoko stared at Ryo. “Where do you want to go?”, he asked him. “I don't know, a small bungalow somewhere. Or on the beach....you know, one week just for us?”, Ryo answered. “And no one else?”, Yoko knitted his eyebrows a little bit. “Only the two of us, love holiday....”, Ryo said and kissed him.



“I think I have to loose weight!”, Yoko looked in the mirror and stroked across his belly. “No, you don't have to lose weight, Yoko”, Subaru sighted. “But I am too fat.”, Yoko answered. “No you aren't Yoko!”, Subaru said again. After half an hour of fighting about Yoko's body Ryo walked in. “So, I said it 150 times in the last 30 minutes: No you aren't fat.” “I am too fat!”, Yoko said. “No, Yoko you are perfect”, Ryo interrupted. “Really? Yes, maybe you are right, I am not fat...”, Yoko said. “Why the hell am I talking half an hour and this boy said It once and this old-Osaka man immediatley believes his words????”, Subaru moaned and rolled his eyes.



“Yoko the bananas in Europe are red and the apples are violet, I can show you some, I have some in the dressing room ”, Ryo said during the rehearsal break. “Oh, yes I really want to see them, I come with you”, Yoko answered. “Why the hell are they speaking in such a stupid code-language when everyone here knows that they only want to have sex now?!”, Subaru murmured and ate his sushi.




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