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From dusk till dawn - Chapter 2

From dusk till dawn - Chapter 2

Title: From dusk till dawn - Chapter 2
Multi Chapter in 8 Chapter
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo ; Tegoshi Yuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: PG-13
Genre:romance, friendship, AU, drama, angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Kame visits Ryo every day and tells him about his life. He is sure that Ryo can hear him, but he can't answer, because he lies in coma.
Note 2: Written for [info]sweetspicyhot - just because I like you my friend. :))) I know I start a bit earlier with posting it. ^___^ <3 I hope you'll like it.

„Hey Ryo! I am here again. It's raining outside today. Can you hear the rain drops? I know you loved rainy days, because mostly we were staying at home and snuggling on the couch when it was freezing cold and uncomfortable outside. Last night I wished you were next to me, because there were all the thunders and blizzards, and you know what a coward I am.” Kame laughed a little bit and walked around the bed to sit down on his place. He took Ryo's hand in his, stroking it softly.

“I told you about our first meeting yesterday, and today I want to tell you about the first date we had. I already told you that we wanted to meet up for a coffee, and let me tell you that we met up, but it wasn't exactly our first date, because this was one week later, on a Friday afternoon, when we had no school.”

Kame walked down the park and felt his heart beat faster. He would meet up with Ryo today, and it was something like a date they had. During their last meeting they decided to meet up next to the river to make a picnic. Kame smiled when he thought about Ryo's expression when he invited him.

He was embarrassed and insecure, but on the other hand he exactly knew what he wanted. Ryo asked him for this picnic and he immediately agreed. When Kame wanted to ask Tegoshi and Pi for joining, Ryo glanced at them, so that they could only say that they had no time to join them.

Kame never felt something like this before. It was meeting up with someone special, someone he really liked, even though they met each other not long ago. Somehow he asked himself if this was the feeling everyone called love, but he didn't want to think too much about it, because he didn't even know what Ryo was thinking about him.

He ran down the small way and saw Ryo sitting on a sunny clearing, waiting for him. “Oh, hey Ryo, sorry I am a bit late, I had to search this park and the place you described me.”

“No problem, Kazuya, I prepared some food for us.” Ryo smiled at him and pointed at the sandwiches he made early in the morning.

“Wow, you did this?” Kame stared at the food and sat down on the blanket next to Ryo. “Yes, I love cooking.” Ryo gave the other one something of it, smiling brightly when he saw Kame’s sparkle in his eyes.

“Why did you move here?” Ryo asked after a while of silence.

“My father got a better job here, and so we moved. First I wasn't amused about living in a new city, but I think I am going to like it.”

“I hope you’ll like it here… How was your life in Tokyo?” Ryo took a sip of the orange juice and waited till the other one started to tell him about his past life. “I really like it, yes, because I met you, Tegoshi and Pi, and that's the greatest thing which ever happened to me. I wasn't that loved in my old school, and yes...I think from that point of view it could only have been better here, or at least bad as it was back in Tokyo.” Kame lied back in the grass staring at the sun high above him. “But all in all I am glad to be here, that's what I can say after some weeks here.”

“I think Pi and Tegoshi really like you.” Ryo nodded and looked down at the other one who opened one eye to look at the latter. “And you?”

Ryo winced a bit and Kame could see him biting on his lips. “I think we'll be great friends.” Kame's stomach twisted painfully at that statement, because actually he hoped for other words, but he knew he couldn't change someone's feelings.

“How long do you know Pi and Tegoshi?” Kame sat up again and pulled on a thread of the blanket. He wanted to break the silence after Ryo's sentence and decided to ask him about his friends.

“Pi was one of my first friends in kindergarten and we met Tegoshi in our neighborhood. He lived not far away from Pi and me, and we often met up to play together, even though Tegoshi was really calm at the beginning we liked each other from the first day on. And finally we all ended up in the same high school. We are friends since 12 years now, so it's a long time we know each other.” Ryo stretched a bit and yawned loudly, before he lied next to Kame.

“Wow, 12 years it's a long time. I have some old friends, but I hardly met up with them during the last years. I was like a snail, I hid every time I was able to do it.” Kame replied and smiled sadly.


“I don't know, maybe I was sick of all the hate and bullying in my school, and I didn't want to be friend with the guys I hated most, so I tried to stay outside, which was successful, mostly...” Kame shrugged his shoulders and looked at the side to face Ryo. “I think everything will be better at this place, no it already is better than anytime before.”

“I remember your sparkling eyes, Ryo-chan, and I never believed that you only wanted to be my friend. Or maybe I believed it, but I hoped you'd change your mind, what you did.” Kame bent forward and pushed some of Ryo's hairs away. He smiled slightly and let his fingertips gliding down the other one's face.

“You know, Ryo, I really long for your touch, and I wish nothing more than you touching me, holding me in your arms, like you did so often during the last years. But unlike some others I believe in you returning to me, I won't give up till you are back at my side, I promise this to you. I will wait, even though I am old and gray till you wake up, I will be there anytime and anywhere no matter what.” Kame was still holding Ryo's hand and he felt the warm skin touching his.

He wished he'd feel Ryo's hand pressing his', but it was only him holding his hand. “Maybe some can't understand me, but I am glad that I didn't lose you completely, I know everything will be alright, even though so many of our friends are doubting. You know that Pi and Tegoshi also believe in you, don't you? They wouldn't give you up, no matter what.”

Kame looked up at the window and smiled sadly before he turned his attention back to Ryo. “Ryo, listen, the rain has stopped, and the sun comes out. Maybe there will be a rainbow outside. I will make some pictures of it, just for you, because I know you liked the after rain mood and the rainbows.”

“I have to go now, Ryo. I meet up with Pi for lunch and then I have to work in the evening. Yes, you heard right, in the evening. We have a special reading night every 3rd of a month, and this time I have to stay there, but it's alright, you know how much I love my job. And this time your sister and their children wanted to come by. I am really nervous about it, because I am allowed to read out the today's story. I know, I started rambling again, and I am sorry about it. I promise to come again tomorrow, and then I will tell you another part of your life, and I think it will be about how we got together.” Kame smiled at Ryo and kissed his lips slightly before he left the room.

The first week he visited Ryo was hard for him, because he couldn't believe what happened and why it happened to them, but now, almost two months later he recognized that he had to take it as it was, because he couldn't change the past.

He stepped out of the hospital and walked down till he reached the restaurant where he wanted to meet with Pi.

“How's he?” Pi asked during meal and saw Kame's sad eyes looking up at him.

“Nothing new, and everything like always.” Kame answered and sighed deeply. Pi scanned the other one properly. “You should eat a bit more, not that you lose too much weight. You know Ryo will be mad when you are too thin when he wakes up.” Pi tried to smile and Kame's eyes told him that he was glad about every optimistic word he heard during days.

Pi knew that a lot of their friends and also family wished Ryo could let go off life and maybe he'd get something better, but Pi was sure that Ryo was still somehow here, because he didn't want to leave them, and especially Kame, behind. And even though no one could say what would happen, Pi was sure that Ryo would return to them, and it wasn't only a faked opinion he told Kame, it was his real thought that the other one would sit and laugh with them again sooner or later.

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