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The creatures of the night - The Vampires (2/??)

The creatures of the night - The Vampires (2/??)

Creatures of the night  – Chapter 2 “The Vampires”  
Pairing: none in this chapter
Rating:  PG-15 (because of some violence)
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship,
I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Every Vampire was once a human, and various circumstances turned them into blood sucking creatures.

A/N: This chapter is only about the history of the vampires. There will be a chapter for every single species. ^_^


His father was the first vampire in the town, but he never told anyone how he turned into a vampire. After a long journey to various towns in the whole country he came back home and was a completely different guy. His wife started to make journeys out quiet often and after a while she started to stay for months in a town next to the sea – she said she'd need it for her health. So Yoko and his father lived alone in the house. His father went out with his son quiet often, but for breakfast, lunch and dinner Yoko was always alone. His father's behaviour turned, and Yoko didn't understand what was going on, but never asked his father.

A few years later, when he turned 25, his father came to his room and sat down on the chair next to him. “Son, we have to talk about something. You will go and step into my place soon, and before you say anything, I am not talking about the company, no, I'll sell it, but I am talking about something else.” He told him about a mysterious vision, which told that his son will follow his footsteps as a vampire and that it was time for him to leave. Three days later his father wanted him to come to the library late at night. “Everything is arranged, you still have to search for a man called Subaru, he is the second vampire with whom you are going to stay.” Yoko was afraid of the next hours, and he didn't really understand what his father was talking about, but the last thing he remembered was his father whispering that he loves him, then he fainted. Yoko woke up hours later in the library, his head hurt and his skin was cold. He felt that something in his body had changed. The ground next to him was full of ash. He heard steps on the floor and hid behind a shelf and waited. A maid stepped in and screamed, when she saw Yoko's blood all over the floor. Yoko rushed to her and bit her, everything happened quickly and Yoko rushed out of the window to jumped on the roof, hid himself on the attic. He was afraid of himself, because he realized that he drunk blood minutes ago. His father told him everything about, but he didn't mention that it would be so cruel. He saw the dead eyes of the maid, her body lifeless and on the floor, and her skin looked bloodless. At night he went out to find this mysterious man called Subaru and his searching wasn't long, because after a few meters he saw a man standing in the forest and waiting for him.




Subaru was a tramp, he lived here and there, made this and that job and mostly he had to steal to earn some money. Subaru was a rough man, but he never hurt any kind of creature, till this day. He went out in the evening to go to the bar next to his home. After a few steps he saw a man behind him, so he didn't went to the bar but going down the street, but the man was right behind him all the time. Subaru stopped and turned around, and right after that the man jumped up and landed on the wall. Subaru couldn't believe his eyes, he never saw someone jumping that high. “What do you want from me?”, he asked and knitted his eyebrows when he saw who the man was. “Major?”, Subaru said and stared at the man on the wall. “You are my follower, Subaru, listen, you know the Yokoyama-clan? Search for them, you'll find a second of us there”, and with one jump he pushed Subaru on the floor and bit him. Subaru tried to fight against it, but after a few seconds he fainted and woke up hours ago behind some garbage cans. He stood up, it was raining and he had a terrible headache, followed by hunger, hunger for blood. On the way he saw some ash swimming in the puddle. He remembered the last words of the major and went to the Yokoyama house, after a while he saw the young fellow jumping down from the roof and coming up to him. “You're Yokoyama? I shall come to you...”, he glanced at the man towards him and stepped forward. “Call me Yoko, please...and yes, I shall find you too.”

Since then they went together during the country and centuries, their transformation was four hundred years ago and they became close friends. Subaru never wanted to be the head of the clan, and he was glad about Yoko guiding the group.




The myth that vampires weren't able to go out during days was nothing more than a lie. Their condition wasn't at the top, like they were during nights, but they had no problem to mix up with normal people during days and so it was possible to live undercover between them. Three hundred years ago a new born vampire fell in love with a girl, a human girl. After a few weeks the tragedy started, when the girl found out that she was pregnant. The vampire didn't know what to do, or what would happen if this child would be born, but he decided to keep silent about his secret and kept waiting till the day of birth came. After 20 hours the child was born, but the mother didn't survive. The vampire held the baby in his arms and took it with him deep into the mountains. He raised the boy alone and tried to hide him from other vampires. After a few years he recognized that the boy was also a vampire and it was quiet unusual to give birth to a baby vampire. Till this day he had raised him with normal food and never gave him any blood to drink, and when he tried it, the four year old boy fainted. He had a blood - phobia and only drank blood, when he lost his mind for about five minutes. Then he killed everyone who stepped in his way. When the boy turned twenty five he stopped growing, and never got older. His father died after a few centuries and left him behind ,and on this day he saw two guys coming up to him and after a while they took him with them. Subaru, Yoko and Goro became a three man group three hundred years ago.



Because it was Saturday evening Ryo went out for a drink with some co-workers. They walked into the bar, went to their favourite place and ordered some beer. They laughed and talked a lot during the evening and after some beer Ryo saw a girl staring at him. He didn't care about it at the beginning, but some minutes later he felt observed, because the girl followed every step he made. Ryo decided to walk up to her and started to talk with her, and after one hour he walked out with her to spend the night at her place. Normally he wasn't the guy who had sex with a girl in the first night, but he couldn't resist the beauty of this girl. She opened the door to her apartment and he walked in, when he felt her hugging him from behind. She licked across his neck and put her arms under his shirt. “You're fast...you know that”, he said and turned round. He kissed her forcefully and she guided him to the sleeping room. They fell on the bed and  kissed deeply, when she suddenly stopped him: “You are my follower, Ryo, I saw the vision”. She pushed him on the bed and sat on him, while her lips searched for his carotid and finally she pushed her teeth into his skin. Ryo woke up hours later, the sun was already shining. He turned around and everywhere around him was ash, even on his body. His head hurt and he felt tired and thirsty. He really needed blood...whatever that means. He stood up and saw three men standing in the room, waiting for him. “Hey Ryo, you are the new one in our group. I'm Yoko, this is Subaru and finally Goro.” Ryo didn't understand anything, but he had no other chance than follow them. They guided him through the first months as a vampire and helped him to learn hunting. He was a vampire for 280 years now.




Yoko met him in a bar on the bay last summer. He worked there as a barkeeper and Yoko never thought of falling in love with him, but it was love at the first sight. Sho was a young man, who wanted to save some money for his education as an actor, and because his parents didn't have it, he had to work for it. At this time Yoko went there every night to watch him and talk to him. Sho was still confused about this strange man, because he never ordered something to eat or to drink, and when he ordered something, he never drank it. Somehow he started to like this man. After a few months the day of their first date came, but Sho didn't appear at the meeting point. Yoko searched for him and found him deeply hurt under a bridge. He saw all the blood and he had to be strong, because the creature in him wanted to kill him. Yoko stepped back and thought of the last days with his father. His father told him everything about becoming a vampire and how a vampire can transform someone else without dying. He knew it would be dangerous, because most time vampires die with the victims, and he knew, when Sho drank his blood and died, Yoko would die too. He put out the knife of his pocket and knit in his arm. Some blood ran across his arm and he stepped closer to Sho. “Drink it”, he ordered him. Sho was to weak to ask or resist and tasted the blood on Yoko's hand. He started to scream and Yoko could see the other one's skin became white and he lost his consciousness. Yoko carried him to the vampire's house and took care of him. He didn't know if the transformation worked out, and what would be if Sho woke up, and he was really worried about the guy. Sho got a high fever and his skin was deep white while his eyes became black. During nights he screamed because of pain and on days he sweat and murmured during his fever dreams.  A few days later the fever was nearly gone and Sho woke up for the first time. “Where am I?”, he asked. “You still need some rest, Sho. But don't worry, everything will be alright.”, Yoko answered. Sho looked at him and the others in the background. His condition became better and Yoko and especially Ryo taught him everything about being a vampire. Sho and Ryo became best friends during the last centuries and he never stopped admiring and, in some way, loving Yoko, and he was really thankful that he rescued him, but they never talked about “being in love” anymore. On the one hand Yoko was glad that he saved Sho, but on the other hand he knew, that Sho has a burden now, he had to live for a very long time, and he had to fight with his guilty conscience after killing people to survive, and this guilt was his burden since 250 years now.




“Hey, who are you”, the man stood in the dark corner of the street, his eyes wide open and full of fear. “I am your nightmare....I am your biggest nightmare...”, Kame smiled and stepped closer to the guy. He raised his hand and stroked across the other one's carotid. He could feel the man shivered when he touched him.

“Are you afraid”, Kame smiled and licked across the man's neck, who only shook his head. “I won't hurt you that much, I promise”, Kame smirked and bit in his neck. Blood ran down his neck and coloured the white shirt into red. The man breathed out and sank down, while Kame sucked out the blood of him. A few minutes later Kame was gone, only the dead body of the man lied there, his eyes were scared and wide open. Kame smiled and jumped on the roof of the house. Luckily vampires were able to move fast, and jump high. He looked across the rooftops of the town and smiled. It was his second year as a vampire and as far as he could say, he was the most successful one, but maybe it was because he didn't know any other vampires.

He remembered the day of his transformation, it was a cold winter night and he was on his way to his fiancé. He crossed a dark alee somewhere outside the town and cursed himself because he didn't came by carriage. He walked down the road and could see a small light hovering in the air, and smoked raised up in the sky. He smiled and hoped he'd reach this house soon.

But right before he left the road he saw a man kneeling in the middle of the road. He looked strange, his clothes were old and he looked like he was from another century. Kame walked up to him and wanted to help him, but he moved back when he saw the man's face. It was full with blood and his eyes were deep black. He smiled at Kame and stood up slowly. “I waited for you Kame, you're my follower.”, he smiled smoothly and stepped closer. “Just a moment, follower, what are you talking about?”, Kame stuttered and leaned against a tree.

“Every vampire gets to know his follower after a few thousand years, and you are mine, I am tired and I am ready to go now. And the vision showed me, that you are the next”, the man stepped closer and put his hand on Kame's neck and pressed him against the tree. Kame couldn't flee, because he wasn't able to make a single move. He lost consciousness when the man bit him, and he woke up hours later. Slowly he turned around and saw some ash on the ground. His head hurt and he was unbelievable thirsty, thirsty for blood. He stood up and looked around, because he didn't know where he was. It wasn't the street to the house of his fiancé, he was in a totally different area. He walked down the street and looked at the clock, it was midday, so he slept for hours. In the corner of the street he saw a girl feeding her cat, and like someone guided him he walked up to her and bit her. So he started to live his life in the underground, only walking out at nights. He slept in old, left houses and tried not to get any attention. With this way of living the last two hundred years past, till this evening, when he met a guy named Yoko, who took him to a house with other vampires and Kame learned to live in a community again.



Since two hundred years this group of vampires lived all together in a small house deep in a forest, where no one came by. After this long time they became a group, and even if they fought a lot, they were also like a family, because they had no one else in their lives. They waited for new vampires to be born, but since Kame there weren't any new one's.

Mostly they spent their days at home and went for hunting at evenings, but often they tried to be a part of the society at days, even if they were weak and powerless at days, but they needed some changes and kind of normal life sometimes.

They were once in good contact with other species, but during the first war against the black men, the bond between the species broke up, and they only met up with other's when it was necessary to fight together against a powerful enemy.

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