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Symphony of fate - Chapter 9: Sleepy harmony

Symphony of fate - Chapter 9: Sleepy harmony

Title: Symphony of fate - Chapter 9: Sleepy harmony 
Multi Chapter in 14 Chapters
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Matsumoto Jun
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance, drama, school
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo is the new teacher in Kame's school and he cares a lot about students with problems. And Kame is such a student, but actually he doesn't want to have any help, becaue he is a loner, and his only friends Jin and Jun already drifted apart from him. When Ryo gets to know about Kame's real situation and his real life, he tries anything to save him.
Note 2: It's [info]romapi's request, requested HERE .  I hope you like it. ^^

Kame stumbled backwards and sat next to  the guy. He swallowed the knot in his throat and felt some goose bumps on his skin, when the other one started talking. “I bought you, so you are mine for the whole night.”  

“So you want to fuck me?”, Kame closed his eyes when he heard his voice breaking a little bit. He wanted to say it in rough and harsh tone, but it didn’t work out, so he tried it again: “Or do you want me to fuck you, Nishikido-sensei?” This time it worked out much better and Kame felt his heart beat got slower again.

“Are you nuts? I am here, because I want to bring you out of here”, Ryo answered turning on the light.

“But maybe I don’t want to go out here. Maybe I am doing this because of fun”, Kame answered stubbornly. Of course he didn’t like this job and he wished he could do something else, but it was like a vicious circle, from where he couldn’t escape.

“You look tired and exhausted, and your bruises are still there, what happened”, Ryo sat down on the border of the bed, next to the other one.

“Nothing”, Kame said, looking at the other one next to him. His gentle and friendly eyes were resting on his and Kame felt that he’d give in when the other one would ask again. “I can’t stop, I need the money”, he whispered, turning his head on the ground.

“Lie down and sleep for the rest of the night. I think you need some sleep, you really look terrible”, Ryo answered softly and stood up to walk to the chair which was standing next to the bed. But he sighed deeply and sat down again, when he heard the other one crying next to him.

“So your wall is breaking down”, Ryo said slowly stroking the other one’s back.

“Why are you here? Why did you buy me?”, Kame looked up.

“I, and of course Jin and Jun, want to help you, Kazuya. We don’t want to blame you or yell at you. Where are your parents?”, Ryo asked carefully and closed his eyes when he saw Kame wincing in utter surprise and he heard him sobbing loudly. “I think I understand”, Ryo only said.

Kame robbed on the bed and lied down to find some rest. He felt his body relaxing for the first time since months and it was the first time he felt how exhausted he was. Every night in the bar, every day in school and there was never a moment where he could relax.

He hated the nights, he hated the men who touched him and he hated it doing these things, but he saw no other chance.

“Nishikido-sensei?”, Kame said already half asleep.

“Call me Ryo when we aren’t in school. You aren’t that much younger than I am”, Ryo smiled slightly and looked at Kame.

“Thank you for this night”, Kame smiled and fell asleep right after saying this.


“Woahhh….”, Jun yelled when he woke up finding himself lying in Jin’s arms, coiled up on the couch.

“What?!”, Jin murmured rubbing his tired eyes.

“Why the hell did we sleep nearly on each other, together on the couch?”, Jun screamed.

“Calm down, Jun…you grasped my shirt and didn’t let me go, so I had to sleep here

 “Don’t tell me that this is my fault??? I think I need a shower”, Jun stood up immediately, but stopped when he heard Jin’s voice from behind. “So you really do not like me.”

“Jin, what do you want from me?”, Jun asked honestly.

“Nothing…I think.”

“Jin, do you like me?”, Jun turned around to face the other one but he was only staring on the ground. “Jin?”, Jun said again and walked up to the couch, sitting next to the other one. He touched Jin’s arms softly and saw him wincing under his touch.

“Sorry Jun, maybe you should go now”, Jin said and looked up to face the other one. Jun smiled and bent down before Jin could say anything. He placed a soft kiss on the other one’s lips and stroked his cheeks softly. “I always thought you like Kame”, Jun whispered and felt Jin pulling him closer till Jin’s lips rested on his again.


“Kazuya, stand up, it’s early in the morning”, Yuri shook Kame softly and saw him opening his eyes just a little bit.
“Where is he?”, Kame asked when he sat up in his bed.

“He is already gone. It seems you enjoyed the night.” Kame just nodded at that. Trying to sort his thoughts. After months he had the chance to sleep for a whole night, and he felt refreshed now.

“Did he say something when he left the house?”, Kame asked innocently and saw Yuri shaking her head.

“No, but I hoped he would say something. He is really handsome. I hope we see him again here. He is so different from all the other guys who come here.”, Yuri sat next to Kame and saw his eyes were sparkling. She really hoped the man would come again, and maybe he could bring her beloved boy out of this place.

“It’s Saturday, I will come back at 5pm, ne?!”, Kame finally said.

“Sure, honey. I think we will have a lot of guests tonight, so maybe you should sleep a little bit before you come back”, she smiled sadly when they walked out of the room.
Yuri sighed deeply and walked back to her office room where she sat down on her couch. She really hoped this guy would come again, bringing Kame out of here, but she also knew that the chance was minimal that this would happen. She remembered his honest and gentle eyes when he asked about Kame. He wanted him for the whole night, and no one else should get him. “Like a white prince, only without the horse…”, Yuri smiled rubbing her head.

She walked out of her room later in the evening and stopped when she saw the stranger standing outside, waiting for the opening. She turned the key and let him coming in. “You are here again?”, she said friendly and saw him smiling at her.

“I want the same boy again”, Ryo said softly and gave her the money.

“I don’t know, it’s Saturday…ano, alright, he will be here soon. Go in the room”, she said and counted the money she got. She shook her head and felt a happy feeling rising up in her. Her wish came true.

“Hey Yuri…”, Kame walked into the house, a bit too early, but it was Saturday, so there would be a lot of work tonight.

“You have the same guest again, he paid again for the whole night”, Yuri answered and gave him the money.

“But it’s Saturday, Yuri…the night where I can earn much more money than this one…and I need it…we never make the “whole-night-thing” on weekend…”; Kame whined and threw his bag into the room on the backside.

“I thought you want him again”, Yuri answered and gave him the key to the room. Kame rolled his eyes and walked up to the same room like the last night. On the one hand he was glad that Ryo came again, but on the other hand he could have make much more money when he took one man after the other for the whole night.

“You are here again?”, Kame said when he opened the door.

“Yes”, Ryo only said.

“I really could have got some great men tonight, and I could have make much more money when you wouldn’t have done this again. And maybe I need to get fucked tonight”, Kame felt the anger in him rising up. He really needed the money, and he didn’t want other to interfere in his things.

It was nice to rest one night, but he wanted to be a loner again, he didn’t want a guardian or something like this on his side.
“You need more money, here you have it”, Ryo said and gave him some more. “So, I think you belong to me tonight. That’s business, you are mine”, Ryo smiled brightly.

He saw Kame walking up to him and grasping his shirt. Ryo didn’t know what the other one wanted from him when he felt Kame’s lips pressed on his and his hands were wandering down his back.

“That’s what I get paid for”, Kame said after he dissolved from the kiss and looked into Ryo’s eyes before he wanted to walk out of the room.

“You want to do it? Then do it…”, he heard Ryo saying and closed his eyes shortly. That couldn’t be what his teacher suggested him right now.

A/N: It goes on, right?! XD I am busy at the moment, but I will maybe post a one shot tonight, it depends when I'll be back from my nephew's costume party. (How I hate such parties...)
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