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Hide and seek (1/??) - You're mine

Hide and seek - Chapter 1: You're mine

Hide and seek - Chapter 1: Why did it happen again? 
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya aka Akame [main pairing], slight sidepairings: Nishikdo Ryo/UchiHiroki, Matsumoto Jun/ Tegoshi Yuya, Matsumoto Jun/ Yamashita Tomohisa [one sided]
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: Romance, angst, friendship, smut, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Jin and Kame are again a couple, and it starts to work out quiet well, till Kame disappears, and Jin tries to find him. A journey through the last years start. Jin has to remember about their past, about their break ups, about their beloved moments, because only in remembering those he would be able to find Kame. It's a run against time, because Jin doesn't know where Kame is, or what has happened to him.

A/N: The story starts right after Jin's nightmare, it was one of the drabbles I wrote some days ago, and because of some requests I made a sequal out of it. ^_^ You can find the drabble HERE.

Jin stood up and wanted to walk in the kitchen, because he really needed some water. He stroked across his neck to whipe away the sweat, and thought of the dream he had right before. This nightmare was the worst he ever had. He sneaked out of the sleeping room and took a look back to the bed. Kame moaned silently and turned around, the pillow right between his hands. Jin had to smile, because he really didn't know how it could happen that this guys lied in his bed, again.


One months ago Jin met him again in his favourite bar. Jin was astonished to see his ex there, because it was always like a unwritten law, that Kame didn't visit Jin's favourite places. But on this evening he saw him sitting there in the corner of the bar, talking to a guy he knew pretty good, it was Uchi Hiroki. Jin wondered and knitted his eyebrows, because as far as he knew, Kame wasn't very close with Uchi. Jin looked around and searched for his friends, with whom he wanted to meet up here, and finally found them standing in the corner, intensely gesticulating. He walked up to them and could hear Ryo yelling right before he reached them.

“I don't know what he is doing with him here, but I know I don't want him to be here.”, Ryo crossed his arms and leaned against the bar. Pi only shook his head and looked at Kame and Uchi chatting and laughing on the other side of the room.

“Hey, what the hell is going on here. What are they doing here, and what the fuck is Uchi doing here with him?”, Jin gave Pi, Ryo and MatsuJun a questioning look and took Pi's beer to take a mouthful. Ryo snorted and turned to the barkeeper to order another drink.

Pi bent over to Jin and whispered: “He can't forget him, even if their relationship has ended weeks ago.” Jin looked at his best friend, who propped himself on his elbow and sighted, followed by some murmur and cuss words. MatsuJun rolled his eyes and stepped closer to Ryo.

“Ryo-chan, maybe you are still in love with Uchi? Maybe...”, but MatsuJun couldn't finish his sentence because Ryo started to yell at him: “I am not, baka, I am stirred up, because Kame is here, and Jin doesn't want to meet him again, that has nothing to do with Uchi being here”.

MatsuJun looked at Jin, who stood there and even if he was upset about Kame being here, he had to smile, because Ryo was the worst liar he ever met. “Ah, yes, of course...that's the reason....we are all upset about this fact...only....”, Pi answered.

MatsuJun turned his head and clicked his tongue. “Oho, he is here...and I thought he wouldn't come tonight. So, if you excuse me boys, I think I have to go now...” The others looked in MatsuJun's direction and saw a beautiful and somehow sparkling man walking in.

Pi sighted and whispered at Jin again: “He will never forget this guy, ne?!” Jin shook his head and looked at Tegoshi, who smiled like he had won something. Jin couldn't understand how and why MatsuJun dated Tegoshi, but as far as he knew, they met once a week, but there wasn't more than spending a night together.

Ryo and Pi brought Tegoshi to a video evening  some time ago, because after a bad broke up Tegoshi was more than depressed, and MatsuJun immediately found his new toy in him, but unlike usual, Tegoshi saw the other also only as a bed-toy. Pi sighted and looked at MatsuJun till he couldn't see him anymore. He was totally in his thoughts when he heard Jin's voice:

“You don't think about telling him the truth some time, ne?” Pi looked irritated and turned red. “What? I don't understand what you are talking about.” Pi turned around and tried to catch the waiter's attention. Jin rolled his eyes, but he wasn't in the mood to talk  about Pi's feelings towards MatsuJun. They all knew, that there was more than friendship for Pi, but he never had the courage to tell MatsuJun about it.

Jin sighted and sat next to Ryo,who still glanced at Uchi and Kame: “Why is he here, Jin, what is he doing here?” Jin twisted the beer bottle on the ground, while he looked at Ryo and tried to figure out what the other was thinking right in this moment. He sighted and turned round to see what was going on the table in the corner. Uchi and Kame were talking and laughing and he could see Kame touching Uchi's shoulder and stroked across it.

Jin stood up and looked at Ryo: „I saw enough, come on, let's go outside and don't be astonished, but I will take your hand when we pass their table.“ Ryo didn't know what Jin wanted to do, but he did as he asked him to. They tried to figure out where Pi was right now, but it he was standing in the middle of the dance floor, his hands around a girls waist, so they just try to find their way out of the crowd. Jin guided Ryo directly in front of Kame and Uchi table and took Ryo's hand, slowly stroking across his palm. A fast sight at the others let him know, that they didn't count with this. Jin stopped moving and turned round to Ryo and kissed him slightly, stroking his cheeks with his fingers. He smiled and pushed Ryo outside before he could say anything. Outside Ryo whipped across his mouth and yelled at Jin:

„Are you nuts? What was this? You can't kiss me there, are you crazy.....I think you're insane, that can't....“ Jin just smiled and tried to calm him down. „Wait a few minutes, Ryo...“ they stood outside and waited, till Kame and Uchi finally stepped out. Luckily Jin and Ryo could hide behind a wall, so the others didn't see them.

„What was this, Kame? You told me, that everything will work out? And this kiss didn't look like everything is going perfect for us...“. Uchi yelled at Kame.

Kame crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. „Maybe we have to kiss too? I mean, if they see  that we are kissing....“, Kame mentioned. „Are you stupid? I love Ryo-chan I don't want to kiss someone like you.“ Uchi answered.

Right before Kame could answer, Jin walked up to them and looked into Uchi's eyes. Ryo stood behind the wall and tried to close his bag, and didn't recognize that Jin was gone, till he could hear him yelling at Uchi.

„What do you mean with „someone like you, Hiroki-kun?“, Jin drew himself up to his full height and pushed his hands in his waist. Kame walked up to Jin and tried to take his hand. „It's alright, let's talk about everything, Jin. Don't bother Uchi here, it's alright, he didn't want to say it in this way.“, Kame answered.

Ryo ran up to them and stared into Uchi's dark eyes. „Why did you kiss him, Ryo, why?“, Uchi bit on his lips and thought against tears coming up.

„Jin, I don't want him too, so please come down a little bit.“, Kame begged Jin. „But why are you here with him, no, no first of all, why are you here? We made this simple plan, that you didn't enter my privacy and I don't enter yours.“, Jin snorted.

„Why did you left me, Uchi? And why do you care about this kiss now? You were the one who left me, and said you need some time to think about anything.“ Ryo answered and looked into Uchi's eyes.

„I can't life my live without you, Jin. And I thought maybe I can make you jealous in any way. But I never expected a situation like this one.“, Kame said. Jin stepped a little closer to the other one and stroked across his cheeks. „I don't know if this is a good idea, we both know what happened last time.“ Jin knitted his eyebrows and stared at Kame, who put his hands on Jin's waist.

Uchi didn't answer and just stepped forward to take Ryo's head between his hands and kissed him forcefully. At first Ryo stood there and didn't know what to do, but finally he replied the kiss and put his hands around Uchi's neck.

Jin stroked across Kame's cheeks and raised his head to force him into a deep kiss. Kame embraced Jin closely and their tongues were softly playing with each other.

MatsuJun and Pi stepped out of the bar and looked irritated at the two kissing couples. „What the fuck? When did this happen?“, MatsuJun couldn't believe his eyes. „I don't have any idea...“, Pi shook his head. „Maybe we should try it too“, MatsuJun smiled. Pi turned red and didn't know what to say. „Just kiddin' Pi, don't worry. I meet up now with Tego, we see us, and tell me everything about the „second-round-couples“.“ MatsuJun laughed and turned around to walk away. Pi looked at him and sighted: „I'll never tell you the truth...“.

After they dissolved from the kiss, the others were still gone, and so they walked home together. „Jin, can I sleep at your place tonight?“, Kame asked him and kissed his cheek.

„Maybe we should take some time till we spend the nights together, Kame?“, Jin said.

„Jin, you sound like a virgin, who is afraid of their first time...and no one but me knows better that you really aren't a virgin.“, Kame smiled and kissed the other one's neck softly. Jin smiled and replied: „Just a joke, Kamenashi, you know I can't wait...“. They walked up to Jin's apartment and couldn't wait to undress the other one. Kame pushed off Jin's shirt and pressed him against the wall, while started to kiss his neck and chest. „You can't wait too, ne?!“, Jin laughed and put his hands under Kame's shirt to pull it off. He put Kame's hand and pushed him into the sleeping room. They fell on the bed and kissed forcefully, the tongues fought with each other. Jin ran his hand over Kame's chest and played with his nipples. Kame giggled and tousled through Jin's hair while nibbling on his earlobe. Jin could feel Kame's body rubbing against his, making him fully aroused. Kame smiled and rubbed his crotch against Jin's so he could hear Jin moaning a little bit. Jin put his hands on Kame's pants, opened it skilfully, and put his hand into them. Kame moaned loudly and kissed Jin's chest, while the other one put his hand out and pushed off Kame's, and finally his own, pants. Kame smiled and took Jin's cock into his hand to start stroking and tugging it from the base to the tip, and back. Jin moaned and tousled through Kame's hair, while Kame kissed Jin's chest and bellybutton and licked across the other one's whole upper body till he find his way to Jin's arousal. He slowly licked across the length and put the tip into his mouth. Jin yelled Kame's name and grasped his hair, when he put the length in his mouth as far as possible and he could feel the tip pushed against his throat. Jin moved his hips slowly and  the other one packed Jin's hips to control the movement. Jin could feel a hot fire raised up in him and he finally stopped the other one. Kame came up to him and kissed him forcefully, while Jin searched for the lube, put some on his fingers and rubbed it between his fingers. He kissed Kame and pushed in one finger, slowly searching for the other one's spot. Kame yelled and grasped Jin's shoulder, bit softly in his arm and moaned loudly.

Jin moved his finger in Kame, rubbed it in him and finally pushed out to take a second one. Kame moaned and closed his eyes. He hadn't been bottom since months, so the he nearly forgot about the pain, but somehow he missed this feeling. Jin was scissoring his fingers in Kame and finally took a third one. Kame yelled and kissed Jin slightly, while Jin moved his hand fast and went on scissoring his fingers as far as possible. He pushed out his fingers and finally sat up. Kame smiled and sat on Jin's cock, slowly feeling the length glided into him. He needed three or four movements till Jin was completely in him. Kame closed his eyes and breathed deeply, the pain was unbelievable deep, but he started to move his hips slowly. Jin moaned and kissed Kame's chest, while his hands rested on Kame's hips, helping him riding his cock. Kame put his hands across Jin's neck and kissed his collarbone and sucked on Jin's neck, while Jin let one hand on Kame's hips and with the other one he started to play with Kame's dick. He stroked and tugged it, made Kame yelling his name, and bending over to find hold. Kame could feel the cock rubbing against his spot and he thought he'd faint, but Jin didn't stop tugging him. Kame moaned when he felt a hot and strong feeling running through his body. For a short moment he forgot about the pain and started to move his hips fast and felt the length pushed out and got deep in him again. Jin moaned and moved his hand fast, till Kame yelled for a last time and finally cum, together with Jin. He sank on Jin and rolled next to him.

„Wow, that was amazing“, Jin said. „Yes, it really was. But maybe sometimes we can change the positions?“, Kame smiled.

„Yes, maybe, when you're a good boy“, Jin laughed and kissed Kame's forehead slightly before they both fell asleep.


Jin stood in the room and could still feel the kiss from this evening on his lips. He never thought that this would happen again. After he left Kat-tun he didn't want to think about anyone of them, but he couldn't forget about Kame, and he never stopped loving him. And now he had him again, and he knew he wouldn't let him go anymore. Jin walked out of the room and closed the door silently. He stepped to kitchen and drank some water, while he washed away the sweat from his neck.

And in this moment he decided to tell Kame the words he was never able to say, he'd go to say that he loved him.

Jin walked back to the sleeping room and opened the door silently, while he slipped in. He walked up to the bed and stopped immediately. The bed was empty and fresh made, like no one lied in there. He looked around but the windows were closed and there was no chance to get out than the door, and Jin would have seen when Kame slipped out of it. He searched  in the whole apartment, but he couldn't find him or any trace where he could be.

The doorbell rang and Jin walked up to open it. Right in front on the floor stood a package and Jin took it with him in the apartment. He opened it and found a cup in there. On the ground of the package was a message: „Remember the cup? The ending of the story, which belongs to this cup guides you to the next message“. Jin knew that this must be related to Kame's disappearing, because he remembered the story with the cup like it was yesterday....


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