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Symphony of fate - Chapter 8: Nocturne

Symphony of fate - Chapter 8: Nocturne

Title: Symphony of fate - Chapter 8: Nocturne
Multi Chapter in 14 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance, drama, school
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo is the new teacher in Kame's school and he cares a lot about students with problems. And Kame is such a student, but actually he doesn't want to have any help, becaue he is a loner, and his only friends Jin and Jun already drifted apart from him. When Ryo gets to know about Kame's real situation and his real life, he tries anything to save him.
Note 2: It's [info]romapi's request, requested HERE .  I hope you like it. ^^

„Hey Jun“, Jin waved his hand and walked up tot he other one, who was already waiting for him.

“Hey Jin, finally you are here”, Jun smiled brightly and saw his friend walking up to him.

“Do you know anything new?”, Jin only said and saw Jun’s smile disappearing.

“Do you have a crush on Kazuya?”, Jun asked out of the blue without answering to the other one’s question.

“What?!”, Jin looked at the other one and crossed his arms in front of him.

“I just want to know what you are feeling for him?”

“Are you nuts, MatsuJun? Why are you asking, you know I love him like my brother. I always did, but there is nothing more than that. Why are you acting so strange during the last days?”, Jin felt some anger rising up in him and glanced at the other one.
“I just asked. Sorry that I show some interest”, Jun snorted.

“Can we just go to Nishikido-sensei now and stop talking about absolute senseless and stupid things?”, Jin grumbled.
“Senseless and stupid? So you think I am stupid?”, Jun replied angrily and saw Jin rolling his eyes. He started walking down the street without looking at the other one again. He didn’t know why he asked Jin about his feelings towards Kame, but maybe he wanted him to fall for him and not for the other one.


“Sensei”, Jin said and walked up to the park bench where their teacher was waiting for them.

“Ah, boys,”, he said and stood up to great them. “Great that you came by”, he added and looked at the others.
“Do you know more about him now?”, Jin asked directly.

“Yes, I followed him and I think he has a bigger problem. He works in a brothel”, Ryo said and sighed deeply.

“What? That can’t be…”, Jin answered and couldn’t believe the other one’s words.

“Kame wouldn’t sell himself, never”, Jun replied.

“I don’t know what he really did there, and why, but I am going to find it out”, Ryo answered and took his bag from the bench.

“How?”, Jun asked.

“I have to think about it, but I don’t want you to do anything, okay?”, Ryo ordered them to stay in the background and helping him with other things. “I just want you to try to get closer to Kazuya. Try to talk to him, invite him and such things. I will think of another opportunity.”, he added and walked down the street after they decided to meet up after the weekend.

Ryo thought of a chance to talk to Kame, but he knew he wouldn’t listen to him at all, and he wouldn’t tell him anything about his current situation. On the one hand he could understand him, because talking to a teacher was more difficult than talking to a friend, so he hoped Jun and Jin could do something to get Kame out there.

Ryo walked home and lied down on the couch. He rubbed his temples and sighed deeply, thinking of his student. The situation with Miyu was totally different from what he experienced now, but he couldn’t say why. He remembered the day he walked into the classroom for the first time. He looked around and stopped when he saw the slender figure in the last row. Kame caught his attention from the first second, without saying a word or doing anything else.  

“And you really want to help him?”, Yoko said on the phone.

“Yes”, Ryo yawned and stretched his arms before he sat up. “I know what happened the last time I cared about a student, Yokocho, but I really think I can handle the situation now. I feel more confident and coolheaded now. And I am a little bit older now”, Ryo added.

“I know, I am just worried about you.”, Yoko sighed deeply and Ryo could hear the worry in the other one’s voice.

“Yoko, feel free to hit me if I do something stupid, okay?”, Ryo smiled slightly when he heard the other one snorting on the other side: “I will, I will definitely do this when you do something like back then again.”

Ryo lied down on his couch again after he had finished the phone call and closed his eyes to find some rest.

“Sensei…”, Kame moaned and Ryo shivered when he felt his breathe tickling in his neck.

“Kazuya”, Ryo had his eyes closed and moved slowly. He felt Kame around him, heard him moaning his name and felt soft bites on his collarbone.

Ryo felt Kame’s hands wandering up and down on his back, drawing soft circles with his fingers. He looked down and saw Kame’s eyes looking directly into his’ before he pushed Ryo down on him to kiss him softly.

Ryo woke up and felt the sweat on his forehead dropping down. “What a strange dream…”, he whispered and ignored the warm feeling in his chest.


“And you think it will work out?”, Jun asked and knitted his eyebrows.

“At least we can try it”, Jin answered and wrote down something in his notepad. Both sat together in Jin’s room and spoke about the next tries they could make to get closer to their classmate.

“A pajama party?! And do you want to invite Ryo-san too?”, Jun joked.

“Why not…”, Jin replied and smirked.

“Jin, he is our teacher…”, Jun answered.

“But he is only six years older than we are. Remember that we repeated the class, and we are 20 years old.”, Jin replied.

“I know…but he is our teacher…that’s strange”, Jun said and sighed deeply. He never had the feeling of Ryo as a teacher, because he was more like a buddy, but he was their teacher and that fact made it difficult to see anything else in him.

“Jun, do you want to stay over night? It’s nearly midnight”, Jin asked a short time later when they were sitting in front of the TV and Jin could see Jun was already snoozing away next to him.

“Mhm…”, he only said and coiled up on the couch. Jin smiled brightly and stroked softly above the other one’s cheek before he stood up to take a blanket for the other one.

He threw it over Jun’s body and stumbled when he felt someone grasping his shirt. He sat down next to Jun and saw him smiling in his sleep. Jin tried to dissolve but Jun was still holding his clothes. He sighed and lied down next to Jun, where he fell asleep before he had the chance to stand up again.


Kame walked into the house and stepped to the bar where he waited for Yuri.

“Oh, hey my dear. You have a guest. He bought you for the whole night”, she smiled brightly at him and gave him the key for a room and his money.

“He already paid?”, Kame asked and knitted his eyebrows.

“Yes, he gave me the money. You shall come to the room as soon as possible, he really needs you. That’s what he said”, Yuri answered and turned around when other guests came into the room.

Kame got lost in his thoughts for a moment and sighed before he walked up to the room. He opened the door and slipped in.
The light was turned off and the moon light was hardly lighting the room because the curtains wee closed. Kame walked in slowly and stopped when he saw the shadow on the border of the bed.

“What the hell…?”, Kame yelled out and stumbled backwards to the door, but the other one grasped his hand and pulled him back into the room. He wouldn’t let him go in this night.

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