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Bruised heart - Chapter 5 **FINAL**

Bruised heart - Chapter 5 **FINAL**

Title: Bruised heart - Chapter 5 **FINAL**
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Drama, au-ish, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: Violance --> In Kame's explanations, so only hinted and not detailed!!!!
Summary: Kame knocks on Pi's door late at night, bruises all over his body, and Pi tries to help his best friend (and hidden love) out of his relationship....
Note 2: The story is requested by[info]mouter in my request post HERE - I hope you'll like it :)
Note 3: I am only posting today because lilly0 begged me 1000 times to post it. She wanted to know how this will end, so I had to do it. So I hope you'll like it.


Kame woke up late at night and felt every move was hurting him. Some memories popped up in his mind, and he tried to push them aside with shaking his head and rubbing softly above his face. He looked around and for a moment he didn’t know where he was. 

He remembered the last day where Jin saved him, and he remembered the scene he and Pi shared in the living room. He sighed and turned around in his bed but he couldn’t find any rest. The pictures of the last happenings were popping up in his mind and he couldn’t think of something else.

Pi was lying in his bed and couldn’t forget about the words Kame told him some hours ago.

He should give him time – did that mean that he was interested in him?

Was there really a chance for them? How should he react now?

Should he step backwards and kind of avoiding Kame?

Should he act like always?

Should he rob closer to the other one?

Should, should, should, should….

He didn’t know it, and he didn’t know if he was able to step back. He liked Kame, he wanted to be there for him, he wanted to protect him, comfort him and at last he wanted to kiss him. But he didn’t want to hurt him and make him running away, and maybe this would happen when he was way too quick right now.

Pi buried his head in his pillow and wanted to suffocate his thoughts in there. He wanted them to stop, but it didn’t work out. He rolled around some more times till he heard a silent knock on his door.

Pi sat up a bit and saw Kame slipping into his room. “Is everything alright?” somehow it felt like he was asking this all day long, but Pi was afraid that the other one was in pain or he was thinking too much about the last days.

“I can’t sleep.” Kame only said and sat on the border of the bed. “Do you need some painkillers?” Pi wanted to stand up but Kame just shook his head and looked at the other one.

“I really need time, Pi, but can I sleep at your side tonight?” Kame swallowed the knot in his throat and smiled slightly when he saw Pi nodding at him. Pi fell a rock from his heart when Kame lied next to him. He now knew what Kame felt for him, and he just had to wait and accept Kame like he was in this moments. “Just tell me when I do something wrong, or when I am too quick, okay?”

Kame nodded and closed his eyes to find some rest. Even though he was only lying next to the other one, he felt safe and comforted. He knew Pi would give him the time he needed and he wouldn’t hurry up.

He felt Pi’s hand around his waist and smiled into the pillow when the other one robbed closer. It was like finding hold in that moment. Like the seat-belt in the car or on the roller coaster, which prevent you from falling down.

He took Pi’s hand in his and held it tightly, trying to show him what Pi meant to him, even though he wasn’t able to go any further in this moment.

Pi smiled when he felt Kame’s grip and lied down on the pillow again. He knew everything would become alright from now on, and he knew he’d stay at Kame’s side, no matter what. And now he finally knew that Kame felt something deeper for him and the only thing they needed was time.

1 Month later

Kame’s body recovered and finally he started working again. He and Pi were still living together and they also slept in one bed, even though they haven’t shared one kiss with each other.

Kame tried it for some times, but he just couldn’t, even though he trusted and loved Pi, but it was not possible for him. Pi on the other side let Kame guide him and he didn’t make any step from his side. When Kame was robbing closer to him at nights, he let him, but he didn’t do it on his own, he wanted the other one to decide when he felt the need for comfort and closeness.

Kame walked into the apartment and saw the other one snoozing on the couch after a hard day he had. He smiled when he saw that Pi was really sleeping there and he just placed his stuff on the kitchen table before he walked up to the other one. He knelt down next to the couch and touched Pi’s lips with his fingers. He drove small circles above the other one’s skin and winced when Pi opened his eyes. “You are at home?” He said and saw Kame smiling at him.

Pi blinked when he saw the strange sparkle in Kame’s eyes and sat up to make some place for the other one. Kame robbed closer and stopped when his face was only a few inches away from Pi. He bent forward till his lips were lying on Pi’s, who smiled brightly at him and started to kiss him gently and carefully.

After they dissolved Kame snuggled up to the other one and grinned brightly at him. “Another step, and I am really thankful that you wait and you give me all time I need.”

Pi smiled and took Kame’s head in his hands before he placed a small single kiss on Kame’s lips. “Am I allowed to this more often now, because I think I won’t get enough of it.” Kame smiled and nodded energetically, the joyful jump in his belly was overwhelming him and he couldn’t describe what he felt in this moment.

9 Months later

Kame walked into the sleeping room where Pi was already lying in the bed, reading a book. It was late in the evening, and both of them had a long and exhausting day at work, so actually both of them longed for some sleep, but Kame wasn’t able to even think about sleeping.

Pi recognized his nervousness and pulled Kame down on the bed to kiss his face and neck playfully. “What’s up? You look so stressed?”

Kame swallowed the knot in his throat and stared at the other one, not able to say anything. “I …” Kame rubbed his hands together and stared at the other one. He thought of the next words and breathed in deeply before he started talking again.

“I want to make the next step, Pi.”

The other one smiled at Kame and pulled him down on the bed where he started to hover above his body.

Kame smiled at the other one even though his heart was beating somewhere in his throat. He was nervous and afraid of sleeping with the other one, but when he came home and he saw that Pi waiting for him and when he thought about the last months, where Pi always cared about him, didn’t force him to anything and he even waited one month for the first kiss, he knew he was ready now.

Pi kissed him gently on his whole upper body and made him relaxing under his touches. Kame waited for Pi to go on, when the other one changed the positions. “Do you want?”

Kame blinked at that but smiled at the other one. Indeed it was easier for him to go top at first, but it was Pi, so he didn’t care about it. “No, it’s okay.”

Pi softly pressed him down on the bed when he started to move in him, slowly and carefully, every time aware of Kame’s reaction. He swore to stop when Kame felt bad or uncomfortable, but the other one’s eyes were sparkling and his hands roamed above Pi’s back, so it had to be okay for the other one.

Pi moved faster when he heard Kame begging him for doing it and he got lost somewhere in his lust and feelings till he finally felt the heat rushing through his body and he sank down on Kame’s body.

Kame snuggled up to Pi and smiled brightly at him. “Thanks for being there for me.” Pi’s heart started to beat faster and his joyful feeling crossed every part of his body.

He didn’t know what to answer and just kissed Kame, before both of them fell asleep next to each other.

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