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The eternal life (2/??) - Painless time


The eternal life - Chapter 2 "Painless time" 

Eternal life – Chapter 2 “Painless time”  
Pairing: no fix pairings till now, but in this chap. Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating:  NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship, [smut]
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Takuya is the captain of the “white hawk” but he has only three crew members left and with four guys it's rather hard to be successful so he searches for new members to become the most feared pirates again.

Takuya took a closer look into the wood where  he could see two men running out, finally falling down in the sand.

“Woaahhh....that was great Okada. We escaped and and they didn't run after us.”, The one of them screamed.

“I hate you Shingo, because you know exactly what our families think about going into a strip club and you know, that they find out about everything we do.”Okada answered.

“But only because we are rich sons of some old men, who sit in their library with a cigar and a whiskey, but never read one of the books they posses, we do not have to be like they are. We can go our own way, Oki-baby.”, Shingo lied in the sand and spread his arms and legs.

“I really don't know why I am your best friend, because I don't want to rebel against everything like you do. And don't call me Oki-baby, I hate it, and you know that. And by the way, not everything our fathers did and do is bad.” Okada sat up and stared at the “White hawk” in front of them and his sight fell on the six guys who stood there and stared at them.

“Eh, Shingo, they observe us.” he pointed at them and pulled on Shingo's shirt. Shingo sat up and looked at the guys on the ship. He held his hand on his forehead because the sun was shining directly into his face. “Interesting, I never saw this ship here. Let's go up to them”, Shingo stood up and looked down on Okada.

“Are you serious? Shingo, that's a ship with strangers, we do not know what they want here, and what if they are going to kidnap us, or want to kill us?”, but Shingo was right  on his way to the ship before Okada could finish his sentence. Okada sighted and cursed to be Shingo's best friend before he stood up pulled down the sand of his pants and walked up to his friend, who finally walked upstairs to the deck. “Shingo, that's not your boat, come down....”, but Okada knew, that his warningwas senseless, becaue Shingo wouldn't listen to what he said, because he ever did what he wanted to do. He crossed his arms and waited for Shingo. After a few minutes Okada saw Shingo's head appearing from above. “Okada, run home and bring some clothes, we go on a journey.” Okada stared at him and had no idea what his friend wanted to tell him. “I applied us for being pirates during the next months. Let's tell our parents we made some “abroad - experience” or something like this.” Okada couldn't believe his ears: “Are you stupid? We can't do this, NO I won't do this. Forget it, no way”.

Two hours later Okada and Shingo sat on the ship and waited for their first trip to the sea. “I hate you Shingo”, Okada murmured.

“No, you love me as your best friend, because you'd never make such cool things alone”, Shingo answered and stared at the boy in the corner who prepared the wheel for the journey.

“Hey, Oki-baby, look at him, nice body, ne?!”, Shingo smiled at Okada, who only shook his head, crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. Jin heard Shingo's words and smiled, but didn't turn around, he was proud that even men were interested in his body.

They waited for Yoko's return, who wanted to visit the town for buying some food. He went out hours ago and Jin and Sho were already worried where their brother was, but finally they saw him walking up, and he wasn't alone.




Yoko went in the town to search for some food for their dinner. He put his hands in his pockets and kicked some stones right in front of him. He was deep in his thoughts when he heard two men yelling at each other. Yoko looked up and saw them standing in front of a restaurant. The one stood on the door sill and the other stood right in front of him and wanted to walk in again.

“I told you, that you can go now – no one needs you here.”, the man at the door screamed.

The other one just looked at him and mentioned: “Oh, don't worry, I just want to take the fish I bought and then you won't see me anymore.” He slipped in and a few minutes later he came out with a bag on his shoulders.

From above Yoko could see a woman looked out of the window: “We have enough from your fish, every week the same, every Friday “Fish-day”, search for something new, Ohno”.

The man walked through the garden and stepped on the street without looking back at the woman. He looked at Yoko and sighted: “I hated this job since months, so I am really glad that I had to go now.” He turned round and walked forward. Yoko stood there and looked at him, when he finally had an idea.

“Hey, you, wait.”, Ohno turned around and looked at Yoko who ran up to him. “I think I can help you?”, Yoko breathed deeply, because he wasn't very trained and running wasn't his strongest point. Ohno stared at him and after a while he said: “I didn't asked for help, didn't I?” Yoko just looked at him and shook his head: “No, not really, but, look, we need a cook on our ship, and you're a cook, a jobless-cook.”

“Yeah, I am, but what if I want to become a car mechanic?”, he answered.

The other one knitted his eyebrows: “Really, oh, I just thought maybe you're interested, but if you change your job in that way, I can do nothing, ne?!”

Ohno stared at him and finally answered: “Are you nuts? Did I look like a mechanic? A ship you said – that sounds interesting. I think that could be funny, but I need some stuff, ne?! Let's go to my home, and pack my things. I love adventures, ah, but one thing” Yoko looked at him and waited till he added: “Once in a week there will be fish time”. Yoko laughed and agreed.

They walked across the town till they reached a small house on the other side. “Here do you live?”, Yoko asked and looked at him.

“Yup, that's my sweet home. After my last divorce I had to find a new home for myself.” Ohno searched for the key and didn't look at Yoko next to him.

“Oh, you were married?”, he asked. Ohno shook his head and mentioned: “No, I was married three times. But the last wife took all my money, because we have two children. So I have to stay in this old dump.” He pulled out a key from the ground of his bag and opened the door. Yoko was astonished, because he had never rated him in this way. They walked in and Yoko could see that there were nearly nothing in this home. It was more like a emergency accommodation than a home, because  in the right corner was an old folding bed and on the left stood a little night stand, they were separated by a window in the middle of the room. On the left were two doors, one guided to the kitchen and the other to the bathroom. Yoko stepped closer to the window and looked down to the bay.

“You have a great overview here, you can see the whole bay and you have a great sight to the town, ne?!” Yoko turned around and stared at Ohno, who was changing his clothes and stood there with naked upper body.

“Oh, shall I wait outside?”, Yoko added. Ohno looked at him and smiled:

“Do you feel ashamed?” Yoko just shook his head and stared again out of the window. After a few minutes Ohno walked up to Yoko and looked at him.

“When do we have to be back on the ship?” he rasped some dust from the glass pane and waited for Yoko's answer. “I think we should buy some food and then we have to return to the others.”, Yoko looked at Ohno's fingers rasping across the glass.

“So I do not have the time for a shower?”, Ohno sighted. Yoko knitted his eyebrows and rolled his eyes: “You think of a shower now?”.

Ohno smiled and nodded and before Yoko could say something he walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Yoko sighted and sat down on the uncomfortable folding bed, till Ohno came back with only a towel around his waist. Yoko knotted his eyebrows and looked at him, while Ohno searched for his pants and a shirt. A well trained body, my last “sin” was months ago....Yoko shook his head to forget about his thoughts and smiled.

“So, are you ready?”, he asked Ohno who stood there, his hair were still wet and some water fell down on his shirt and in his hand he held and old bag half filled with clothes and a fishing rod. “Yeah, I am ready to go”, he smiled and turned around to walk outside.

Yoko smiled and looked at the fishing rod: “Do you think you will have the chance to go fishing in the deep sea?” Ohno looked at him and held up his bag to pointed at the fishing rod: “This is the most precious thing I have, so it's not a matter of use it.”

They went to the market to buy some food for the dinner and luckily Ohno had his fish from before with him. So they didn't need that much to buy. After a while chatting about various things, Ohno started to tell Yoko about the meaning of the fishing rod:

“My oldest son died six years ago, after a long illness. It was before I got divorced, before my life went down. My first wife and I had a son, he'd be 11 now, and we were a happy family, but we got to know that he had cancer, and there was no help for him. The doctors said, it would come to an end in between one year, you know, we didn't want to believe it. All the medicine didn't help, his condition became worse and we could do nothing but helping him at it and waiting till god took him back to heaven.

I wanted to make all his dreams come true, and asked him every day what he want to do. And he always said: Dad, show me the sea and teach me fishing.  You know, I had no idea of fishing, but I went to the library and read all about it, I searched for guys on the port and asked them about fishing and finally I went with my son the the bay every day, and we spent hours there, sitting next to each other and talking about various things, while my wife sat under the tree and read with a slight smile on her face when she watched us. Six years ago, it was a cold and stormy December night, my wife screamed early in the morning, and I knew it was the end of everything. We divorced a short time later and I married again, and again, but let's say I am kind of restless, my life ended six years ago, my heart stopped to beat at the same day his stopped.” Yoko walked next to him, his hands in his pockets and listened to his story. He didn't know what he should say after he heard this, but before he could say anything Ohno looked up and smiled sightly: “Maybe my heart starts to beat again, sooner or later, and maybe I find my luck on the sea, because he loved the sea that much. And maybe you can keep quiet about this story? I don't want anyone to know it?!” Yoko just nodded and without recognizing they arrived at the ship, when he finally saw Sho waiting for them.


“Where have you been Yoko, and who is this?” Sho pointed at Ohno and took a closer look at him. “I've found a new cook, he lost his job right now, and I thought we could need some help. Where's Takuya?“ Yoko looked around but he couldn't see the captain anywhere.

 „He explains Shingo and Okada the main points of piracy. But take care, he is really in a bad mood, because especially Shingo believes that piracy is only a big game and adventure.“ Sho sighted and walked up to Tsubasa, who tried to learn various bends. „Great, Imai-kun. You learn really fast, I'll show you the next one, and you can try to make it.“ Tsubasa smiled and nodded energetically.

Sho turned round to Yoko and whispered: „Useless...but we need every help...“.

Yoko laughed and touched Sho's shoulder familiarly. „Come on, Ohno-kun, I show you your cabin.“. Ohno looked at the man, who sat in the corner and tried to make bends, then he nodded and followed Yoko.

„Is he your boyfriend?“, Ohno asked after a few steps. Yoko knitted his eyebrows and looked at him. „What are you talking about? Sho? Nooo, he is my brother. We are three siblings on the ship. Jin is the third one, but I really don't know where he is right now.“ Yoko laughed and guided Ohno to his cabin.



Kame stood in his cabin and waited for Jin. He asked him to came by, because he really wanted to talk about something. After a few minutes someone knocked on the door. „Yes, come in“, Kame said and looked at Jin walking in.

„You wanted to talk to me about something? What's up?“, Jin walked up to the desk and leaned against it.

„I just wanted to ask you if you can help me finishing something I began?!“, Kame smiled and stepped closer.

Jin knitted his eyebrows and had no idea what the other was talking about. Kame came closer and ran his hand over Jin's upper body. Jin made some steps backwards and and reached the door. „Woho....no, I think I can't help you with this. Are you nuts? First of all I don't know you, and second one I am not interested.“, he walked outside and closed the door. His heart beat fast and he really knew that it would be hard to resist against this guys charm.



In the evening they met up for dinner, and Takuya smiled, even if he had a really hard day with Shingo and Okada. „I am really glad to have some new faces here. Kame and Imai joined us yesterday and Shingo and Okada found the way to our crew today, and you....just a moment, who are you?“ Ohno sat next to him, only cut his fish, with his mouth full of potatoes he answered: „I am Ohno, the cook.“ from the other side of the table Yoko added: „I found him today, and he really needed a new job, and we needed a new cook, ne Jin?“. Jin just nodded and  moaned because of the delicious food Ohno made.

„Perfect, I am really glad to see the „white hawk“ has new crew. We still need some guys, but for the beginning, it's perfect. So let's enjoy the evening, Kanpai.“ Takuya raised his glass and the other one's  did it same. It was late at night, when everyone went back to his cabin for a few hours of sleep.

Jin walked across the ship and looked down to the sea. The moon was reflected on the water and let the ship shine in a mysterious light. On the other side he could see Kame standing there and looking at the horizon.

„What are you doing here late at night?“, he asked and stepped closer. Kame looked at him, his eyes were red, but he smiled. Jin recognized immediately that the other must have cried right before, but he didn't want to ask him what has happened.

„Nothing, I just wanted to take a look if everything is alright.“, he said and wanted to walk to his room, but Jin held him back. „What's with your offer? Is there still a chance to use it?“, Jin smiled at looked at Kame. He knew that Takuya was against every affair on the ship, but the time Jin had sex was weeks ago, and he was caught by the aura of this guy, even if he didn't know him at all.

Kame smiled back and pushed him with him into his cabin. Jin closed the door and stepped closer to the other one, and stroked across Kame's face. Kame closed his eyes and waited for Jin's next movement. Right at the moment he wanted to open his eyes again he felt Jin's lips on his, stroking slightly across his face and ending on his lips again. He kissed him back forcefully and pulled his hands around Jin's waist. After a few minutes Jin dissolved from the embracement and pulled off his clothes, because he really didn't want to waste any time. Kame smiled and did it same, staring at the other one's naked body right in front him. He stepped closer and started to stroke Jin's cock gently. Jin moaned and felt the arousal in his body, and finally felt he was already totally hard.

He put his hands around Kame's neck and kissed his collarbone, before he whispered: „We have to be fast, Takuya has a sense for such things on his ship, and it's better not to get caught by him. Kame only smiled and moved his hand faster.

Jin closed his eyes and bit on his lips, because he didn't want to be too noisy. They made a few steps and reached the table. Kame sat on the table and opened the drawer to put out the lube and a condom. Jin took the lube and rubbed a bit between his fingers, then he stepped closer, raised Kame's hips a little bit, and kissed him forcefully while he pushed in one finger. Kame wanted to moan, but Jin didn't let him solving from the kiss. He moved his finger slowly in and out and kissed the other one's neck and nibbled on his earlobe. Kame put his hands on Jin's back and held him tightly. The last times with men weren't that exciting as it was now. It was kind of a new experience for him. He felt Jin's finger slipped out and a few seconds later he felt two entering him. Jin was scissoring his fingers, making the other one moaning his name. He could feel Kame's breathe in his neck and he felt slight kisses on his shoulder, while he grasped his hands in Jin's back. He entered with another finger and moved fast now, till it was easy to push in and out.

Jin dissolved from him and spread Kame's legs much more and raised his hips, before he pushed in slowly. Kame grasped his fingers around Jin's neck again and tried to yell as silent as possible, his breathe was fast , but it wasn't that painful as usual, because Jin was very carefully while pushing in and out. Kame could hear Jin moaning silently and kissing his neck. He pushed Kame back a little bit, till he leaned against the wall and started to kiss his chest and ran his hand over Kame's bellybutton till he finally reached his cock and started to stroke it. Kame closed his eyes and bit on his lips. Jin moved his hand fast and pushed in harder now. Kame tried to move his hips in rhythm with Jin's movement but it was nearly impossible, because of the arousal he felt in this moment. Jin tugged him fast and Kame could feel the climax was near. Jin stroked him from the base to the tip and moved his hips fast. Kame yelled a last time before he sank down and placed kissed across Jin's chest. Jin held the other one's hips and pushed in few times before he cum and bent over to Kame. He pushed out slowly and turned around.

A few minutes later Jin was in his room again, and somehow he knew, that this night was the beginning of something real bad.


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