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Hiatus - or something like that....

Hello everyone!

Because I am not at home at the moment, and my motivation decided to go on holiday I will take a break from now on. I know my breaks are only a few days up to one week, but because actually I am online almost every day, I will won't be this time.
So please don't be mad if I am not going to answer to comments or mails, because probably I am not reading it. I can't say when I will be back, maybe a few days, one week or longer, I don't know it.

The same thing is about reading the stories. I know I have to read kitsune_hikaru's story, and I will read it my dear, I saved it on my laptop to come back as soon as I can. I promise. ^^
I will catch up the things when I am back, and sorry if I oversee something, I think that will happen, because I follow a lot of writers.

I had a lot of stress before Christmas, and all the exams and learning, working, helping my family, sickness concerning me, and sickness concerning my family made me tired. And I now have the feeling that writing and being online isn't a hobby and relaxing for me, but stress and a kind of "I must write..." and that shouldn't be like this.

I will be there for the help_pilipinas fund raising, and I will write and make the graphics for it (if it's going to be requested :)) that's not a problem at all, but privatly I will be offline.

I wish you all a happy New Year and a good start in 2012 - stay health, care about your friends and family and the most important thing: care about yourself and listen to your inner voice!!!

So see you all in 2012 - thanks to all the readers who drop by and leaving a comment, I am really glad about having you all, and also thanks to all the writers, who put a lot of effort into their stories, and I really enjoy reading them.
And of course thanks to Johnny for all the boys, because without them we wouldn't have this great fandom :DDD


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