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Hey everyone!

I am almost alive again. :) I have holiday now, and only two working days left before Christmas, so it will be a chilling week for me. The days at the Christmas market where hard for me, but it was also funny. Some guys were a bit off, but okay, alcohol makes people aggressive quite often. My favorite were two men, who only speak Italian and who screamed at me for half an hour and after telling them 100 times that I don't understand what they want, they gave up and left. till today I don't know what they wanted from me, because they had to pay 4,80Euro and gave me 5, so I gave them back 20Cent. Logical, right?! Why did he want to have 1 Euro back?! I didn't get it...but okay....at some point I started to ignore them, even though he was still yelling at me. *lol*
The best thing for us would have been dictionaries in all kind of languages. *laughs* But in the end my friend and I had a list with the most common phrase (you get back 2 Euro for the cup when you bring it back)  in almost 10 languages. *laughs*.
But it was really funny with the tourists, because even if we didn't understand each other, we tried to talk with signs and somehow we always managed it understand each other.
At some points I was able to fresh up my croatian a little bit and for my surprise I still understand a lot of things. *wonders*
Okay, but enough from babbling about my work here. ^^

I am going to watch some drama with my mum today, but I still have to choose which one....we started Kurosagi some time ago, but I think neither nor she can remember what happened....and let's say my mum isn't a big Yamapi Fan. She was much more into Kimura and - even though she always mixed them up - she liked Sho and Yoko in The Quiz show. So I think of watching some crime drama with her, because I think romance isn't her genre.
Luckily I have more than enough Dramas at home. :) But it's hard to decide which one I shall take. *lol* Let's see, maybe I let my mum decide. ^^

For my next week's schedule I already said that I don't know when and what I am going to post, but I will give you a plan, subject to alterations.

Just a few other things before: I have to post the birthday present for sarahgoldenfish . I hope I am able to finish it this week. And there will be a Christmas special for some guys - but I don't know how much I am able to write the next days, so I hope I can finish all of them. :) Today will come Akame, because the most of you wanted it on Sunday.

Sunday: "Drops of memory" Chapter 2 (Akame)
Monday: "Dark water" Chapter 9 (TackeyRyo)
Wednesday: "
Flowers in spring - snow in winter" Chapter 4 (TaichiRyo)
Akame Christmas Special
Sunday: "Flowers in spring - snow in winter" Chapter 5 (TaichiRyo)  *FINAL*

So I will try to post my "specials" for sweetspicyhot  and lilly0 during those days, but I can't promise to be done with it. I have some more guys whom I want to write something, but I really can't say if I am able to do it, so I won't write names down here and promise something I can't keep.

Ah, something I forgot: I can't decide how to start in the new year. I was thinking about posting only one or two stories twice a week, or leaving it like now and posting more stories only once a week. I think it's easier to post only one or two stories, so let me know what you think?!

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