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*About taking a break

Hello everyone!!

My title already says about the thing I need to tell you now. I will be on a short break, because I am running out of time here. The first sad thing, I will stop the Advent calender, because different to all the other stuff, I am not done with it, and I have absolute no time to write it right now. But I promise to make a special for the Christmas Eve, because the pairing there would have been Akame, and I want to give this to all of you.

I hope you aren't mad, but I was a bit in a bad luck, first I had two exams where I had to learn a lot. The last two weeks I was sick and I am not really healthy by now, but I can't rest, because work is calling. *sighs* Luckily I had the last two exams today, so at least I don't have to learn now.

And of course it's family time now, and I want to spend some time with my mum, granny and my aunts, so I am really busy these days. ^^

I will come with a few updates, but I have some question to you readers, and I would be glad to get some answers, because I will decide then what to do:

Are you Online during Christmas week and the week after?


When shall I post the Akame story "drops of memory"?

16.12.2011 - Friday
18.12.2011 - Sunday
19.12.2011 - Monday
21.12.2011 - Wednesday

For this week I will post TackeyRyo on Friday and RyoKame on Saturday - that's for sure, about anything else .... we'll see. (and maybe I will post TaichiRyo the last two chapters on one day, but I don't know it exactly.)

So, I can only say that I am sorry about the calendar, but I can suggest that anyone requests something, when he/she wants to read something from me, so feel free to do this. ^^  (it doesn't matter what and if you already made a request. ^^ )

Have a nice evening,


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