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Bruised heart - Chapter 3

Bruised heart - Chapter 3

Title: Bruised heart - Chapter 3
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Drama, au-ish, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: Violance --> In Kame's explanations, so only hinted and not detailed!!!!
Summary: Kame knocks on Pi's door late at night, bruises all over his body, and Pi tries to help his best friend (and hidden love) out of his relationship....
Note 2: The story is requested by[info]mouter in my request post HERE - I hope you'll like it :)

Pi felt some blood running down his lips and before he could act by himself the guy moaned and Pi saw Jin kicking him from behind. He jumped up and tried to hold him so that Jin was able to punch his face. After struggling against the grip, Pi let him go and just saw him running out of the apartment.

Both nodded at each other and started to search again for Kame’s stuff. Pi found a bag in the sleeping room and put all clothes he could find it and right when he wanted to leave he remembered about the promise he gave the other one. He opened the left drawer and immediately found what he searched for.

It was a small book where Pi recognized Kame’s handwriting on it. Actually he didn’t want to search in Kame’s private stuff, but he couldn’t help and took a look in it. He saw some old pictures from high school, showing them together after a baseball match. He saw some younger photos from the last summer they spent at the sea, and some with him, Jin and Ryo on one of their party nights. On every picture were he and Kame together and some small jumps in Pi’s belly appeared. Maybe Kame and he had a chance? But he knew it wouldn’t be now, because after the things Kame experienced now he’d definitely needed a break.
Jin looked in every room and nodded when he was sure that they left nothing behind. “I think we can go. I put everything in the bag.” He smiled at Pi, who only nodded absent-minded at him. They left the apartment and Pi walked back home to bring the other one his things.

He hoped Kame felt better now, but he walked into the pharmacy to buy some more painkillers, just in case they’d need it. He opened the door and walked into the silent apartment. His heart beat faster and he hoped that nothing bad happened – but he threw the thought away, because he knew Kame was safe at his place.

He saw the other one sitting in the living room, a cup of tea in his hands. “I made a tea, I hope that’s alright.” Kame said and raised the cup in his hands.

“Of course it is.” Pi smiled slightly and felt a stinging pain in his face. “What the hell happened?” Kame almost jumped up and touched Pi’s lips slightly. “He was there, wasn’t he?” Pi only nodded and put the bag on the ground. “It’s not that bad. Jin helped me and your guy ran away after Jin hit him.”

“I am really sorry for causing you those problems. I promise to search for an apartment as soon as I can.” Kame sat back on the couch and looked down on his knees. “Don’t be silly, Kazu. Everything is alright. It’s not that bad, ah, and here is the most important thing you asked me to bring along.” Pi pulled out the little book he brought and saw Kame taking it immediately.
“You looked into it, right?” Kame almost whispered and Pi couldn’t lie to him. He nodded slowly and saw Kame sighing deeply. “You are my best friend, and the one who is closest to me.” He explained and Pi felt his heart breaking a bit. They were close, but somehow he hoped to hear other words than “best friend”.

“It’s okay, you are my best friend too.” Pi said and tried to hide his real feelings. He couldn’t tell the other one about his love, no matter how much he wished he would have been able to. Kame needed a friend right now, and not a love-problem.
Kame smiled slightly and Pi saw a small “thanks” around his lips.

“I am sorry for occupying your bed last night, it won’t happen again.” Kame said after a while. Pi blinked at that and wished he could say that he wanted the other one to stay in his bed every night, but of course that wasn’t possible.

“It’s okay, Kazu. You can knock at my door whenever you want to.” Pi smiled slightly and wanted to stroke above the other one’s head, but he didn’t dare to. “Thanks, I am really glad to have you as my friend.” Kame leaned his head against Pi’s shoulder and closed his eyes to relax a bit. He didn’t know if Pi knew how much he meant to him, and he was just glad that he was there for him, and he promised to be there no matter what happened.

Pi didn’t dare to move, and just closed his eyes when he felt Kame’s head on his shoulder. The warm feeling spread in his body, and the bouncing in his belly almost let him explode. Now he dared to stroke softly above the other’s head and they stayed in the position for some minutes.

“I am really weak.” Kame laughed and sat up again to drink from his tea. “No, you aren’t. I think everyone would be like you. It’s cruel what happened, and there is no excuse for it.” Pi answered.

“I know, I know. But somehow I feel like I failed. It’s feels like it’s my fault.” Kame felt some tears in eyes and tried to hold them behind, but it didn’t work out like he wanted to.

“Kazu, it’s of course not your fault. You are the last person whose fault it is, really.” Pi was never good in handling such situations, but he tried his best to support the other one, even though he had no idea if it was right what he did. “I know, but it feels so strange.”

“How long did he do this to you?” Pi asked carefully, but he didn’t know if he’d get an answer. Kame swallowed the knot in his throat and didn’t know what he should answer. He knew Pi would be kind of mad when he’d get to know how long he experienced this. “Ano…two months…but it never was like yesterday, and I always thought he’d never do it again.” Kame tried to explain why he acted like this.

“Kazu…” Pi sighed but held back his dressing-down. He knew it was senseless and totally wrong right now, because Kame wasn’t guilty in this case, and of course he couldn’t say how he’d have acted in Kame’s position. He saw Kame nibbling on his lower lip and he just leaned back and stroked once above Kame’s back. “It’s okay. But please promise not to go back there, okay?” He saw Kame nodding slowly and breathed out deeply.

“Can I really stay a bit longer here?” Kame asked shyly and didn’t dare to look at the other one. “And if you want to stay forever it’s okay for me.” Pi saw Kame looking at him and just for one moment it got silent between them and world stopped turning. They just looked at each other and didn’t move a single millimeter. “I think I need a shower.” Kame said and stood abruptly and closed the bathroom door behind him. He sat down on the floor and shook his head energetically. He couldn’t fall for Pi, it was not possible in the situation he was in right now. He needed time, time to think about everything, time to collect his feelings and time to find the truth in someone else again.

He remembered that his ex-lover beat him up some weeks ago because he found out that Kame and Pi were real good friends, and he found the diary with the pics Kame had in his drawer. He threw the book out of the window and left the apartment after Kame was already lying on the floor, not moving anymore. Kame had his eyes closed and waited till the other one was away for some minutes. He tried to stand up and didn’t think of any pain he felt, he just ran outside and collected the photos and his diary. He placed it deep in the drawer, where the other one wouldn’t find it and finally lied down in his bed.

There he already knew that he fell for his best friend, but he couldn’t leave the other one, it was simply not possible for him. He always thought the other one needed him, and so he wasn’t able to leave.

Kame felt a stinging pain and saw some blood running down his belly, and before he could call Pi for help he felt everything got dark around him.
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