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The eternal life (1/??) - The Lady and the tramp

The eternal life  - Chapter 1: The Lady and the tramp

Eternal life – Chapter 1 - The Lady and the Tramp
Pairing: no fix pairings till now, but in this chap. Imai Tsubasa/Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating:  R
Genre: AU, Romance, angst, friendship, [smut]
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
The „white hawk“ has a captain – but a captain is helpless if he doesn’t have a crew. Takuya really needs more members and sudden circumstances bring him some guys….but not all of them are wild and rough pirates. Luckily Takuya has his main crew, the three brothers Yoko, Jin and Sho, who always stay at his side, and they are the best example that guys can learn to be pirates, without knowing anything about piracy. Finally Takuya gets the chance to search for the most famous and coveted treasure he ever thought of…


He arrived at the port early in the morning. It was foggy and he could hardly see the land, but after an hour he managed everything and so he could leave the ship, but before he walked into the town he took a look back. He was on this ship since he remembered, because his father took him along to all his acts of piracy. A few years ago his father stopped with his so called „job“and ceded it to his son.

So he followed his father's footsteps and became a pirate. But the last years went bad for him, because he lost one good man after the other and finally they were a group of four guys. He sighted deeply, and because felt the cold breeze in his face, he pushed up his collar. Right after he made some steps he could hear one of his men:

„Takuya, Takuya, you forgot your money here. “ It was Yoko, one of his oldest friends and best man he ever had. No, Yoko was everything but not a pirate, but Takuya met a lot of tricksters and not everyone was as loyal as he thought, and Yoko was every time on his side and never left him, even during hard times.

„Thanks, Yoko. Sometimes I forget about important things. I wait for the day when I lose my head“; he laughed loudly and his deep and full voice resounded in the air. Next to Yoko appeared two other heads, the last fellows he had, Sho and Jin, also in his crew since years. His three fellows were brothers and Takuya had to laugh every time when he saw them together standing somewhere, because they were all so different, so no one would guess that they were brothers. Yoko was tall, had black hair and a young face, Sho was shorter than the other two, but he was really trained and with his dark hair and his chubby face he was a heartthrob, but the man with the thousand girls was definitely Jin. He was mister sexy and he boasted about the number of girls he managed to get in the last years.

Takuya remembered the time they joined the crew. There were twenty-five other fellows on the ship and they were the most successful Pirates in this part of the sea, when three young men stood right in front of Takuya's ship. „What do you want here? Kids are not allowed on board“, Takuya's father told them, and asked them to leave the port.

Takuya couldn't say why his father decided to take them with him, but maybe he felt sympathy for them. He was 25 at this time and his father prepared him to get in the lead of the ship.

That was twelve years ago, and the boys were still with him, but they were far away from being boys these days. He remembered the first time with them, and he remembered that he couldn't imagine why boys in their age came to work on a ship. After one year together on the ship they became friends and finally Takuya got to know the whole story of the three boys, and not only a part of their former life:

They arrived in the morning of the 12.July on the port and asked for a job on every ship, which was standing there, and the last one there was the “White hawk”, Takuya's ship. The boys went up to the bow and asked for the captain. Takuya's father looked down on them and was really irritated about the three boys standing there.

“What do you want here?” he screamed down from the bow and looked closer at the boys.

The tallest of them stepped forward and screamed back: “We need a job, it's very important for us”. Takuya could see his father laughing and he walked down to the boys. “You want to work? How old are you? I don't think your mother wants you to work, so maybe you should go home”, he said and tousled through the hair of the boy.

Takuya stood next to him and could see the sad faces of them, but he didn't want to interrupt his father.

The second one, the smallest of them made a step and answered: “We are old enough. I am 16 years old and my brothers are 14 and 15 years. We really need work, and we have no family who cares about us.” the man knitted his eyebrows and looked closer to them.

Takuya knew his father very well, and he knew that he was really gentle and he'd do anything to help others who need his help. So he decided to gave them work on the ship. They were still children, so it wasn't possible to let them do real hard work, but they were ambitious and helped everywhere they can.

Takuya remembered that they returned to their hometown a few months later. Before they reached the port, the three boys sat together with Takuya in their cabin and they told him the truth why they searched for work.

“Our mother died right before we came here and our father has disappeared since her death, so we didn’t have any money or anything to eat at home”, Yoko looked on the floor while Sho continued: “But we arrive in our hometown now, ne?! And we really want to find our father, and maybe we can become a family again.” So they left the ship and went to their old home.

But all the hopes, that they could stay with their father again failed, because he murdered a man some weeks ago. He was totally drunk and didn’t remember anything, but there was no chance for him to become free, so the boys would have been alone at home, so they decided to return to the ship again and asked if they could be a part of the crew again. And so it came to the point that the boys were still with him. His father handled them like they were his own children and especially Jin often spoke about the “White hawk” as his home and Takuya as his big brother.


After five years the condition of Takuya's father became worse. Takuya never knew that he was ill, but at this point it wasn't able to keep silent about it, because everyone could see, that he was sick. He remembered the nights he cried because he was afraid of losing his father, but he knew that he had no chance to change the fact that it would happen sooner or later. He remembered the caring way his father had towards him, because they were only a “two men fighting group”, like his father said. Takuya's mother died during she gave birth to him, and they had no other children than him. In some of those sad nights he could hear the door open and Jin, Sho and Yoko sneaked in and sat next to him on the bed. Takuya wanted to be the stronger one, because he was the oldest, but there he had no chance to hide his feelings. He cried the whole nights and the others only sat there and hold his hands and listened to him. On a spring day he walked out of his room and found the crew standing in the middle of the ship.

“Takuya, your father didn't appear today, his room is locked and we didn't want to break in.” one of the crew members said.

Takuya could feel his heart beat quickly and he rushed over to his father's room. He tried to open the door, but he had no chance to unlock it. With the help of five others they were able to go in. There he found him, lying in his bed, smiling. He looked like he was sleeping, but Takuya knew immediately what was going on. It was the most terrible day in his life. Most of the crew members left the ship after the death of the captain, because they didn't believe in his son as follower, and some died during fights or because of illness and some others decided to return to their families so it happened that Sho, Jin and Yoko became his brothers too, because after his father died, and after the crew disappeared he had no family and also no real friends except them.

And so they drove across the sea, only a four men group, searching for various treasures, but mostly they act because someone asked them to. But during the last months it was hard to get new jobs, because they were only a group of four, and they really needed a bigger crew to go on big missions.


After the last dinner they had, they spoke about finding some new guys for the ship, and Jin insisted to find a new cook, because he had the opinion that “this food was the death for his body”.

Takuya walked through the town and tried to make a plan to find new guys when suddenly a door opened and two guys landed directly in front of his feet and he stumbled over them.




Kame was always a tramp, because he never had the chance to have a family who gave him love or a warming home. So he spent his life with various burglars and thefts. As far as he could remember his mother threw him out of the house when she recognized that he wasn't the son of her husband but the child of an affair she had years ago, so Kame had to stay on his own feet, because otherwise he would have died.

He was a trickster par excellence and his strongest point was his sex-appeal. He knew how to talk to women to get everything from them. Casanova would have been very proud of him, because he was not only loved by women but even by the men of his town. After the nights with the men and women he waited till they slept and then he searched for money and other things he could sell somewhere.

But meanwhile nearly everyone in town knew him and it was hard for him to find new victims, but he got to know, that there was a new couple in town, and the guy came from far away.

“Bingo, now it's my turn”, Kame thought and followed the man in the next bar.

He walked up next to him and tried to talk to him: “You're new here, ne?” the guy was astonished but nodded and answered: “Yes, I married last week and now I came here to live with my wife.” Kame smiled and tried to keep in touch with him the whole evening, and when the man left the bar he walked behind him.

“Tsubasa, shall I help you?”, Kame smiled and walked beside him. Tsubasa knitted his eyebrows and looked at him: “I am not drunk, but thanks for your offer”. Kame smiled and put his hand on Tsubasa's shoulder: “I don't speak about this, but I can help you in any way you want”. Tsubasa did understand, but he was sure, that he loved his wife, and he never thought of man as lover, but when he looked at Kame, the thought of this experience made him aroused.

“My wife is in the opera...” that was the only thing he needed to say. Kame pushed him against the wall, held his shoulders and smiled. He kissed him forcefully and put his hand on the other one's crotch.

“Let's walk to your home”, Kame said. He knew it would be dangerous for him to go there, because the wife would come home later in the evening, and he had to make sure, that he didn't meet her, but he didn't want to thought of it right now.

They arrived at Tsubasa's home, opened the door quickly and stood in the middle of the kitchen. Kame came closer and kissed him again, put his arms around Tsubasa and started to suck on his neck and licked across his collarbone. Tsubasa giggled and put away Kame's hands: “Don't you think we should go to the sleeping room?” Kame rolled his eyes, he wasn't in the mood to be romantic or something else, he wanted to do his “job” as he called it, and the only thing he was interested was the money in the living room, right under the couch. He knew exactly were it was, because it wasn't his first time in this house, but he wouldn't tell the other one, that he already knew his new wife better than he did.

“Sleeping rooms are boring...” he only said and kissed Tsubasa again.

Kame could feel that he was nervous, and smiled: “It's your first time with a man!” Tsubasa nodded and breathed deeply.

Kame pushed him against the cupboard and stroked across his upper body. He put his hands under Tsubasa's shirt and ran his hand above his bellybutton before he opened the belt of the other one's pants. Kame grinned when he saw that Tsubasa was really in panic of what would happen next. He put his hands into the pants and searched for Tsubasa's cock. He was still totally hard and Kame started to stroke and tugged it while he kissed Tsubasa's neck. Kame could hear him yelling his name and Tsubasa started nibbling on the other one's earlobe. Kame moved his hand faster and made the other one moaning much louder, when suddenly the door opened.

“Honey, what are you doing at home and what kind of noise...” but she stopped speaking and started to yell: “Are you crazy, what are you doing?” She looked at them and stared at Kame's hand in the pants of her husband. She took the knife beside her and ran up to them: “Go out, both of you, I don't want to see you anymore...out, out....” Tsubasa tried to calm her down, but there was no chance, they stumbled back and fell out of the door and landed on the floor where a man stumbled over them.


“Hey, what are doing, can't you take care where you are...”but Takuya didn't come further. “Bastards, sons of a bitch....” and a lot of cuss words came from inside the house and finally a window on the second floor opened and a bunch of clothes fell down. Takuya helped the guys to stand up. He had to smile when he saw the open pants and the hickey from the other one. He helped to collect all the clothes and gave it to one of them.

“What shall I do now? I can't return at home, my family would never accept what had happened today.” Tsubasa looked down on his feet.

“Alright, it was nice, I have to go now.” Kame answered, but Takuya held him back on his shirt. “Just a moment, fellow. You can't leave him here. You see that he doesn't have any idea where to go. “, Takuya looked at Kame, he knew this guy, some of his old crew members had the chance to “became one with him” for one night.

“I don't have anything to do with this guy. So if you excuse me, I just want to go back to my home”, Kame tried to dissolve from Takuya and wanted to go.

“I am Takuya, everything is alright, I don't know why I ask you, but have you ever thought of working on a ship?” Tsubasa stared at him, like he went crazy and shook his head. Takuya knew that this wasn't the best way of finding a new crew, but they really needed some more staff. “The work isn’t that hard, and we really need some workers. And I thought if you have nothing better to do you can join us. Maybe you become rich, when we find a treasure or something like that”, Takuya laughed and put his arm around Tsubasa. He knew that the fact of becoming a rich man was nothing more than a fairytale, but people always think of money and getting rich.

Kame hid behind a wall and listened to them. “Rich, that's interesting”, he thought and decided to visit the ship later.

Takuya came back to the “white hawk” and right beside him walked Tsubasa.

“Takuyaaaaa....we have a job. Tomorrow we will drive to the “forgotten island” and hunt there for some rare oysters. Eh, who's that?”, Jin screamed from the bow. “We have a new crew member, that's Tsubasa. He is going to join our group.”, Takuya looked up and smiled. “Nice to meet you, we really need new guys. I can show you your room if you want.” Sho came up to them and took Tsubasa with him.

“I am Sho, and those two guys are my brothers Jin and Yoko”, he pointed at the two who were fighting for the last cookie on this evening. Sho rolled his eyes and guided Tsubasa in the other direction. “They are really nice, but never interrupt when they fight about food...So why are you here?” Sho added.

Tsubasa turned red and didn't know how to explain his situation, which brought him here. “I cheated my wife and I didn't know where to go. I think my family wouldn't take me back, because I married in a rich family and they were so proud about me, and now this disgrace, and so..., yes... now I am here...”, he only said. Sho nodded and didn't ask any further, so Tsubasa breathed out, because he was glad that he didn't have to explain the whole situation.

Suddenly he could here two voices outside. “Ah, okay, and you decided to join us because you want to change your life?”, it had to be one of the other brothers who spoke right now, but Tsubasa knew the other voice, who answered: “Yes, I really want to join because I want to have a serious life now”, it was Kame who walked outside and looked into Tsubasa's room.

“Hello, I am Kame, I joined this crew to be a pirate till now. “ Tsubasa's heart started to beat fast and he was afraid that Kame said anything about them. “And you are?” Kame added. Tsubasa was irritated and only answered: “I am Tsubasa, nice to meet you.”

He didn't know what was going on.

On the next morning they started their journey to the forgotten islands for hunting rare oysters. It wasn't Takuya's favourite job to fish in deep seas for oysters, but there was no other job right now and so they had to do what they got. Takuya stepped out of his room and saw Kame walking out of Tsubasa's room.

He looked at him and could see him smiling: “I never do half-done-jobs. So I completed what I have begun”. Takuya nodded and stared at him till he stepped in his room. Takuya somehow felt that the next months would become very hard for him. Sho, Jin and Yoko were still preparing everything for their mission and he walked up to them.

“Mornin` guys, so is everything ready?” The guys nodded and half an hour later they left the port. Sho tried to explain Tsubasa the most important things and Takuya could see him being desperate with Tsubasa, because he didn't know anything about a ship. During a small break Sho walked up to Takuya and whispered: “He knows nothing, Takuya, I don't know if I can manage it to teach him everything.” Takuya smiled and pushed Sho's shoulder: “I bet you can, Sho. No one is better than you are.”

Yoko stood in the corner with Kame and tried to teach him the most important facts about navigation of a ship, and Takuya was really surprised, because Kame wasn't that bad as he thought. And Takuya had the feeling, that Kame would be very important for their robberies, because he had enough knowledge for these jobs. Takuya walked up to Kame and asked Yoko to search for Jin. “One thing Kame, I don't want any affairs and especially sex on my ship. So please stop with it.” Takuya's eyes glanced and Kame just smiled. “It was a joke; I had no sex with this guy. I just wanted my necklace back, I lost it yesterday when we fell out of the door and I mentioned that it must be between his clothes.” Kame pointed at his necklace and laughed. Takuya rolled his eyes and once again he prayed that he wouldn't end up in a kindergarten. They went the anchor in a small bay on the island and met up for a meeting.

They wanted to discuss how to go further, when they suddenly heard two voices screaming: “Hurrrryyyyyy Okaaddaaaaa......runnnn......” the first one screamed and the second voice was a bit farer away: “I killll youuuu Shingoooo.....why am I always with you when you do such stupid things.”. The crew collected at the larboard and stared in the wood right before them and waited till they saw them...


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