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Dark water - Chapter 7: Dark swing

Dark water - Chapter 7: Dark swing

Title: Dark water - Chapter 7: Dark swing
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, crime, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: A serial killer walks around and kidnaps children - every 17th of a month a child was found drowned in pipes. Special Agent Takizawa tries everything to get him, but till now it was impossible, so he gets a new partner: Agent Nishikido, who is a genius in computer and technique, and maybe together they are able to catch the culprit. But then comes the day when Takki starts to run against his biggest fear, and his world starts to break down....
Note 2: The story is dedicated and somehow requested by [info]lilly0, but she has no idea what it is about. She had to choose between numbers and letters, and each was a pairing and setting, and so 2-B-white is Tackey/Ryo, AU and crime. ^^ And thanks for choosing a title to [info]sweetspicyhot

Ryo woke up in the morning and heard the other one working in the kitchen. He turned around in his bed and took a look at the clock next to the drawer. It was 7am, too early to stand up, but the fact that Tackey was already awake, and the noise he made, let Ryo stand up walking up to the kitchen.
“You are already awake?” Ryo grumbled and looked at the other one. “I heard a noise earlier and walked out of my room. I found this on the entrance door.” Tackey took a small Origami figure in his hands and threw it to Ryo.
“Why didn't you wake me up?” Ryo asked and opened the figure. “I thought you need some rest, and I didn't want to disturb you.” Tackey answered and tried to analyze Ryo's face when he opened the paper. He looked up at Tackey in disbelieve. “Why?” Ryo's voice was hoarse and silent, and he didn't understand the words he read right before.
“I have no idea, but they want you to come to the building lot. I really don't know what's going on.” Tackey shrugged his shoulders and felt the enormous tiredness overwhelming him again. He wasn't able to think anymore and his thoughts weren't logical. The fear and worry about his niece lied heavy on his mind and the news that his sister was in hospital because of an awaited break down made anything worse. His head was aching and he wanted to sleep, sleep away the problems he had, and he wished he'd wake up by the laugh of his beloved niece's voice.
He rubbed above his face and winced when he heard Ryo's voice from behind. “I will go there, no matter what. It can't be that dangerous.” Ryo tried to smile and hid his real feelings behind. Of course his heart beat was faster than ever before, and he didn't know what he had to expect there, but for the sake of this child he had to go there.
He looked at the paper again and reread the lines on there.
To Nishikido-san
Today, 2pm building lot next to play ground – come alone
“I will go with you and wait somewhere behind, just in case someone is there.” Tackey answered but Ryo just shook his head.

“No, I will teach you the instruments, and you have to stay here and record anything, because I can't do this.” Ryo started the computer and searched in his bag for the microphone and the small camera.
“This time we change the parts. So come here, I explain anything to you.”
Ryo waved his hand and Tackey sighed deeply before he walked up to the other one. He didn't know if he was able to handle these things, because technique was never his strong point. “It's not that hard to understand all this. I will show you the most important things, and not everything of course. So come here.”
“I don't know if I can handle this, but we can try it.”
“Listen, these frames here are your main points. You have to look at them closely when I am outside. I will have my headset, so I can hear your words. The little camera I use shows you the area around me. You can see some colors here, red means there is someone around there.”
“A infrared camera?”
“Yes, that's it. On the second screen here you can see something like roentgen. Not exactly, but I spare you all the details. You see green points and blue points blinking up. Green means particles in the air which can't be seen by eye and blue are almost invisible creatures, which can be interesting for some investigation.”
“It's like the pollen we found? So they are shown green?” Tackey wanted to know.
“Correct. You can safe a picture of the area with clicking here. And you see he saves the picture and you can use it later. You don't have to think about using it, because I will do it afterwards. I am able to analyze the green and blue parts more exactly with the pictures. So it's important that you save the pictures if you see something strange on the monitor.”
“So it's okay if I make 1000 pictures, even though they are unimportant?” Tackey interrupted.
“Yes, better than making not a single pic.” Ryo smiled slightly and looked back at his laptop.
“And on the two screens below you see my moves on the left one, like a normal camera, and on the right one you see no picture, but you see these waves, so you can see if someone is behind me when the waves are going up. The program calculates tones and vibrations, and so it can tell you exactly when someone or something is around.” Ryo tried to read Tackey's mind, and he hoped the other one understood what he wanted to teach him.
“I will do my best.” Tackey tried to sort his spinning thoughts and he hoped he'd manage all the stuff when Ryo was on the mission.
“Is it okay to take your car?” Ryo stood up and prepared the microphone and the camera on his shirt.

“Of course it is.” Tackey gave him the keys and grasped for Ryo's arm before he could leave the room. Ryo stumbled a bit because of the sudden touch and stared at the other one. “And please take care about you.”
For just one moment they kept quiet and only stared at each other. Ryo felt Tackey's hand on his arm. His skin started to prickle and it felt like fire on there. He didn't know why this happened, but the moment was totally mesmerizing for both of them.
Finally Ryo nodded at him and walked out of the apartment where he at first breathed in deeply. He closed his eyes and tried to forget the other one's warm and gentle sight on him. Ryo shook his head and walked downstairs to the car and drove to the building lot.
Tackey sat in the room and didn't move for a longer time. The other one's sparkle in his eyes and his mesmerizing sight let him freeze for at least five minutes. For how long didn't he fall in love anymore? He shook his head and tried to forget about the rising feelings in him. He felt guilty to even think about his own luck while his niece was in danger, and he should actually try anything to save her. And that should be his only interest. He turned around and stared at the monitor, when he heard a voice from out of the speaker. Tackey winced but tried to keep the overview. The small frames on the monitor blinked and finally Tackey could see the camera showing him the view out of his car and he could hear Ryo's voice talking to him.
“Do you see anything on the screen, Tackey?”
“Yes, I think I see anything. There is the normal camera, the waves, the warm and cold, and the blue green one.”
“How professional said, Tackey!” he could hear Ryo laughing and pouted shortly, but somehow he had to admit that his try to be a computer genius failed from the first day he switched on one of those things. “I am here now. I will walk to the area, and I will not talk to you, because I don't want anyone to think that I am connected with you. If you see something important, just tell me.”
“It's alright, I will give my best, and again, take care.” Tackey tried to put his whole concentration onto the monitors and breathed in deeply when he saw Ryo started to walk around the area.
Ryo's heart was beating faster and he looked carefully around. He wasn't used to be “in the front row” anymore, because all the computer work made him more and more an office-worker. He felt the gun on his back lying heavy there, and he prayed that he didn't have to use it. He did it once, and it ended in the most terrible day he ever had.
He was on a mission with his group at this time when the mistake happened. Ryo pulled the trigger because he saw some shadows running up to him, and it was too late when he recognized that it was his coworker who wanted to warn him and not the robber himself.
No only that he liked the coworker, they went out since some weeks and Ryo had the feeling that the other one was really interested in him, like he was. The night before the happening they were out together and it was the first night they finally spent with each other. Ryo walked to work early in the morning, and his head ached because of the wine, and he was really absent-minded because of the tiredness. And because if that this thing happened.
He needed a long time to overcome all his feelings of guilt, and deep in his heart it wasn't gone, but he learned to live with it. The only leftover was his fear from starting to date someone new. He knew deep in his heart that this was ridiculous, but he couldn't change his thoughts. He'd always think that it could happen again when he'd start to like someone more than only a friend, even though it was stupid to think like this.
He slowly walked around the area and scanned anything around there. He made some slow steps so that Tackey was – hopefully – able to take enough pictures. On the backside of the building he saw some shadows on the ground and he sneaked up there. He took his gun in his hands and stopped right before the corner. He breathed in two times and heard Tackey's voice in his ear.

“The waves say nothing, so I think there is no one...wait....there is something....a wiping...they go up and down, but just a little bit, and actually regular, every time the same distance between the waves.”
Ryo knitted his eyebrows and his thoughts started to spin around. He tried to think about something or someone which could make such waves, but the only thing he could imagine was a swing.
“I go around the corner, I have to take a look.” he whispered and just stepped around, the gun in front of his body to protect himself if it was necessary.
Tackey pressed his eyes together and just prayed that there wouldn't happen anything. He opened one eye when he heard Ryo breathing and stared at the monitor. “I am on my way. Just stay there, Ryo.”
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