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The eternal life - Character sheet

The eternal life - Character sheet

Short summary: 

The „white hawk“has a captain – but a captain is helpless if he doesn’t have a crew. Takuya really needs more members and sudden circumstances bring him some guys….but not all of them are wild and rough pirates. Luckily Takuya has his main crew, the three brothers Yoko, Jin and Sho, who always stay at his side, and they are the best example that guys can learn to be pirates, without knowing anything about piracy. Finally Takuya gets the chance to search for the most famous and coveted treasure he ever thought of…




Kimura Takuya

Main Crew

Yokoyama You


Akanishi Jin


Sakurai Sho


Crew [they are joining over a few chapters]



Kamenashi Kazuya appears in Chapter 1

Imai Tsubasa appears in Chapter 1


Katori Shingo appears in Chapter 2

Okada Junichi  appears in Chapter 2


Shibutani Subaru appears in Chapter 3

Nishikido Ryo appears in Chapter 3


Yamashita Tomohisa appears in Chapter 4

Maruyama Ryuhei appears in Chapter 4

Takizawa Hideaki appears in Chapter 4

Matsumoto Jun appears in Chapter 5



Cooking staff

Aiba Masaki appears in Chapter 3

Ohno Satoshi appears in Chapter 2

Inagaki Goro appears in Chapter 5






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