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Bruised heart - Chapter 2

Bruised heart - Chapter 2

Bruised heart - Chapter 2
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Drama, au-ish, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: Violance --> In Kame's explanations, so only hinted and not detailed!!!!
Summary: Kame knocks on Pi's door late at night, bruises all over his body, and Pi tries to help his best friend (and hidden love) out of his relationship....
Note 2: The story is requested by[info]mouter in my request post HERE - I hope you'll like it :)

Kame heard a silent „yes“and walked into the dark room. “Sorry for disturbing you, but do you have any painkillers at home?” Kame almost whispered and saw the other one nodding at him.

“Sure, wait here for a moment - you can lie down if you feel sick.” Pi said softly and jumped up to get some medicine. Kame felt like he’d faint and sat down on the border of the bed. He shook his head when anything started to spin around and his head ached terribly. He wanted to lie down for just a moment till Pi would return with the painkillers, but suddenly the tiredness overwhelmed him and he fell asleep in the other one’s bed.

Pi came back and wanted to start talking when he saw Kame coiled up in his bed, already deep asleep. He smiled slightly and placed the blanket above the other one before he lied down on his side of the bed. He hoped Kame wouldn’t misunderstand that they slept in one bed, because Pi didn’t want to get closer to the other one with that – or maybe he wanted, but he wouldn’t do it, because he knew how Kame felt right in this moment.

Pi lied back and stared on the ceiling while his thoughts were spinning around. He couldn’t believe what happened to Kame, and he felt the anger rising up in him, when he saw Kame’s bruises and his swollen face. He sighed deeply and saw the other one moving next to him. Before Pi was able to move he felt Kame’s head on his chest. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply when he tried to dissolve from the other one.

Kame sighed in his sleep and whined shortly, grasping for Pi’s waist and made it impossible for him to move. After some tries Pi sighed and lied back on the bed. It was senseless to try to get free from there, because he didn’t want to wake the other one.
Kame woke up early in the morning and every move was painful. He looked around and first he had no idea where he was, when his sight fell on Pi next to him. “What the hell…” he whispered and winced when he felt the pain in his face. His lip was swollen, and his eye was deep blue. Pi snorted and turned around in the bed before he opened his eyes and looked at the other one. “Kazu, you are awake. I am sorry, you fell asleep in my bed last night, and I didn’t want to wake you up, so I just let you sleep here.” Actually Kame wanted to be angry, he wanted to tell the other one that it wasn’t right, but somehow it felt right. He couldn’t help but feeling comfortable, so he just shook his head and winced again when every bone hurt him.

“Is everything alright?” Pi asked softly and saw the other one just nodding, but suppressing some tears in his eyes. “Does it hurt? I can clean the wounds again.” Pi suggested and sat up to take a closer look at Kame’s wounds.

“It’s alright. It doesn’t hurt that much. I think I will go now.” Kame said and stepped out of the bed.
“You want to go? Where?” Pi knitted his eyebrows and hoped it wasn’t like he feared.

“I go back and take some of my stuff, and then I will search for a hotel.” Kame smiled slightly but stopped when he saw Pi’s angry expression.

“You are going nowhere.” He said roughly. “Back to the bed. I will bring you some breakfast, and I will go to your apartment to take your clothes and stuff. And you will stay here, and not in any hotel around here. That’s ridiculous. I have a big apartment, and I hardly use any room here, so there is enough space for both of us.” Pi pointed at the bed and saw Kame slipping under the blanket again. He didn’t dare to talk back to the other one, and he was glad that he didn’t have to. He only wanted to be friendly, and he didn’t want to go on the other one’s nerves, so he suggested to go and find another place to stay.

“If it’s really okay for you…” Kame whispered and pulled on the blanket. He felt the tense in his body disappeared and he got tired again. The whole situation he was in during the last weeks made him weak, and he definitely needed some rest, but he didn’t dare to do it, but now, at Pi’s place he felt save and he could just feel every part of his body relaxing.

“Of course it is. I will go there now, and bring your stuff. You just have to tell me where anything is.” Pi smiled slightly and sat on the border of the bed. Kame nodded at him and told him where he could find anything in his apartment. “…And in the left drawer are some personal things of mine – please, bring them along, they are more important than anything else of my stuff, okay?” Kame said and sighed in relieve when he saw Pi nodding at him and he promised to bring anything along.

Pi sneaked out of the room when he saw that Kame closed his eyes and searched for his clothes to leave the apartment. “Jin? Are you awake?” Pi nibbled on his lower lip and heard someone moaning on the other side of the mobile. “Now yes…why?”

“I need to meet up with you, now. It’s important.” Pi knew that Jin would come, no matter how tired he was and half an hour later they met up near Kame’s apartment.

“Pi…it’s 10am…you want to kill me, right?” Jin walked up with his sunglasses to hide the tiredness in his eyes.

“Why are you so tired? You don’t have much work right now.” Pi looked at the other one and smiled brightly, when he heard Jin’s explanation. “Ryo-chan drank on liter coffee last night, so you can imagine who danced up and down in the apartment for hours, and who needed to stay awake? So if this is not important right now, I am going to kill you.”

Pi smiled at the other one, but stopped when he thought why they were there. “Kame got raped and beaten up by this stupid guy, and he is at my place now. I promised him to bring some of things.” Pi saw Jin taking down his sunglasses and the evil sparkle in his eyes let Pi remember why he called him. Pi wasn’t exactly weak, but he didn’t want to risk going alone to Kame’s guy. He feared of getting beaten up by him. But together with Jin they should be able to manage the situation.

“Let’s go…” Jin grumbled and pulled on Pi’s arm. He couldn’t believe that someone was able to do such a cruel thing to someone else, and he really hoped that guy wasn’t at home, because otherwise he couldn’t promise not to beat him up.

Pi rang the doorbell and waited a moment till they heard footsteps in the inside. They stepped backwards and coughed when the door got open and they smelled the alcohol and saw the guy was almost drunk. “Kazuya, you are back, now you get what you deserve…” he yelled without really looking at the boys, and he stumbled a bit, when he saw that it wasn’t his boyfriend who came back home.

“Can we come in?” Pi stepped closer and pulled the other one’s arm away when he tried to avoid them entering the room. Neither Pi nor Jin thought of leaving and they just pulled the other one away and walked into it.

Pi searched for a bag when he felt a punch in his face.
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