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One week has passed again, and soon it's Christmas (I am still waiting for the first snow *wantsitnow!*) I have a lot to do during the next two weeks, because some exams are coming soon, and I have to work on weekends and sometimes during week, but it's okay I think. ^_^ 

Just because it cheers me up to see him, I post this pic here. ^^ And I am glad that he increased some weight, he looks really healthy right now. :)

What else ... oh yes, I am in my Dorama phase right now, I am watching one after the other, and I just finished Inu o kau to iu koto, Hito ni yasashiku and now I am in the middle of Boku dake no madonna. ^^ But yes, I promise to start learning tomorrow. ^_^

I really loved Ryo's Drama, and I am really glad that there were no big dramas included, so it was really nice to watch.
Hito ni yasashiku (I really love Shingo!) was exhausting at the beginning, because they are screaming that much, but it becomes better, and I really loved the interaction between the boys and the child. ^^ Three men with a kid...that can't end up good. XD
And Boku dake no madonna...I am not done with it till now, but Takki's character is sometimes hard to handle for me...let's see ^^

My exam on Friday will be an oral examination .... so let's see. ^_^ Ganbatte !! (Maybe I should start learning for it .... *laughs*)

Ah, before I come to the schedule, I have to explain something: On Thursday will be the 1st of December, and I thought of making a little fanfiction Advent calendar. So I will post a drabble on every day (next to the normal things...)

So what is the Advent calendar about:

It's a 24 days Kame Advent calendar. ^^ So there will be a Kame drabble on each day, every day with another person. So we'll have 24 pairings in the end. ^^ I really hope you will like it. :D

Okay, here is the scedule for the next week:

Monday: YokoRyo Chapter 7
Tuesday: RyoKame Chapter 4
Wednesday: PiKame "Bruised heart" chapter 2
Thursday: Lilly0's next story, I keep quiet about it ....
Friday: TackeyRyo Chapter 7
Saturday: PiKame Chapter 26
Sunday: KimuRyo Chapter 7

Wednesday - Sunday: the first days of Kame's Advent calendar (I don't tell you the first pairings, it's a surprise calendar after all ^^)

So, have a nice start in the week!

Hugs, Yuki
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