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Sakura girl - Chapter 6: Hurt girl

Sakura girl - Chapter 6: Hurt girl

Title: Sakura girl - Chapter 6: Hurt girl
Pairing: Kimura Takuya/ Nishikido Ryo
Multi Chapter in 7 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, au-ish, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo keeps a big secret since one year - and no one knows about it, except Jin. And Kimura assumes that something is wrong with his junior. He is tired and stressed, and that's not only because of his work. But Ryo didn't dare to tell him, or anyone else, about Ai, his secret 4 year old daught
Note 2: The story is dedicated and somehow requested by [info]lilly0

Kimura blinked some times when he heard a girl’s voice on the other side of the mobile. “I want to talk to Ryo.” He said and waited till she answered to him. “Yes, one moment please.” Ai stumbled to her room and smiled at her father when she showed him the mobile.

Ryo’s heart was beating faster, because he didn’t know who called him right now, and when he heard the voice he knew it was the worst case. “Takuya-kun?” he croaked.

“Hey Ryo, was that your niece?”

“Yes, yes…she is here today.” Ryo answered and a rock fell down from his heart. He didn’t want the other one to know about him and Ai and he’d try to keep it as a secret.

“Do you have time to meet up today?” Ryo turned around to face his daughter and closed his eyes shortly. He felt his heart beat faster and his hands got wet, because he really loved to hear the other one’s voice, and the thought of meeting was almost too perfect, but he couldn’t. “I think I can’t today. But maybe I can bring her back to my sister and then we can meet up. I’ll call you.” Ryo cursed himself for his words and felt the knot in his throat appearing again.

He didn’t want to call Jin, because he knew he’d get to hear about what he should do again, and Jin wanted him to tell anyone about Ai. He thought of various possibilities and finally called one of his friends.

“You want ME to look at your daughter?” Subaru almost started laughing on the other side, but when he heard Ryo grumbling something he just gave in and promised to come by as soon as possible. “Ah, can I bring Maru along? I think it’s easier to be with someone, because me and children…you know…”

“Sure, why not. So, see you later.” Ryo hung up and rubbed above his face. He didn’t know why he agreed to meet up with Kimura, and he felt guilty, because of keeping his daughter as a secret.

“Ai-chan, Maru and Subaru are coming along in one hour. I need to go to a meeting, and they’ll take care about you. Is it alright?” Ryo smiled at her and saw her pouting shortly, but then her eyes started to sparkle and a bright smile appeared on her face. “Subaru is the grumpy old man and Maru is the one with the funny face, right daddy?” Ryo had to smile about her words but nodded at her.

He didn’t tell his band mates where he had to go, and he didn’t dare to call Jin about it, so he went to his date secretly.


Kimura hung up the call and turned around to face Shingo, who was reading his magazine and didn’t even listen to the call. “That was strange.” Kimura sighed deeply and saw the other one looking at him.
“What did he say?”

“The problem wasn’t what he said; the main problem was who picked up the call. Ryo said it was his niece, but somehow I can’t imagine that. His sister lives in Osaka, and as far as I know Ryo hardly ever met up with her during the last months, because of his working schedule. I heard him talking about meeting her next month, but he never said that he’d see her by now.” Kimura rubbed above his forehead and got lost in his thoughts.

“Maybe their plan changed and now Ryo takes care about her for some days?” Shingo suggested, but he already knew that he couldn’t make the other one believe in it. He always saw some different things in situations than anyone else.

“Somehow I can’t believe it, but I will meet up with him now. Let’s see how it works out.”

“Have fun, my favorite butt. And don’t forget to use contraceptives .” Shingo laughed and saw the other one glancing at him, before he had to smile too. No matter how desperate and gloomy Kimura was, Shingo always made his mood rising up.


Ryo waited till Subaru and Maru were at his place and he could go to his date. Both were standing in the corridor and looked somehow lost at the girl in front of them. “What do you want to do, Ai-chan?” Maru knelt down and smiled brightly.

“Can we go to play something?” she jumped up and down and pushed on their arms.

“Great….I love to play…” Subaru grumbled and regretted to agree to Ryo’s plea. The first hours went out great, and also Subaru found a way to like it playing with Ai. When Maru decided to go to the play ground the situation changed.

Ai was running around and climbed up to the small hill on the play ground. Subaru and Maru were waiting down there, and both breathed in deeply and ran up to her when they saw her stumbling and she rolled back downwards. Ai had a small wound on her forehead, which was bleeding.

Both immediately ran up to their car and drove right to the hospital with Ai. Maru sat at the backseat with a towel on her head and tried to suppress the blood running down. “I want my daddy.” Ai cried out and Maru got more and more nervous, his hands were shivering and Subaru couldn’t do anything but concentrating on the traffic.

“Call Ryo, Maru.” Subaru ordered and gave the other one his mobile.

“Why me? He is going to kill me.” Maru whined but finally gave in and dialed Ryo’s number.


Ryo sat in the garden and felt Kimura’s hand stroking softly above his. Again he felt every worry and sorrow disappearing in him when he was with the other one.

“So why didn’t you want to meet up with me?” Kimura softly asked, but he already knew he wouldn’t get an answer. “There is no reason, Takuya. I have a lot to do, and maybe my working schedule doesn’t allow any relationship.” Ryo answered.

“That’s nonsense, and you know that. There is something else, so please tell me about it.”

“I can’t be with you, it’s just not possible.” Ryo bit on his lips and suppressed the feelings in him. He saw the other closing his eyes and Kimura sighed deeply. He wanted to respond when suddenly Ryo’s mobile rang.

“Hey, Maru, what’s up.” Ryo asked and jumped up immediately when he heard his daughter crying in the background and the only thing he heard was blood and hospital. “I have to go now, Takuya, my daughter is in hospital.”

Kimura blinked at that, and Ryo was even too nervous to recognize that he told the other one the truth in this moment. “I’ll give you a ride.”
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