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Bruised heart - Chapter 1

Bruised heart - Chapter 1

Title: Bruised heart - Chapter 1
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Drama, au-ish, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Warning: Violance --> In Kame's explanations, so only hinted and not detailed!!!!
Summary: Kame knocks on Pi's door late at night, bruises all over his body, and Pi tries to help his best friend (and hidden love) out of his relationship....
Note 2: The story is requested bymouter in my request post HERE - I hope you'll like it :)

Pi snoozed away on his couch and heard the rain pouring against his window. The day was exhausting for him and he was glad to find some rest now. It was already late in the evening when he returned from work, and he even was too tired to meet up with Kame. From time to time they were going out for one beer to talk about various things, but during the last weeks Kame was more and more closed and Pi didn’t reach him anymore. He gave the entire fault to Kame’s new boyfriend, who occupied him and who was too possessive in Pi’s eyes.

He coiled up on the couch and was already half asleep when he heard a silent knock on the door. He sat up and took a look at the clock. It was half past 11pm. Who would visit him at this time? Pi stumbled to the entrance and opened it. His eyes grew wide and he didn’t believe what he saw there.

“Come in.” he said and closed the door behind them. He saw Kame shivering on the whole body and he ran up to the bathroom to search for some plaster and medicine. Kame’s lower lip was bleeding, his eye was swollen and on his arms and his shoulders were full of bruises. “What the hell happened?” he sat down next to him and saw him only staring at the ground. He could see some drained tears in Kame’s eyes and he touched his shoulder slightly when he recognized that Kame wasn’t listening at him.

“He was mad at me, because I came home late again.” Kame croaked without looking at Pi. “Who? Your boyfriend?” Pi felt the anger in him rising up, and he had the wish to do the same to him what he did with Kame.

Kame only nodded and tears were running down his cheeks. Every part of his body hurt him, and he was tired and exhausted, but also afraid of going back to him. He didn’t know where he should go, and the only person he trusted enough was sitting right next to him.

“Did it happen for the first time?” Pi asked softly and felt the knot in his stomach twitching when Kame slowly shook his head. “You won’t go back there, okay?” Pi only said and heard the other one sobbing loudly. He sighed deeply and pulled the other one closer. It hurt him to see Kame in this condition, but he had no idea what he should do now.

Kame leaned against him and let his tears running down. He sobbed from time to time when he remembered what happened during the last hours.


Kame came home after his rehearsal and he already knew that his boyfriend would yell at him like so often during the last months. It wouldn’t be the first time Kame’d feel the other one’s hand slapping him. He was already used to this situation, and he knew he had to go, he needed to leave the other one, but when he showed him his soft and somehow weak side, Kame broke in again and stayed.

He smiled slightly about the words he once used. “If that is happening to me, I’d leave the person immediately.” That’s what the always said, but now he just couldn’t. It was like being chained to the other one.

He walked into the kitchen and he could already smell the alcohol the other one drank. “Where have you been?” Kame winced at that and sat down on the other side. “I had rehearsal, I am sorry for being late.” He almost whispered and looked down on his hands.

“Rehearsal? I can’t believe that, Kazuya. You were with someone else, weren’t you?” the guy stood up and walked to Kame, who tried to rob away from the other one. “No, of course not.”

He pulled Kame up and pressed him against the fridge right behind them. “I’ll show you were you belong to.” He whispered and Kame turned his head away to avoid the terrible scent the other one had. His heart was beating faster, and he knew he had to stay quiet now, because anything else would make it worse for him.

He felt the other one slapping him once and his brain started to switch off, like everytime this happened. He didn’t feel the pain anymore, but this time the other one didn’t stop like he did the times before.

Kame felt the other one’s hand roaming down his body and he tried to dissolve from the grip, but the other one was much stronger than he was, and he slapped him again, this time much harder, so that Kame stumbled and fell down on the floor. He wanted to rob away, but the other one was much quicker and pressed him down.

Kame tried to fight against the grip, but the other didn’t let him go. He pressed his hands on the ground and sat on him with his full weight. Kame struggled and started to cry and scream, but nothing helped. He felt the guy’s fist in his face again and the taste of blood spread in his mouth.

Kame closed his eyes and swallowed when he felt the other one tugging on his clothes. He prayed it would be over soon, and he already didn’t feel any pain in this moment. He yelled and screamed, but it didn’t matter, the guy didn’t let him go off. “I show you, that you are mine.” He grumbled when he thrust into him without any mercy and Kame felt the tears running down his cheeks, and he just wanted it to be over.

Minutes later Kame lied on the kitchen floor, trembling all over his body and he felt the bruises on his body and the blood on his face. He knew he had to run away from there, and he only waited till the other one was out for his favorite bar.

Kame fought against fainting and grasped his bag before he left the apartment. He didn’t dare to pack some things and just ran away. He stumbled down the street and walked up to the only person he really trusted. With his last might he knocked on Pi’s door and waited till the other one opened it.

Pi had to concentrate to listen to Kame’s silent and trembling voice, but he got the main points and he swore to help the other one out there.

“As I said, you won’t go back there, and for now you stay here.” Pi said and still felt the other one’s head on his chest. Pi would never admit it, but he always liked Kame more than a friend. First he didn’t say anything because Kame was in a relationship and now he couldn’t say anything, because Kame was in a real bad condition, and the last thing he needed was a confession. He needed a good friend, and Pi would be like this for him.

“Can I take a shower?” Kame sobbed and saw Pi nodding at him and he gave him some of his clothes and a fresh towel.

Pi sat down in the living room and his thoughts started to spin around. He never thought of something like this, and he couldn’t realize that this really happened. He didn’t want to think how bad Kame had to feel in this moment, and he swore to be at his side.
Kame stepped out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch again. “I’ll clear your wounds, okay?” Pi said softly and saw the other one nodding at him.

He brushed above his lips and eye and put the cream on the wounds. “You have some bruises on your upper body?” Pi asked and Kame just nodded at him. “Shall I cream them too?” Kame pulled away the shirt and Pi swallowed the knot in throat when he saw the dark blue and green bruises and some older scars on Kame’s body.

“Why did I never recognize it?” he said and saw Kame looking at him. “It’s not your fault, Pi.” Kame said and let the other one clean the rest of his bruises.

“And thanks for letting me stay here.” Kame added and smiled slightly at the other one. Every move still hurt him, but at least he felt save now, and no one would hurt him during this night.

“Of course, you can come by whenever you want to.” Pi said and closed the bottle of cream when he was done.

They prepared the guest room for Kame and soon both of them went to sleep. Kame turned around in his bed and he wasn’t able to sleep. Everytime he closed his eyes he saw his brutal boyfriend (ex- from now on) slapping him and he still felt the other one taking him as he wanted to.

Kame sneaked out of the room and knocked shortly on the other one’s door.

A/N: I know I am late with posting (at least for my time zone ^^) I had to work till half 11pm, but now I am finally at home and I think my feet are going to kill me ... 8 hours standing .... that's hard ... but okay. ^^
I hope you like the new PiKame story I made, and I promise it won't be too angsty. It's just the beginning here. :D

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