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Symphony of fate - Chapter 3: Allegro

Symphony of fate - Chapter 3: Allegro

Title: Symphony of fate - Chapter 3: Allegro
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Matsumoto Jun
Multi Chapter in 14 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance, drama, school
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo is the new teacher in Kame's school and he cares a lot about students with problems. And Kame is such a student, but actually he doesn't want to have any help, becaue he is a loner, and his only friends Jin and Jun already drifted apart from him. When Ryo gets to know about Kame's real situation and his real life, he tries anything to save him.
Note 2: It's [info]romapi's request, requested HERE .  I hope you like it. ^^

Ryo sat in his apartment and stared out of the window. He returned from his visit at Kame’s place some time ago and didn’t know what he should do now. The lady next to Kame’s apartment told him that there was no family living there, but only a young man, who worked a lot, and whom she only saw on weekends or late at night. She couldn’t remember a family living there since she moved in, and this was ten years ago.

Ryo didn’t know what he should do with this information. Where did Kame live? What was he? What secret was he hiding? He couldn’t give an answer to a single of these questions. But he knew that no one knew about Kame’s real live and his real personality.

Ryo sighed and rubbed above his face. He cursed himself, because he always ended up in difficult situations, and when he wouldn’t be careful it would end like the last time, when he got suspended. He sighed deeply and shook his head to forget about the past he had.

He stood up and walked to his bedroom, the day exhausted him and he needed some rest. It didn’t take long till he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Nishikido Ryo?”, a voice said and Ryo looked up to the police man in front of him.

“Yes”, he croaked and wiped away some small tears in his eyes.

“You knew her?”, the voice asked softly.

“Yes, I did”, Ryo answered and stared at the man towards him. He didn’t know how he came in this situation. All his thoughts were spinning around and he couldn’t describe what he was feeling in this moment.

He cared a lot about Miyu, and they got to know each other better and better. Ryo knew that the girl had several problems at home, and she suffered because of her drinking father and her not caring mother. He only wanted to help her, and so did he in this night when he allowed her to stay at his place. She knocked on his door and he saw her crying and let her in.

He never thought that her parents would go to call the police and the school and telling them that he had an affair with the girl. Ryo never was interested in such a thing, he only wanted to help her, and so did he in this night. Late at night the police knocked on his door and carried him outside like a culprit.

He saw Miyu running out of the apartment, rushing downstairs and he heard her screaming to her parents. Her words were still resounding in his head: “You take away the only friend I ever had” .

Ryo closed his eyes and swallowed when he heard the horrible noise down there. He saw Miyu lying on the street, not moving anymore. From this moment his memory got dizzy.

They absolved him, because they could proof that he wasn’t in any kind of relationship with Miyu, he only wanted to help her, but the law decided to suspend him from teaching for at least two years. Since then he was doing various jobs, but he always longed for coming back to his passion, teaching. 
Ryo woke up, breathing heavily and he was sweating on his whole body.

He knew Yoko was worried about his comeback as a teacher, because he was afraid that Ryo couldn’t stand it, but he felt fine with the situation.

But that Kame was also someone who seemed to be in bigger problems made him worrying most. He didn’t know if he had the courage to help someone again, especially after all the problems he had during the last years. Miyu’s accident and death wasn’t his fault at all, but he often gave himself the entire fault for it, because he thought he didn’t care enough of her. He remembered the cold eyes of Miyu’s father, staring at him like he had seduced his daughter, and even though he didn’t, he just apologized, apologized for helping a girl who needed him.


“How much?”, a guy asked and stared at Kame in front of him.

“6500Yen for two hours, 25000Yen for the whole night”, Kame answered and took the drink from the bar. He smiled brightly at the man and looked at the suit he wore. Kame hated his job, but it was the only way to get enough money to live in this apartment, buying food and at least there were the school fees to pay.

Kame knew that his life was built on lies, but he started it, and now he had to go on like this, it was already too late to return to another life.

“It’s alright, two hours are enough”, the guy said and Kame smiled at him. Thank god…he thought and walked to the room with this guy. He felt the man’s hand on his body and Kame tried to concentrate on something different, tried to face someone else than this man in front of him.

He saw the slender figure appearing in his inner eye. The dark eyes, the black hair, some of them curled on his forehead and his soft lips, some wrinkles around his mouth when he smiled, smiled like no one else. He heard the teacher’s voice resounding in his head and Kame opened his eyes to think of someone else, this was way too ridiculous for him.


“If I hate you?”, Jun asked in utter surprise and turned around to face the other one.

“Ano…Jin…we are always fighting, I don’t know”, Jun answered and saw Jin smiling brightly.

“It’s alright, just kidding, baka”, Jin said and poked the other one’s hips. He didn’t know why he asked this out of sudden, but sometimes he felt a stinging pain in his chest when he heard Jun saying words like “he hates him”; “they aren’t friends”; “he is in no way interested in him”. Normally Jin didn’t care about such things, but this time it hurt, and he couldn’t say why.

Jun smiled back and felt his heart beat a little bit faster. It was like being caught from someone, even though there was no reason to think like this. Jun had nothing done wrong, he really didn’t care about Jin, and he really didn’t like him that much. Maybe just a little bit, as a friend, but really nothing more…at least that’s what he thought.


Ryo walked into the classroom and stared on the empty seat in the last row. It was the third time in this week Kame didn’t appear in school. “Does anyone know where Kamenashi is?”, Ryo asked during the lesson and saw everyone shaking his head, even Jun and Jin seemed to have no idea what was going on.

“Jun, Jin, you even don’t know anything?”, Ryo waited till they wanted to leave the room and saw them turning around to him.

“As we said, we aren’t that good friends, he is really closed and he didn’t like to speak with others”, Jin smiled and turned around to walk out of the room together with Jun.

“It’s strange, isn’t it?”, Jun said and looked at the other one.

“Yes, he never was absent for that long in school like during the last year.”, Jin shook his head and got lost in his thoughts.
When he was much younger he and Kame were like best friends, but from one day to the other Kame drifted away from him, and he got a loner. Jin tried to reach him, but Kame ignored him and pushed him away when he wanted to talk to him.

One day Jin gave it up to run after him and now they were living next to each other, talking every now and then, but no one interfered in the other one’s businesses. Somehow Jin wished to get back the Kame he knew, but he didn’t know if it was possible to make this come true.


Ryo knocked on the door and heard some silent footsteps from the inside. He saw the door got open and Kame looked at him, shocked to see his teacher there.

“Oh my god…”, Ryo stood there and let his bag fall on the floor when he saw Kame in front of him.
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