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Drawn silence - Chapter 24: Silent recover

Drawn silence - Chapter 24: Silent recover

Title: Drawn silence - Chapter 24: Silent recover
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa; Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya [Brothers]
Rating: PG-13
Multi Chapter in 26 Chapters
Genre: AU, romance, angst, drama,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamapi is new in town and he searches for new friends. Luckily he meets Ryo, Jin and Jin's brother Kazuya and starts to hang out with them. Everything would be perfect - even his growing feelings towards Kazuya, but the fact that Kazuya isn't able to speak makes everything more complicated. Kazuya isn't able to communicate with anyone, and no one knows why.

„What did you say?“, Pi said softly and felt his heart making some jumps. He knew what the other one felt for him, but it was a different situation to hear the words.

He saw Kazuya biting on his lips and pushed him down a little bit to kiss him softly. “So the accident was a lucky event, because it broke down your wall”, Pi whispered into Kazuya’s ear and saw him robbing on the bed.

“What are you doing?”, Pi said and saw Kazuya pushing him a little bit away to lie down next to him and resting his head on Pi’s chest.

“I was worried”, Kazuya said shortly and looked up to the other one. He could see Pi closing his eyes and smiling slightly.

“Sorry, I just wanted to memorize your voice in my head. I am sorry that I worried you. I didn’t want to do this, but somehow I am glad that this happened”, Pi pushed Kazuya closer and stroked softly above his skin.

Pi’s arm hurt and he felt the bruises were stinging, but at least it broke down Kazuya’s wall. He never mentioned that this could happen. They heard a short knocking on the door and Jin and Ryo entered the room. Jin knitted his eyebrows when he saw his brother lying in the bed next to Pi.

“Kazu, he is the one who’s ill, and not you”, Jin smiled and looked at Kazuya who glanced at him.

“Oh, Ryo, you brought me some chocolate?”, Pi grinned and saw Ryo thinking of his next words.

“No….yes….here you have the marzipan chocolate,…”, he said and smiled brightly. Jin only rolled his eyes: “He needs sweets when he is stressed and worried, and he bought the stuff for himself, but he doesn’t like marzipan”.

“Thanks Jin…for your great support”, Ryo grumbled and sat down next to Pi’s bed.

“It’s alright”, Pi laughed and tried to sit up, but Kazuya didn’t move from his chest, so he wasn’t able to make a big move.
“We were really scared about you”, Ryo said and looked at the other one.

“Yes, luckily it isn’t that bad”, Jin answered and looked at Pi’s bandaged hand. “The doctor said you can go home tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow”, Jin added and saw Pi nodding.

“Yes, I was lucky things didn’t turn out worse”, Pi started and looked at Kazuya, who was already snoozing away on him. “And my guardian angel lies on me right now”, he continued and all three of them looked at Kazuya.

“I can’t believe that you started to talk again. But I think it will take some time till everything comes back to a normal life. A lot of things must be cleared up, but we have enough time to speak about everything later”, Jin said and smiled at his brother, who nodded sleepy.

“I stay here”, Kazuya whispered his eyes half closed and his head still resting on Pi.

“You can’t stay here over night, Kazuya”, Jin said and tried to push his brother up. “It’s not allowed. I think the nurses won’t be amused to see you here in the bed”, he added and rolled his eyes when he got a dark glance from his brother.

They heard the door got open and the nurse from the reception walked in. “Oh, you are here”, she twinkled and looked at the boys in the bed. “Guys, that’s not allowed…that are single beds, and not king-size beds.”

“We will go now, come on Kazuya”, Jin said and pushed again on his brother’s arm.

The nurse remembered about the boy’s face when they entered the hospital, and she saw the fear and worry in there, and somehow she had mercy with him. “Okay, I have night shift. Let’s say you can stay here, but I never saw you…”, she added and saw Kazuya looking up at her in utter surprise and smiled brightly.

“Thanks”, Pi said softly and saw her walking out of the room with a warm and gentle smile on her face.

“You always get what you want”, Jin grinned and tousled through Kazuya’s hair. “Like my little brat there”, he pointed at Ryo who pricked out his tongue and pouted. “We will go now, and we will come tomorrow morning to visit you again. And maybe you can go home then.”, Jin smiled and pushed Ryo with him out of the room.

Pi smiled at Kazuya and pulled him back to him, letting him rest on his chest again. Every pain seemed to be gone when he felt Kazuya’s warmth next to him, and he was glad that they had the allowance to stay there together.

Pi could see Kazuya fought against the sleep immediately after he lied down next to him. “You can sleep”, Pi whispered and saw Kazuya shaking his head energetically. “But you must be tired, it was a long day”, Pi kissed his forehead softly.

“I was worried to death”, Kazuya said and Pi winced. It was strange to hear his boyfriend talking to him after such a long time of silence between them.

“I am sorry”, Pi answered and saw Kazuya shaking his head again.

“Luckily you’re alright”, Kazuya said and stroked softly above some of Pi’s bruises.

“I love you too, Kazuya”, Pi said already half asleep and saw the other one smiling brightly, snuggling up to him and falling asleep immediately.


“He speaks…”, Ryo said and placed the cups of tea on the table.

“I can’t believe it…I can’t believe it…”, Jin repeated his own words again and again.

 “How will it go on?”, Ryo asked and sat down next to his brother.

“Now I have the chance to ask him why, and maybe I get some explanations after all this years.”, Jin shook his head. Kazuya’s words were still resounding in his head and he bit on his lips to suppress some tears.

“Are you crying?!”, Ryo asked innocently and smiled brightly. “Softy…”, he added and tousled through Jin’s hair.

“Hey, don’t call me like that”, Jin answered and felt some happy jumps in his belly. Maybe it was the time where everything would become alright.

Jin stood up and tickled Ryo, till he jumped up and they ran across the house, giggling around, throwing with some pillows and playing around like children. Jin didn’t remember when he was that detached and free from painful and worrying thoughts for the last time.

They fell down on the couch and Jin kissed the other one slightly, smiling into the kiss.

“He called me aniki”, Jin said after a while and looked at the other one. “I long for this moment since years, and now it is here, and I can’t describe my feelings”, Jin said and buried his head in Ryo’s hair.

“I think everything will be alright now”; Ryo answered and felt the other one’s breathe next to him.


“We want a decision. Are you going to do it, or do you want us to bring it to an end”, the voice said.

“Kazuya, do it”, the father said and looked at his son.

Kazuya nodded shortly and saw the men grinning at him. One of them stepped forward and gave him the gun.

“Just pull the trigger, and everything is perfect”, one of them laughed evilly and looked at the boy.

Kazuya’s hands were trembling and he closed his eyes when he did it…

Blood was everywhere when Jin returned at home and he saw his brother sitting in the corner of the room. His eyes were deep red and blood was all over his body. The police was still there were already blankets above the corps on the other side of the room.

“What happened Kazuya”, Jin screamed and ran to his brother, who kept silent, who wanted to keep silent forever after killing his own parents to save his brother’s life.

A/N: Sorry for posting that early (for me early....) today, but I have to work the whole day, so there would be no other time for it. ^_^ Hope you like the chapter :D

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