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Dark water - Chapter 5: Dark secret

Dark water - Chapter 5: Dark secret

Title: Dark water - Chapter 5: Dark secret
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, crime, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: A serial killer walks around and kidnaps children - every 17th of a month a child was found drowned in pipes. Special Agent Takizawa tries everything to get him, but till now it was impossible, so he gets a new partner: Agent Nishikido, who is a genius in computer and technique, and maybe together they are able to catch the culprit. But then comes the day when Takki starts to run against his biggest fear, and his world starts to break down....
Note 2: The story is dedicated and somehow requested by [info]lilly0, but she has no idea what it is about. She had to choose between numbers and letters, and each was a pairing and setting, and so 2-B-white is Tackey/Ryo, AU and crime. ^^ And thanks for choosing a title to [info]sweetspicyhot

Ryo payed the taxi and jumped out of the car. He told the driver to stop a little bit before the river, because he didn't want him to be involved in something criminal. Ryo felt the gun on his backside and he prayed that he didn't have to use it. Since two years he was only in labors and offices and he supported the criminal departure from there, but since two months he was again outside in the area, and he was afraid of using the gun sooner or later.
He ran up to the place where he guessed Tackey and searched around there. His heart beat faster when he saw a hand in the grass and started to run immediately. He slipped down the small hill and knelt down next to the body which was lying there. “Tackey”, he shook him and heard him moaning shortly. “Oh gosh, you are alive”, Ryo breathed out and helped the other one to sit up. He fumbled in his pocket to search for a handkerchief and wiped away the small blood strain on the other one's face. “What the hell happened”, Ryo wanted to know.
“I don't know it. I knelt down in front of the water, and the next thing I know is that I felt a terrible pain on my head and everything got dark around me.” Tackey touched his forehead and winced because of the sudden pain he felt.
“Did you see someone?” Ryo helped the other one and looked around. “No, I didn't recognize anything. He or she must have come from behind.” Tackey turned around and saw something shimmering in the grass and felt his heart beat rising up.
He robbed up to the thing and took it in his hands. “What's this?” Ryo joined him and looked at the small package the other one had in his hands. “It's her necklace”, Tackey breathed out deeply and opened the letter which was behind the jewelery.
“First trace: You wonder why you got it, even though you aren't her father? That's really an interesting question, let's say I want you Takizawa-san, no matter what. Expect more from me tomorrow, when only three days will be left.” Tackey read the letter out loud and looked at Ryo, who bit his lips. “I have to find him, Ryo.” the latter whispered and Ryo just nodded at his words.
Ryo and Tackey stood up and decided to drive home to Tackey's apartment. Tackey leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples. His head was aching and he felt the dry blood on his forehead. Ryo came in and waved with a towel in his hands. “I will clean the wound”, he said and stepped in front of the other one.
Tackey yelled out shortly when he felt the warm and wet thing touching his head and Ryo was grinning at him. “You are a crybaby?”
“I am not, don't dare to say that. What's this on the towel?” Tackey grasped Ryo's arm to avoid another touch on his head, but Ryo pulled it away and reached his head before Tackey could do anything. “Alcohol. It's good for disinfection and you don't have anything else at home.” Tackey blinked at that and rolled his eyes. He had to admit that the idea of using this wasn't bad at all, but it burnt like fire when it came in touch with his wound. Some tears came up in his eyes when Ryo drove a second time above it, and he felt a stinging pain when the alcohol entered the open wound.
He let Ryo cleaning it and finally he put a small plaster above it. ”Done, and I am sorry, the dolphin plasters were out, so I had to take a normal one. Do you want a lolly?” Ryo laughed and saw Tackey glancing at him. “Not funny at all...”, Tackey grumbled and leaned forward to pull out the letter and the necklace.
“We have to check this”, Tackey gave the things to the other one and saw Ryo switching on his computer and taking them out of Tackey's hand to investigate if there were any traces on it.
He scanned the letter and the necklace, but all he could find were the well-known pollen on it, which were on everything they found till now. “Did you find an interesting name in the book from the ink store?” Tackey took the book and looked at the other one who only shook his head. “Nothing, no. There are three names in it, but they all have alibis, I already checked it.”
Tackey rubbed his chin and grasped for his mobile when he had an idea. “Hiraoka-san, it's me, Takizawa, I wanted to ask if you have time for me today? I need your help. Yes, fine, I will come.” Ryo looked at the other one and saw Tackey smiling at him. “He is an old police officer, he was in my departure before he changed the job and now he is working in a book store. Don't ask why, he has a hard past, and he couldn't take the stress anymore. He is a pro with calligraphy and everything concerning writing. I don't know why I didn't think of him before, but maybe he can help us.” Ryo nodded and half an hour later they were on their way to the store where Hiraoka worked.
“Ah, Takizawa-san.” A man came up to them and bowed slightly in front of them. “Hiraoka-san, this is my partner, Nishikido-san. He is here to help me with the Origami killer case. I think you got to know about it?”
“Yes, yes, I read it in the newspaper. How can I help you?” Hiraoka guided them into a small room where he offered them a seat and prepared some coffee for them.
“I have a question about the handwriting on these figures.” Tackey pulled out a copy with the pictures of the figures on it and gave it to the man.
“Hm, a very expensive ink, and when you ask me, a very expensive pencil too. It's hardly used anymore, only for calligraphy and maybe some painters use it for their art work, but I can't imagine a lot of people having such an ink and pen at home. Maybe some aficionado, but you need money for this hobby.” the man started to explain.
“How much does this cost?” Ryo wanted to know and saw the man closing one eye, like he was counting in his head.
“It's hard to say, but the pen costs between 1Millionen and 5Million Yen, it depends where you are buying it. On the black market you already get it cheaper, but official it's incredible expensive. And you have to think about the ink, it's also between 500.000 and 600.000Yen, so I think not many people are using it.” he looked at Ryo, who made some short notes in this notepad and nodded here and there.
“Can you tell us something about the handwriting? I know you were always really talented in telling something about the person and their handwriting.” Tackey asked and sipped on his coffee. He really tried to hide his nervousness and his fear and pressure he felt right in this moment.
“It's difficult, but I'd say that the person who wrote this isn't much older than 30 years. You can see it in the lines he uses here and here. It's too exact to be from an old person. And these small and short lines on the other side could tell us that it's a man who writes it, but I can't say that for sure. It's more a handwriting from a man than a woman, but as I said, I can't say it for sure.” he looked closer at the picture and nodded his head to underline his words.
“Okay, so probably we are searching for a man between 30 and 50? Is this possible?” Ryo saw the man nodding at him and he wrote down the facts.
“You really helped us Hiraoka-san.” Tackey said and wanted to stand up.
“One thing, Takizawa-san. The writing looks really angry and explosive, so please take care about you. The wound on your head let me know that something already happened, so please watch every step you make, guys. I think the killer doesn't make any jokes and half-done works, so be careful.” Both nodded and stepped out of the store.
“I think I will drive to the hotel now. I really need a shower and some fresh clothes.”, Ryo said and stretched a bit.
“Alright, can we meet up later? We can go to eat something if you want to? I can pick you up at the hotel.” Tackey suggested and smiled when the other one agreed. He really didn't want to be alone right now, because some distraction was the thing he needed during this day. His sister was on her way to their parents, somewhere outside the town, because she couldn't help with the investigation, and as it looked like, the killer wanted Tackey to be his puppet on the string.
Ryo walked into his room and unpacked some of his clothes before he slipped into the bathroom and let the warm water running down his back. He enjoyed the minutes under the shower, and for some moments he could forget about the stress they had right now. He even forgot about thinking who could be the culprit.
He stepped out and put on his clothes when he heard a silent noise at the door. He saw a small letter appeared under his door and he ran up to open it, but there was no one outside anymore. He ran some meters down the corridor, but no one was around. When he stepped back to the room he opened the letter and his hands started to shiver when he read the lines on there.
I know what you did.

A/N: It's going on now :D The mystery grows from step to step and the time runs against Ryo and Takki. ^_^ So they have to hurry up.

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