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Kimono seduce

Title: Kimono seduce
Pairing:  Kouchi Yuugo/ Nakajima Kento
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, pwp
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Kouchi sees Kento on stage, and he wants more afterwards....
Note 2: Requested by bwfas

Kouchi went down the corridor and entered the stage where his sight fell on the boy on the other side. He blinked for some times and couldn’t believe that it was Kento, standing there, moving his hips erotically. He swallowed the know in his throat, which grew bigger when he saw that the other one’s kimono fell a bit down, so a part of his shoulder was visible.

He tried to concentrate on his steps, but his eyes wandered up and down on Kento’s body and he wished he could touch him, feeling his soft skin. He wanted to kiss his pouty lips and feeling his breath in his neck.

Luckily he managed it to concentrate on his work and he sighed deeply when he finally stepped into the shower after the show. Kento's moves and body were still popping up in his mind and he felt the heat rising up in his body.

“Hey Kouchi … did you like what you saw?”Kouchi turned around and saw Kento leaning against the wall, his Kimono gliding down his shoulder a bit, showing his exposed skin. “What?”

“I saw your looks, and I think you liked what you saw.” He stepped closer and some water drops were running down his shoulder. Kouchi swallowed the knot in his throat and leaned against the wall. He saw the other one coming closer and soon he could smell his scent and felt his breathe in his neck.

“What did you think on stage?” Kento smiled brightly and pushed away some wet hair strands from his face. The Kimono turned from dry to wet and he opened it a bit to pull it down. Kouchi felt his legs got weak and he started to shiver on the whole body. “What are you doing?” he croaked, but Kento only smiled at him before he placed a small kiss on the other one's lips.

“Nothing special, I only take a shower.” He grinned and turned the second shower on. Kouchi stared at him when he started to stroke above his upper body and he could just have jumped him in this moment, and maybe it was what the other one wanted him to do, but his legs didn't move.

Kento walked up to the door and Kouchi thought he'd go, but he just locked it and stepped back to the other one. “A shower together.” he said and pulled on Kouchi's arm till he was only a few centimeters away from him. He grinned before he bent forward and started to kiss him passionately. Kouchi didn't fight against it, because at least it was what he wanted. He ran his hands above Kento's back and stroked softly up and down.

“Take me...” Kouchi heard the other one whispering and smiled into his neck before he started to nibble on his soft skin. He ran his hand down the other one's body and started to stroke his cock slowly. Kento was moaning into the touch and turned around to lean against the wall. There he found some hold, because his legs were already weak from the pleasure he felt.

Kouchi grasped for the shower gel he brought along and started to kiss down the other one's body. He knelt down right in front of him and licked above Kento's length for a single time. He softly stroked up and down his thigh and he could hear the other one moaning in pleasure. “Go on, Kouchi.” he didn't need to say that twice and Kouchi started to take him slowly into his mouth. He nibbled carefully on his arousal and started to take him deeper. His hands were still wandering up and down his legs and he pulled on the shower gel to put some of it on his fingers.

Carefully he slipped one finger in and felt Kento grasping his shoulders roughly. He tried to distract him from the pain with sucking him for real now and soon he could feel the grip loosened. He knew he had found the other one's spot and tried to hit it with every thrust he made. Soon he was able to add a second and third finger, and he scissored them to prepare him properly.

Kento whined when the pleasure around his cock was gone and he saw the other one coming up again, his fingers still moving in him. “Turn around.” Kouchi whispered into this ear and slipped out of him.

Kento did as the other one wanted and tried to find some hold with his hands. Kouchi spread the other one's legs further apart and stepped between them before he slowly pushed in. He could feel the other one wincing because of the sudden pain he felt and let him adjust to the intrusion.  When he saw him relaxing a bit he started to move his hips slowly and in a state rhythm. “More please.” he heard Kento begging him for going on. He smiled slightly and sped up his pace, his hands on Kento's hips to give him some more hold.

He pounded into him more fiercely when he felt the heat rising up in him and when he heard the other one whining he knew what he wanted. He stroked softly above his belly before he took hold of Kento's erection and started to tug him in rhythm with his thrusts.
Kento didn't last long and after a short cry he came all over Kouchi's hand. He slipped down a bit, but Kouchi grasped his hips and held him up. He thrust in for some more times till he released into the other one.

Both sat on the floor and panted heavily. “It's always nicer than doing it at home, isn't it?!” Kouchi smiled at the other one.
“Yes and I love to seduce you.” Kento laughed and kissed the other one forcefully. 
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