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Symphony of fate - Chapter 2: Serenade

Symphony of fate - Chapter 2: Serenade

Title: Symphony of fate - Chapter 2: Serenade
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Matsumoto Jun
Multi Chapter in 14 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance, drama, school
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo is the new teacher in Kame's school and he cares a lot about students with problems. And Kame is such a student, but actually he doesn't want to have any help, becaue he is a loner, and his only friends Jin and Jun already drifted apart from him. When Ryo gets to know about Kame's real situation and his real life, he tries anything to save him.
Note 2: It's [info]romapi's request, requested HERE .  I hope you like it. ^^

Kame sat in the classroom, his head on the table, snoozing away till he heard the bell ringing. He came home late at night and now he was more than tired and exhausted. He hoped he’d never faint because of weakness. He could never explain anyone what was going on with him, and not only that he couldn’t do it, and he didn’t want anyone to mix up in his life. He didn’t need someone around him - he managed his life on his own.

And when he’d finish school, like his parents wanted him to do, he was a free human being and he’d go his own way, making what he wanted to.

“Good morning everyone”, Ryo smiled when he came into the classroom and looked around. He saw Jun and Jin fighting in the last row, other students were chatting with each other, and he saw Kame sleeping in the last row. Roy was glad to be back in his job, and even though he knew that the boys and girls weren’t interested in his lessons he had fun to teach them.

“Good morning”, everyone answered and stood up, except Kame, who was deep asleep on his place. The other students were already giggling around when Jun pulled on Kame’s arm, but didn’t get him up. Ryo rolled his eyes and walked up to the boy.
“Kamenashi-kun?”, he said slowly and knelt down next to Kame’s desk. He saw the other one opening his eyes a little bit, and he had to smile about the absent-minded sight he got from Kame. “Ah, great, you are awake”, Ryo said and stood up again. Kame stretched his arms and saw the other laughing about him – luckily he didn’t care about being the lampooned one.

Kame could see the girls in his class were staring at the teacher in front of them, and he’d bet that every girl had a crush on him. He smiled slightly and shook his head when strange thoughts caught him. He is really cute…and his ass…like Jun said…
“Ah, before I forget about it, Jun, Jin, Kazuya, can you please come to my room after school? We have to talk about the music club”, Ryo smiled at the boys and saw them nodding absent-minded. At least he hoped that they’d have fun in this club, and he hoped there they’d work a little bit more than during lesson.

Kame stood in front of Ryo’s room and looked on his clock. Only three hours left, then he had to go out again, and he really needed to go home first.

“Ah, come in”, Ryo smiled and let the boys walking into his room. Ryo’s smile disappeared when he saw the three boys sitting there, staring at him, not really interested in what he wanted from them.

“You aren’t interested in this club, aren’t you?”, Ryo sighed and looked from one to the other. He saw Kame glancing at him before he started to speak: “Can I go now? I have something to do later!”

“Ano…yes, of course you can go, it’s more or less voluntary that you are here”, Ryo started and shook his head when he saw Kame standing up, taking his back and leaving the room with a “That’s great, and bye”

Jun and Jin shook there heads and looked at each other. “Stop staring at me”, Jin yelled and saw Jun rolling his eyes. “I didn’t stare at you, baka! You aren’t that interesting”, he answered.

“Okay, stop it boys…”Ryo interrupted and saw them looking at him. “What’s with you? Will you join?”, Ryo nearly begged.

“Sure”, both said and glanced at each other because of their simultaneous answer.

“That’s great. I want to make a kind of musical in the school, and I need your help.”, Ryo started before the boys could go on with their fight.

“A musical?”, Jin laughed loudly.

“Yes”, Ryo answered.

“Ano…sorry, but I think we aren’t the best guys for…a musical…we are musicians, but not musical stars…you know…”, Jun answered slowly.

“The thing is, I really need your help. I heard from the principal that your three are good singer and I heard your acting skills are more than passable, so I hoped to get you for this project.”, Ryo explained.

“And you will play a part too?”, Jin asked amused.

“No, I will direct everything”, Ryo smiled back at the boy.

“But I think you’ll never get Kazu for this”, Jun pointed at the door where the other one left some time ago.

“He never does something like that. He is totally in his own world and no one is able to reach him”, Jun continued.

“I thought you are friends?”, Ryo asked astonished.

“Sometimes we are, sometimes we are not”, Jin shrugged.

“And you two?”, Ryo sighed.

“No, we don’t like each other”, Jun answered and glanced at the other one.

“Perfect…that is the best condition for this term and this club”, Ryo rubbed his forehead and rolled his eyes.

“But we will help you, I think”, Jin said and pointed at Jun next to him.

“Hey, I talk by myself”, Jun answered and promised to be a part of the club.

“What are you going to do with Kazu?”, Jin asked and looked at the teacher.

“I don’t know, maybe I am going to visit him and his parents and search for another talk”, he answered and shook his head slightly.


“What do you think about the musical?”, Jun asked when they left the teacher’s room.

“Jun, do you really hate me?”, Jin asked without answering to the other one’s question. Jun stopped walking and looked into the other one’s eyes, not knowing what he should say.


Ryo stood in front of a big building in the middle of the town, a small piece of paper in his hands. He searched for Kame’s address in the database and decided to visit him and his family on this day to talk about everything for a second time.

He took the elevator and looked around till he found the door he searched for. He knocked on there and rang the bell, but no one opened him. He looked around and knocked on the door next to Kame’s apartment.

“Sorry, I search for the family who is living next to you”, Ryo said friendly.

“Family?”, the woman said friendly and smiled at Ryo.


Kame walked down the street and looked on his clock. He was too late this evening. He knew that it meant nothing good to come that late, and he hoped that no one would yell at him.

He got a message from Jin later in the afternoon, and he was totally torn between joining the club or not. He always loved the musical and music in general, but he also had no time to do this, and he had no motivation to talk to others all day long and he really needed no friends who cared about him, and who might recognize what he really was.

A/N: So what's going on here? Any suggestions? I am curious about your thoughts :)
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