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Dark water - Chapter 4: Dark letter

Dark water - Chapter 4: Dark letter

Title: Dark water - Chapter 4: Dark letter
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, crime, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: A serial killer walks around and kidnaps children - every 17th of a month a child was found drowned in pipes. Special Agent Takizawa tries everything to get him, but till now it was impossible, so he gets a new partner: Agent Nishikido, who is a genius in computer and technique, and maybe together they are able to catch the culprit. But then comes the day when Takki starts to run against his biggest fear, and his world starts to break down....
Note 2: The story is dedicated and somehow requested by [info]lilly0, but she has no idea what it is about. She had to choose between numbers and letters, and each was a pairing and setting, and so 2-B-white is Tackey/Ryo, AU and crime. ^^ And thanks for choosing a title to [info]sweetspicyhot

Ryo lied down in the bed and stared out of the window next to him. Tackey invited him to stay at his place, because they worked till late in the night at the case. Ryo breathed in deeply, when he thought about the situation Tackey was in right now, because his niece was kidnapped by the so called Origami killer.
He tried to think about any traces they had overseen during their talk, but he couldn't figure out a missing piece. They already knew that the ink, which was used by the killer, was an expensive one, and it was only sold in two shops in town, so they had to visit them at first on the next morning.
Tackey turned and rolled around in his bed, but there was no chance to find some rest. His thoughts were spinning around and he searched for traces and hidden spots, but he couldn't find a missing piece in this puzzle. Tackey has always been a loner in his job, and he worked without partner on various cases during the last years, but this was the first time he was glad to have someone who'd help him. Even though he didn't know the other one quite well, he somehow knew that it would work out.
Tackey snoozed away, but immediately winced and sat up when the pictures of his niece popped up in his mind. He rubbed his face and sighed deeply before he stood up to get a glass of water. He walked through the living room and blinked when he saw a small light on the table and Ryo, who worked with his laptop. “What are you doing here?” Tackey walked up to him and saw him looking at him. “I couldn't sleep and I thought of checking everything again.” Ryo smiled slightly at him and Tackey could see the tiredness in the other one's eyes. Tackey nodded and walked up to his kitchen to prepare some cookies and coffee for them, before he walked back to Ryo.
“I really can't find any rest, so let's take a look at the fact again?” Ryo suggested and concentrated on his laptop again. Tackey smiled slightly and felt a warm feeling coming up in him. He didn't think that the other one was that affected by this case, even though it was about his niece. “Yes, let's take a look at everything again.” Tackey nodded and sat down next to the other one.
From time to time both of them felt the tiredness overwhelming them, but none of them thought of going to bed. They studied all the files, facts and let the computer scan all the traces they had, but they didn't find anything interesting.
Tackey was on his way to the bathroom when he heard a silent noise at his entrance door. He walked up and opened it slightly, but when he saw the green letter on the ground he started to run and looked around in the area, but he couldn't see someone around. He cursed and went back to the apartment, the letter in his hands. He trembled when he slowly opened it, because he already knew what was in there.
Ryo leaned against the wall and blinked at Tackey. “Why you? You aren't the father?”, he only said and saw Tackey shrugging his shoulders. He knew that meant that the run after the killer started right now, and they had less than four days, till the 17th of this month would bring up another victim.
He read the letter out loud and reread it again and again in his mind.
Four days from now on, first step is the bridge next to the school. Drop by or leave it. Today, 2pm be in time.
Ryo took the letter and scanned it in his computer to check if he could find any fingerprints or something else on it. “Look, again these pollen. I am wondering where the killer is. There are some places where they bloom, maybe too much places to search through them all, but let's keep it as an important trace. The letter isn't handwritten, so we can't say if it's from the Origami killer, or not.” Ryo started his analyzes and saw Tackey was still staring at the letter.
“I have to go there, no matter what.” he whispered and saw Ryo nodding at him. “But you shouldn't go alone, Tackey.”
“I have to go alone, I don't know what this guy is going to do if he sees police there. And I really think he observes his victims’ parents.” Tackey answered and crossed his arms in front of his body. His head felt heavy, and he suddenly felt tired, really tired. But he exactly knew that he wasn't able to sleep in this moment.
Ryo rubbed above his face before he took his bag on the table and pulled out a small instrument. Tackey knitted his eyebrows and took the thing when Ryo handed it to him. “It's a kind of microphone, mixed with a camera and a scanner. You have to wear it there, and the little camera will take pictures of the area, and maybe we can find something afterwards, even though I bet you won't meet the culprit there.”
Tackey looked at the clock on the wall and sighed. “We have some hours left. Let's go and have a breakfast and then let's visit the shops to ask them about the ink we found.”
They walked into the first shop some time later and saw an older woman smiling brightly at them. “How can I help you, gentlemen?” Tackey and Ryo stepped closer and smiled back at her.
“We are from the police, we have some questions.” Ryo placed the pictures of the Origami figure and his analysis on the table. “That's a rare ink the writer used. It's hardly sold anymore and I only know about three people who buy this. You have to know that this one is really expensive, and that's why it is hardly used anymore. Some calligraphic use them, but as I said, I only know three people who bought this during the last months.” she explained and gave Ryo the papers back.
“Can you tell us the names?” Ryo asked further and saw her nodding before she turned around and opened the drawer behind her. “Here you have my book with all orders, you have to look where it is. The ink number is 915432, that's the one you search for. You'll find it in there.” she bowed a little bit and Tackey smiled at her. “Can we take this with us?” he asked. “Of course you can have it.” Tackey and Ryo bowed slightly and walked out of the shop.
The second shop didn't have any information for them and they returned to Tackey's apartment. “It's 12am, we have two hours left till you have this meeting.” Ryo said and sat down to start his computers again. “I will wait here if it's alright, because here I can check the book we got from the shop keeper and I can see what you are doing. I am connected with the camera, so I can follow your steps. I hope that's okay for you if I stay in your apartment?”
“Of course, you can stay here and manage all the technique stuff.” Ryo smiled at him and started to read the order book they got right before. Tackey felt the nervousness rising up in him when the clock told him that it was time to leave. “I will go now.” Tackey's voice broke and he felt his heart bumping against his chest.
Ryo looked at him and nodded shortly. He saw Tackey turning around and he walked out of the room. “Please take care, Tackey.” Ryo said and saw Tackey looking back at him. “Sure”, he said and tried to smile a bit.
He blinked when he saw Ryo's worried sparkle in his eyes, but he walked out without turning around again. He shook his head slightly and felt the warm feeling in him again. He never thought that he could be glad about having a partner, but with Ryo it was different. It wasn't like Ryo wanted to have the honor for doing things, he just wanted to solve the case because of the victims and their families and not because of getting money for it. It was a long time since Tackey saw a police officer like him for the last time. And for the first time he had the feeling that they worked together and not against each other.
He sat in his car and started the motor to drive to the bridge. He didn't know what he'd get to see there, or what he should do there, but he knew he'd do anything to save his niece. Slowly he opened the car door and walked around in the area. He felt the breeze touching his face and he closed his coat till the point where he installed the camera Ryo gave to him. In his ear he could hear Ryo's voice who checked if everything worked out. “It's windy...but I think I will hear anything. Turn around a bit. Okay, I have a picture of the area right now. Turn left, a bit more, yes stop, perfect.” Ryo ordered him and Tackey had to smile about his orders. He felt a bit like a model, but actually he wasn't the model at all. He shook his head and thought again that he really didn't want to know how all this computer stuff worked out, or maybe he wanted to know it, but he knew he wouldn't understand it.
He walked around the bridge and tried to figure out any trace or any hint he'd get there, but there was nothing interesting around it. He walked down to the small river, and knelt down to put his hand into the cold water.
Ryo sat at home and saw Tackey walking around in the area. He scanned the picture into another program, but till now he couldn't figure out anything. The display showed him that there was no one around Tackey, but suddenly he stopped and stared at the monitor. “Tackey, stand up, hurry.” Ryo said but he could only hear a loud voice and he saw the camera turning to the air. “Tackey, Tackey talk to me.” Ryo begged, but there came no answer. He took his coat from the chair and started to run to entrance.
“I need a taxi, and please hurry up”, he held his mobile in his hands and tried to close the apartment, but his hands were shivering. He hoped that it wasn't already too late when he'd reach the bridge.

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