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Symphony of fate - Chapter 1: Moonlight sonata

Symphony of fate - Chapter 1: Moonlight sonata

Title: Symphony of fate - Chapter 1: Moonlight sonata
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Matsumoto Jun
Multi Chapter in 14 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, romance, drama, school
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo is the new teacher in Kame's school and he cares a lot about students with problems. And Kame is such a student, but actually he doesn't want to have any help, becaue he is a loner, and his only friends Jin and Jun already drifted apart from him. When Ryo gets to know about Kame's real situation and his real life, he tries anything to save him.
Note 2: It's romapi's request, requested HERE .  I hope you like it. ^^

„And this is the new teacher, Nishikido-sensei“, the school principal said and smiled into the classroom. Kame sat in the last row and stared out of the window. He wasn’t interested in any new teacher or anything concerns school.

He only wanted to make his music and living his life outside this building, but his parents insisted on a graduation and so he had to finish the last year there. He wasn’t really listening to the principal till he heard Nishikido’s voice and looked up.

“Hello everyone, I am Nishikido Ryo, I will teach you music and acting in this year”, Ryo smiled brightly at the students in front of him.

Kame twinkled some times and stared out of the window again. He saw many teachers coming and going during the last years, especially because he had to repeat the class for a second time. Kame was already 20 years old and he was really annoyed to stay in a class with much younger students, and he was absolutely not interested in anyone of them, with two exceptions: Jin and MatsuJun. They knew each other since years, because they always were a part of the same music group in school, and since one year they were all together in one class.

The bell rang and everyone was almost running outside to enjoy the last warm days in this year. Kame stood up and walked to his friends when he heard the principal calling his name from behind. “Ano, Kamenashi, Akanishi and Matsumoto, can you come here for a second”, he smiled at them and touched the new teacher’s shoulder slightly.

“I want to invite you to join the new music group in school. We want you three to be the main part for this project. Nishikido-sensei will be the head of it and I know your talent, so I hope you will compliance with my desire and join.”, he smiled and saw the boys staring at him and Nishikido.

“Sure”, Jun smiled and put his hands in his pockets. Jin only nodded and turned around to follow Jun outside. Kame looked at the teacher and winced when he saw his dark eyes staring intensely at him and finally nodded before he followed his friends.

“You will like them, they are really talented”, the principal smiled and saw Ryo was still looking at the door where the others left some seconds ago.


Ryo walked home after a long and exhausting school day. It was his first job after a break of two years and he really hoped he could manage it, but the first day let him be optimistic for the rest of the school term.

“How was your day?”, a familiar voice behind him asked and made him wincing in utter surprise.

“Ah, Yoko-chan, it was a great day”, Ryo smiled at one of his oldest friends and walked up to him.

“No problems at all. Just a little strange feeling, when I first entered the room again. I am not used to the situation of being in front of so many students anymore”, Ryo said slowly and looked at the other one.

“But you had no other problems, hadn’t you?”, Yoko asked carefully.

“No, luckily I hadn’t …it seems everything is alright again…”, Ryo answered and walked with Yoko to the next coffee shop they found.

“That’s great, I really hoped you can manage it to get back to you old life.”, Yoko smiled friendly and sipped on his coffee.

“Yes, I hoped it too, but now it really seems to be alright”

“How are your students? Have you already had the chance to talk to them?”, Yoko asked.

“Not really, I just met three of them. I have to work in a special music group with them. They seem to be nice, but I think they are also the guys who aren’t interested in school and learning.”, Ryo smiled and remembered Jin, Jun and Kame, whom he met some time ago.

“Boys”, Yoko grinned and shook his head.

“Yeah, boys. I made some research about them. It seems that two of them had to repeat the class one time and one of them for two times. And all three of them are loners, especially Kamenashi…”, Ryo got lost in his thoughts and remembered Kame’s face. Somehow the boy had something really interesting in his eyes.

“Where do you know it?”, Yoko knitted his eyebrows and crossed his arms, still staring at his friend.

“He reminds me of myself, that’s how I know it”, Ryo smiled sadly and stared in his cup in front of him.


Kame walked down the street, his guitar on his back and enjoyed the last warm days of this year. School started again, and again he was annoyed because of this fact. The only good thing was that this would be his last year (hopefully…) and then he could do whatever he wanted to do.

He already hated the teachers he’d have this year again. Everyone pitied him, because they thought he felt sad about being a loner, but actually he liked how he was and he loved the position he was in. Jun and Jin were kind of buddies for him, but their friendship nearly stopped during the last time, because Kame had hardly time to meet up with them.

Kame saw the picture of the new teacher popping up in his mind and he asked himself how he’d be and what kind of teaching he’d use. Kame didn’t see Ryo as strict or unfair teacher, so maybe it would be really funny to work for his lessons, and at least Kame loved the music lessons. He was more afraid about the acting lessons he had to make together with the music, because he hadn’t much passion for acting.

“Ey, Kazu”, he heard a voice behind him and saw Jun smiling brightly at him. “So we start again”, he added and saw Kame nodding shortly at him.

“Yo, it seems so”, Kame only said and put his hands in his pockets. He really didn’t want to talk right now, but he knew Jun wouldn’t let him go.

“What do you think about the new teacher?”, Jun asked

“Seems to be nice…”, Kame answered and looked up to the other one.

“He has a nice ass…”, Jun grinned evilly and saw Kame rolling his eyes.

“Of course it’s you who says such a thing”, Kame growled and started to walk again.

“You know me…but hey, don’t tell me you didn’t see his smile and his nice abs”, Jun smiled brightly and earned another grumble from the other one.

“I am really not interested in a teacher, Jun. So excuse me, I have to go home now”, Kame said and turned around to walk home. Jun stood there and only shook his head. He was also a kind of loner, but Kame was more than that, Kame never opened to anyone. He always walked away when there were more than three people around him.

“Tadaima”, Kame said when he entered the room, and again he got no response. The apartment was empty and he knew it. He smiled sadly and walked to his room to change the clothes for the evening. He hoped this time he’d get more than the last night….

A/N: Again something new from my side, and I promise to post regulary. It will be a multi, which I am going to post twice a week, I hope that's okay. This FF is my follower for the PiKame story (I know it isn't over yet, ^^)
I hope you like it, and I promise there will be a lot of action in this story. :)

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