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The truth in his eyes - Chapter 3: Two ways become one *FINAL*

The truth in his eyes - Chapter 3: Two ways become one  *FINAL*

Title: The truth in his eyes - Chapter 3: Two ways become one *FINAL*
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki
Mini series in 3 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Ryo visits Uchi at home, but he isn't able to tell him about leaving
News. Uchi knows that something is wrong and tries to talk to the other
one, but they drifted apart during the last years and he doesn't know if
there is the chance to talk to Ryo.
Note 2: The whole situation is based on[info]lilly0's one shot "sleeping in a cold river"   The start of this story is one part from her one shot.
Note 3: Dedicated to [info]lilly0  - our little "drawing lots" competition brought you RyoUchi - Real life and angst. ^^ Hope you like it

Uchi sat down in the canteen and waited for his friends to come by. They wanted to meet up before their rehearsal started. Uchi saw Tackey walking into the room, chatting energetically with one of the managers. He didn't want to listen to their conversation, but the words he heard let shivers running down his spine.

And you think that's possible?” the managers stared at Tackey, who smiled at him and nodded. “Sure, it's Ryo after all, and I think it's the best thing to take him out of News. So he is a full part of Kanjani now, and he can concentrate on one group. His working schedule isn't that full anymore, and he'll have some time for himself now.”

Uchi frowned and looked down on his plate. The words he used during Ryo's visit popped up in his mind again.

The feeling that you failed. That no matter what you decide someone will be disappointed” Uchi mumbled. “You don’t understand that. You never had such a difficult decision to make.”

Uchi closed his eyes and swallowed the knot in his throat. He knew that Ryo was the first person who'd think that he'd failed after leaving News. He was the one who fought everyday to stay in two bands, he never wanted to lose one of them, even though anyone knew that the work was too much for him. Uchi regretted every single word he used and he cursed himself for not being more persistent to get to know what was going on.

He knew the other one, he knew something was bothering him, but he didn't think that it would be something like this. He stood up and rushed out of the room to search for Ryo. He looked anywhere in the agency, but he couldn't find him. “Have you seen Ryo?” but everyone he asked had no idea where the other one was.

Uchi felt the cold breeze touching his face when he stepped out of the building. He looked around and walked across the park next to the agency, but he couldn't see the other one anywhere. He rubbed his temples and closed his eyes when suddenly a thought hit him. He remembered about the first fought they had during their relationship.


Ryo rushed out of the apartment while Uchi was still breathing deeply. His eyes were teary and he fist his hands when he thought of the talk he had with Ryo right before. They were fighting about moving together and Uchi yelled at the other one, because Ryo wanted some more time till he'd go this step.

Uchi couldn't understand it, and it was like the other one told him that he didn't love him anymore, and finally Ryo left the apartment. Uchi ran after Ryo, but he didn't know where to search for him.

After hours he found the other one on the top of the small hill a little bit outside the town. He remembered that Ryo told him about that place, and that he was often here with his mother when he was a child.

Ryo, I am sorry” Uchi sighed and sat next to the other one. Ryo was just looking at him and smiled slightly. He knew Uchi didn't mean what he said, but the feelings were overwhelming both of them. He leaned against Uchi's shoulder and both sat there to watch the sun go down behind the horizon.

Let this be our sorrow-place.” Ryo suggested and saw Uchi's questioning face. “Let's say we come here if something is bothering us, and here we can talk about anything and we can think about everything which bothers us.” Uchi nodded at him and took Ryo's hand in his.

Uchi saw a slender figure sitting on the bench and he immediately knew it was Ryo. He didn't have to see the face. “Ryo.” he reached the place and knelt down in front of the bench.

“I failed.”

Uchi blinked at the statement and saw some tear drops falling down on Ryo's lap. “You didn't, Ryo-chan. No one would have had the power to do that for such a long time like you did. Everyone admires you for being that strong.” Uchi heard Ryo sobbing and stroked softly above his back. He didn't know if he was allowed to do it, but he just couldn't hold it back. For his surprise Ryo didn't remove from his touch.

I feel like I disappoint everyone.” Ryo rubbed away some tears and looked at the other one for the first time. “You didn't … No one is angry, disappointed or mad with you. And of course you didn't fail, Ryo.”

How did you manage this? To tell anyone about that decision and not going insane with it?”

I think I really had to tell anyone, no matter what. It was the way I chose, and I think I did right with it, but the only thing I'd change is that I'd tell you first. I was an idiot, because I didn't tell the person I love most about it.” Uchi answered.

Ryo blinked at that and rested his head on Uchi's shoulder. He just needed someone to take care about him right now. “So you think I didn't fail? And I am not a loser?”

Of course not, what do you think of me?” Uchi answered and tousled gently through the other hair.

Ryo, I am sorry that we drifted apart and that it end like this. I really didn't want this. Do you think our ways can become one way again?”

Ryo looked at the other one and smiled slightly. “Can you take care of me for the next weeks?” Ryo asked and bit on his lips. Uchi smiled at him and placed a short kiss on his lips before he took the other one's hand in his.

Of course”

I think I'll need a lot of encouragement, maybe then I don't think I am a loser anymore.” Ryo smiled sadly, and even though it sounded funny, Uchi knew that it really bothered Ryo and it wasn't only a joke for him.

Look, the sunset.” He pointed at the horizon. Ryo smiled and nodded at him before he rested his head on Uchi's shoulder.

Uchi looked at their crossed hands and smiled slightly. “Finally two ways will become one again – step by step.”

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