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The truth in his eyes - Chapter 1: You lie to me

The truth in his eyes - Chapter 1: You lie to me

Title: The truth in his eyes - Chapter 1: You lie to me
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki
Mini series in 3 Chapters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Ryo visits Uchi at home, but he isn't able to tell him about leaving News. Uchi knows that something is wrong and tries to talk to the other one, but they drifted apart during the last years and he doesn't know if there is the chance to talk to Ryo.
Note 2: The whole situation is based onlilly0's one shot "sleeping in a cold river"   The start of this story is one part from her one shot.
Note 3: Dedicated to lilly0  - our little "drawing lots" competition brought you RyoUchi - Real life and angst. ^^ Hope you like it

The feeling that you failed. That no matter what you decide someone will be disappointed” Uchi mumbled. “You don’t understand that. You never had such a difficult decision to make.”

Ryo stayed quiet for a moment, then he placed his cup back on the table, standing up. “Yeah…” he mumbled, more to himself than Uchi
He left. Without even looking at Uchi once more. Five minutes later Uchi realized that he had forgotten his jacket, but he couldn’t bring himself to run after Ryo.

Uchi turned around and stared into the dark of his apartment. What was that … It wasn't the Ryo he knew, he was so different than usually. Uchi closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He tried to figure out what happened right before, but he couldn't imagine why Ryo visited him out of sudden, and then he disappeared that quickly again. He shook his head and tried to forget about the other one, maybe he interpreted something into it, which didn't have any kind of meaning.

On the next day Uchi saw Ryo sitting on a bench next to the agency. “Ryo, what are you doing here?” Uchi asked and walked up to the other one. Even though they had some problems during the last time, Uchi really cared about the other one.

Everything is perfect”, Ryo said without looking at the other one. Uchi smiled, because Ryo was always bad at lying, and he remembered the days before they got together and danced around each other, and the moment Ryo was finally confessing at him, even though he lied.


Hey, Ryo, here am I.” Uchi smiled brightly and waved his hand to signalize the other one where he sat. He waited for Ryo in their favorite bar where they wanted to meet up. Since two weeks Uchi had the feeling that something was different between them, and he hoped it was what he imagined, but Ryo was always insecure and shy about telling others about his feelings.

Hiro-chan, you chose the last table in the last corner of the bar.” Ryo grinned and sat down towards the other. His heart beat faster when he looked into Uchi's dark and warm eyes, but he couldn't confess his feelings, no matter how hard he tried, he didn't manage it to tell him about it.

It's my favorite place when I am alone here, so I thought it's nice. We are a bit outside the crowd, and it's the perfect place to talk, because no one is really listening to us.” Uchi laughed and saw the sparkling in Ryo's eyes. He already guessed that Ryo had deeper feelings for him, or maybe he just hoped it, but his eyes and his behavior let Uchi hope that there was more between them. Uchi could have made the first step, but somehow he wanted Ryo to come out of his snail shell.

What do you think about a trip to my parent's house on weekend?” Uchi smiled brightly and saw Ryo blinking in utter surprise. “You mean a kind of holiday together? Ano, yes why not.”

Uchi grinned at the other one and felt some joyful jumps in his belly, when he saw Ryo's bright smile. “So we'd drive tomorrow till Sunday, and don't forget your bath suit.” Ryo nodded and promised to bring along some food and self made cookies.

Uchi bounced up and down in front of his apartment when he waited for the other to pick him up. He waved his hand when he saw Ryo's car coming along the street and stopped right in front of him.

Hey, Hiro. Are you ready for our trip?” Ryo laughed waited till the other put anything into the car.

Uchi sat into the car and closed the door. “Sure, do you have the cookies? They are the most important thing.”

Of course, and I made some fresh ones right before, so I think we'll have enough for the weekend.”

Uchi smiled at the other one and breathed in deeply. He always wanted to go on holiday with Ryo, and maybe now it was the time to confess his love. He hoped Ryo could make the step and maybe they'd get their chance to get together.

After unpacking all the things Ryo carried the bag with food and the blanket to the dock next to the sea where they wanted to make their picnic. “It's really beautiful here. And the sunset right above the horizon is so beautiful, I really love this view.” Uchi stretched a bit and heard Ryo laughing next to him.

You are such a romantic guy, Hiro.” Ryo stopped and bit on his lips when he felt Uchi's eyes resting on him.

Ryo-chan, do you like me?” Ryo winced at that and didn't dare to turn to the other one. Of course he liked Uchi, he liked him more than anyone else, and only because of his damn shyness he wasn't able to tell the other one about it, so he kept quiet. “Sure, you are my best friend.”

No, Ryo, I want to know if you really like me … you know, like Yoko likes Sho.” Uchi tried again to explain what he meant, and he even if he was quite sure about Ryo's feelings, there was still a little doubt in him.

You mean if I love you? Hiro, we are friends....” Uchi looked at Ryo, who had his head turned to him a bit, and he could see that Ryo was lying. It was the typical expression Ryo had, and Uchi knew him long and well enough, so he immediately knew that this wasn't the truth.

Ryo's eyes were sparkling and his cheeks were slightly red. He bit on his lips nervously and his hands were rubbing up and down on his jeans. “You lie to me?” Uchi grinned and saw the other blushing at these words.

Hiro … I don't want to ruin our friendship with making this step.” Ryo could see that Uchi didn't dare about it, and before he could say anything else, he felt Uchi's lips on his. “Nothing can ruin it.” Uchi said after the kiss and smiled at Ryo, who closed his eyes and took Uchi's hand in his.

Promise me that.” Ryo whispered and saw Uchi nodding at him, before he leaned against Ryo's shoulder.

Of course, we will always be friends, Ryo. No matter what happens between us. No one can bring us apart.”

And you are a bad liar.” Uchi laughed when he saw Ryo pricking out his tongue, but finally laughed with him.

Really, everything is fine.” Ryo stood up and left Uchi behind, who smiled sadly at him and looked down on the ground when Ryo was gone.

We promised to stay friends and what happened? We didn't talk to each other, and it's worse, because we hardly look at each other. What the hell happened between us? We drifted apart without hating each other, we didn't fight with each other. So what happened? Is it only because I didn't want to return to Kanjani? Ryo, I had to go my own way, and I had to choose, but I think you don't understand how hard this decision was. I really hoped I wouldn't have lost you because of that, but I think it was the reason, was it? Maybe we can talk to each other some day, I really want to explain my whole situation to you, and maybe you finally understand why I went this way. I really hope you understand it, because I still like you, no, I still love you Ryo-chan.” Uchi whispered at himself and some small tear drops were falling on the ground. He wished he'd be able to tell the other one exactly these words, but he couldn't find the courage to do it.

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