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1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 6: Love start *FINAL*

1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 6: Love start *FINAL*

1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 6: Love start *FINAL*
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Short multi in 6 chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: 1582 - Kame, the son of a rich family, and Jin, who works for Kame's father, are a couple, but they have to hide it from everyone. Till today everything worked out, till the disaster starts and their love got tested. Will they stay together, or will their way separate forever?!

Ren walked out of the forest. Her clothes were covered with blood, and some small wounds were all over her face. She cried hard and stumbled backwards to her lodging. Her brother was already waiting for her and he called for the doctor when he saw her wounds.

“Where is Kamenashi-san?” he asked softly and heard her sobbing loudly. “He fought for me, and he gave his life for my sake.”

They drove back to their town and visited the Kamenashi manor to deliver the sad news. Kame’s father and mother couldn’t believe what Ren and her family told them, but it was the sad reality. Ren’s wounds and scars showed it, and there was no doubt about the story she told them.

In the evening she sneaked out of the house and ran down the street where a slender figure waited for her – her real love. “Everything went great, maybe we will be allowed to marry soon, because my family feels sorry for what happened to me.”, she smiled brightly and hugged him tightly.

“Oh gosh, I was so scared, but I am so glad that everything went well. And Kame?” He stroked above her face and kissed her slightly.

“Don’t worry about him, I managed everything and no one will find him.” they went down the street and hid on their favorite place to spend some hours together.


Jin ran up and down in town and didn’t know why. Maybe he hoped to find Kame somewhere again, but it was senseless, he was dead. But maybe it was a plan he had and he was still alive. He told Jin to trust him, and Jin did it, but this was too strange to believe in it.

His fiancé came home covered with blood and wounds in her face, it couldn’t be a plan they had. He was totally lost in his thoughts when he found himself on the clearing where he met Kame the day before.

He walked up to the bench and bent down when he saw a small piece of leather lying there. It was definitely Kame’s bracelet, Jin would have recognized it under thousands, because he made it for him.

“When you got killed in the woods down there, why is this ribbon here”, he whispered and heard some footsteps behind him. He jumped to the side and hid behind the tree when he saw a slender figure under a big coat and hood walking up and down there. It seemed the guy searched for something, but soon he walked back and stumbled down the way till he reached the river.

Jin was too curious to let this stranger go and followed him all the way down there. He hid behind the trees and stopped when the man stopped, and soon they reached an old, left house where no one seemed to live in. The guy turned around to look if someone was behind him and stepped in when he felt save.

Jin sneaked around the house and saw a small window from which he could see the whole inner room. The guy opened his coat and Jin’s eyes grew wider when he recognized Kame in there. He walked around and knocked on the door once before he called out Kame’s name. It didn’t take long till Kame opened the door and let the other one slipping in.

“Jin, why are you here?” Kame walked behind him and stumbled backwards when he saw Jin turning around and slapping him hard into his face. Kame fell back on the floor and rubbed above his cheek, when he looked up at the other one.

Jin had some tears in his eyes and knelt down before he pulled on Kame’s arms to hug him for the first time since one year. “You scared me to death. I thought you are dead, Kazu. I thought you left me forever.”

“I told you to trust me”, Kame whined and felt some tears coming up in him. He buried his head in Jin’s chest and for the first time since their separation he felt happy and comfortable again.

“But you could have told me that you are going to fake your own death. I thought I lost you again, without any hope to see you anymore”, Jin sobbed a little bit and Kame realized how worried and down the other one had to be during this day.

“I am sorry Jin, I didn’t want to make it like this, but Ren helped me a lot with this. And this is the only way they won’t search for me, but for the robbers who killed me. I am free now, I only have to leave this place and start new”, Kame bit on his lips, because he was afraid of asking Jin the question which was heavy on his mind.

“I will follow you everywhere you want to. And I won’t leave you again.” Jin stroked softly above Kame’s cheek and kissed him gently. The feeling in his body was like being recovered from an incurable sickness and it was like a second life he got in this moment. And for Kame it was the feeling of being free, of having the chance to do what he wanted to do.

On the next day Kame woke up early and he felt the other one’s hand closely around his waist and he snuggled up to him and enjoyed the warm skin touching his face. He longed for Jin’s touches and kisses and the last night he got everything he desired so much.

He closed his eyes and remembered Jin’s lips on his, his hands caressing his body searching for his warmth and body. Jin moved slowly in him, and it was like a firework when he felt the other one so close to him. They had sex during their relationship, but they always had to be careful of being caught, and in this night they didn’t care about anything, and they totally got lost in their feelings and longing.

Kame smiled when he remembered the feeling of explosions in his body, when Jin moved faster, and he still felt Jin’s kisses on his body like electronic impulses on his skin.

“Hey”, Jin smiled slightly and bit playfully into Kame’s nose.

“Ouch, stop”, Kame laughed and opened his eyes to see the gentle and dark eyes of his lover resting on him.

Jin bent down and kissed him passionately and it was like the first time they kissed two years ago. Jin remembered the day like it was yesterday. Kame walked up to him into the barn he lived in, and Jin could see his nervousness. He had a crush on his lord’s son since months, but he’d never said anything to him about it, till the day Kame confessed his love and Jin got lost in his feeling from the first time their lips met.

“I think my new lord will help us. He is really caring and nice”, Jin said some time later when they were on the way to Jin’s home. Kame was again under his coat, because they didn’t want to take the risk of being seen by someone.

“My brother lives on the other side of the country. It’s a long journey, but if you want to be far away, you can visit him. I will write him about your journey, and I think it’s no problem if you stay there till you find a work and you can start a new life there.” The lord was always caring about Jin, because he was like the son he never had, and he really wanted the best for him and Kame, and Jin trusted him that he wouldn’t betray them.

Kame and Jin spent a last night in Jin’s home before they’d go on their journey into their new life – and this time together and with no fear anymore.

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