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1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 5: Love trip

1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 5: Love trip

Title: 1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 5: Love trip
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Short multi in 6 chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: 1582 - Kame, the son of a rich family, and Jin, who works for Kame's father, are a couple, but they have to hide it from everyone. Till today everything worked out, till the disaster starts and their love got tested. Will they stay together, or will their way separate forever?!

Kame left his parent’s house with a smile on his face and his happiness grew when he and Ren reached the guest house where they’d stay with Ren’s brother and his wife. Luckily they’d give them enough time together, so they could walk around and look for any traces of Jin.

Kame knew it was difficult to find the other one, but he wanted to try it. Apparently he had no idea where to start, but Ren seemed to be a genius in planning such things. “We will go for a walk today, and maybe we can find something out in town. Guys are talking about various things, and maybe someone knows his name, or knows where he is.”, Kame couldn’t believe how optimistic she could be, but it caught him and soon he really believed that they’d find him somewhere here around.

The first day ended disappointing because no one seemed to know anything about him. Kame wasn’t wondering about it at all, because Jin had to hide from his family, and he’d do anything not to be named somewhere around here. He sighed deeply and walked around in the garden next to their lodging.

“We will find him, I promise this to you”, Kame heard the voice from behind and again he was surprised about her behavior and about her believe in destiny and fate. She told him some time ago that she knew that Kame and Jin were made for each other, same with her and her guy. And she believed in the fate that she met Kame, who was heart less, like she was, because she gave it already to someone else.

Kame followed her and got lost in his thoughts. During the meal he almost stayed quiet and the only thing which was resounding in his head was Jin’s voice. He knew he hurt him when he told him that he didn’t love him, but there was no other way. He longed for the other one, longed for Jin’s touches and his kisses, his warmth and his strength which let Kame feel loved and comfortable.

“I am sorry, I am going for a short walk. I think I ate too much, I will be back in half an hour”, Kame said and stood up when they were done with dinner. Luckily the others didn’t even recognize what was going on with him, except Ren, but she really understood it and smiled sadly.


Jin walked down the market and carried the bags for his lord. It was a rare thing that he went with him to do the shopping for the week, but this week he needed him, because they’d get some visitors and so they needed much more things for this special evening.

Jin was nearly healthy again and he really wanted to stand up and work, because he was sick of lying in his bed and thinking of Kame and his planned marriage. They walked down the street when Jin suddenly stopped and saw a shadow on the other side. He didn’t have to see the whole person, because he immediately knew who it was.

“Ano, can I go to the shop there for some minutes?” he asked his lord, who blinked at him, but allowed it.

Jin ran across the street and felt his heart hammering against his chest. On a clearing he saw a slender figure sitting on a bench. He looked around, but no one was around him, so he stepped closer.


Kame walked up the street and shook his head. No matter where he looked at, no matter how deep he breathed in, anywhere was Jin around him.  He walked to the clearing he knew from their last walk and sat down on the bench. He could smell Jin’s scent and shook his head to get it out of his mind, till he finally heard a well known voice behind him and jumped up in utter surprise.

“Jin”, he croaked and stared in disbelieve at the other one. Jin felt a terrible pain in his chest and he wanted to ask Kame about everything, about the marriage, about coming with him, about staying together, but he couldn’t say anything and just stared at him.

Kame on the other side was shocked and leaned against the bench next to him. His legs were like jelly and couldn’t think properly in this moment. He never counted with the other one, even though he was here to search for him.

“Kazu, what are you doing here?” after staring at each other Jin finally asked and stepped a bit closer to the other one. “I am on a trip” Kame blinked and felt his cheeks got red when the other one was much closer to him and he could see Jin’s tired and exhausted eyes.

“You look tired and somehow sick, Jin” Kame raised his hand and brushed softly above his face, but Jin pushed it away.

“You told me that you do not love me, was that the truth?”

Kame blinked and put his hands in his pockets. Of course it wasn’t, but he couldn’t tell the other one the truth, actually not now. He needed some time till he and Ren made up their plan, and then he could think about a relationship with Jin.

“Please don’t await an answer. You already know it, and I will leave now, I have to go to my fiancé.” Kame saw something breaking in Jin’s eyes when he finished this sentence and smiled sadly. He didn’t want to hurt the other one, but he also didn’t want to bring him into danger.

“Jin, can you do a favor?!” Kame stepped closer again and for his surprise Jin didn’t move back.


“Trust me”

Jin felt the other one’s lips on his and in the moment he wanted to pull the other one closer he was already gone.

Jin stood there and didn’t move for nearly an hour. Kame’s words were still resounding in his head and he felt the small wound in his heart healed a bit. Did that mean that Kame wasn’t in love with his fiancé? Had he still a chance? Was everything for his sake? And then he recognized the real meaning of Kame’s words.

Kame never wanted to leave him, he just was afraid that something could happen to him. Jin smiled and rubbed above his face before he left to search for his lord.

“You are in a good mood, Akanishi”, the lord said and paid before they left the restaurant and went home with their bags.

“I really feel good today, I think I become totally health now.” Jin bit on his lips and hoped that Kame would do something soon, so that there was a reason to trust in him.

The next day Jin’s world broke down again. Everything from the day before was forgotten when he heard the news in town.

“Really?” one man stood in the middle of the market, his eyes wide open.

“Yes, she came home yesterday and her clothes were full of blood. She cried without stopping and told her brother that Kamenashi-san saved her life with giving his. He rescued her and died in a fight with some robbers.”

Jin felt the tears in his eyes rising up and ran back into the barn, where he always found some rest. Kame was dead – and he’d never get the chance to see him again.

A/N: Sorry for the cliffy ^^ I know I am mean ^^
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