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Dark water (Prologue)

Title: Dark water - Prologue
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki
Multi Chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, crime, drama 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: A serial killer walks around and kidnaps children - every 17th of a month a child was found drowned in pipes. Special Agent Takizawa tries everything to get him, but till now it was impossible, so he gets a new partner: Agent Nishikido, who is a genius in computer and technique, and maybe together they are able to catch the culprit. But then comes the day when Takki starts to run against his biggest fear, and his world starts to break down....
Note 2: The story is dedicated and somehow requested by lilly0, but she has no idea what it is about. She had to choose between numbers and letters, and each was a pairing and setting, and so 2-B-white is Tackey/Ryo, AU and crime. ^^ And thanks for choosing a title to sweetspicyhot 
Note 3: I made a banner for this story, I will post it in every chapter ^_^

The rain was pouring outside when he carried the body back to the pipe where the water was running down. He looked at the small closed eyes, the perfect white and Barbie-like face and he  smiled evilly when he placed it right there, and saw the body drowning slowly in the deep dark water. Step by step it disappeared in the darkness, like the water was swallowing her into a black hole, till nothing could be seen anymore and only the noise of the rain and the water was around him.
He looked up at the sky and felt the drops touching his skin. He enjoyed the rain more than anything else, it took away the pain he felt during days and nights. He stood up and cleaned the traces around the place before he walked back to his car, which he had parked far away from this place.
He knew it would only take less time till the police would find the corpse in there, and he tried to imagine the shocked faces. Everything for her … he was thinking in the moment he etherized the girl and carried her to the place where she'd going to die – the pipe.
I will be able to get you, I will break you in thousand pieces, Takizawa Hideaki … He murmured and drove away back to his apartment to plan anything for the next step he had to do.
He crossed the police departure and saw a black haired man walking into it. Nishikido...he thought and smiled evilly. Luckily he knew the structure of the police system and he knew most of the guys there, so he was perfectly informed that Nishikido was going to help Takizawa in this case. What a pity that you'll never get me... the smirked and made a picture of the guy before he drove around the corner and parked in his parking lot.
His apartment was dark and the dust was hanging in the air, but he didn't care about. His life stopped some years ago, and he could only think about his plan. It was the thing which bothered him day and night, and he finally started with it when everything was planned. He remembered how excited he was when he did it the first time, and now everything turned into routine.
But the next thing was the most important step, and this was the thing he wanted from the beginning of all the plans. He sat down at the table and took the small paper in his hands. He looked at the short note and started to fold it into a little figure.
First step down...the next follows soon....he laughed loudly and his eyes started to sparkle when he realized that his biggest desire would come true in a few days. He will suffer and I will let him suffering....

A/N: the prologue is really short, but I really wanted to post it.... ^^
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