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The waves call your fate - Chapter 5: High waves of happiness (FINAL)

The waves call your fate  - Chapter 5: High waves of happiness (FINAL)

Title: The waves call your fate  - Chapter 5: High waves of happiness (FINAL)
Mini series in 5 chapter (+ Prologue)
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: romance, AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Jin and Ryo are stepbrothers and they don't like each other from the first day they meet each other. Everything begins to change when they have to make a summer holiday trip with their parents. But what if one falls in love with another guest? What if one of them recognizes feelings for his brother - Is everything too late then? 
Note 2: Written for the [info]ryoxjin  welcome challenge! (Sorry, it's no one shot, but a short multi chapter...I didn't want to hurry with my idea for this story, so I parted it in some chapters. :)))

I don't know why I told you about it right now“, Ryo lied and leaned back on the back rest.

Look at me”, Jin answered and raised the other one's head to face him. “Are you insecure and afraid of a relationship?” he asked directly and knew immediately that he got the point. Ryo winced like Jin caught him and looked down on the blanket.

Okay, Ryo, just tell me, do you love me more like you love a brother?” Ryo didn't answer and still just looked down on his arms. Jin smiled slightly and lied his head into the other one's lap. Ryo winced because of the sudden appearance of Jin's eyes right in front of his'. “So, now I can see your eyes”, Jin said and looked up at his brother. Ryo looked away and blushed, but he knew he wouldn't come out of this situation that easily. He had to face Jin, and he had to be honest with his feelings, even though he was afraid what would happen.

Jin didn't say anything further and just made it comfortable for himself in the other one's lap. “What are you doing, Jin?”, Ryo whined after a while and wanted to move, but Jin didn't think of making any step away from his place. “I am lying here, because I need some comfort, and that's really comfortable.” Ryo rolled his eyes and for just some minutes the death of Jin's father disappeared somewhere far away.

Jin coiled up and rubbed his head on Ryo's leg. “You should increase weight, your leg is really hard”, he joked and looked at his brother, who pricked out his tongue. “Jin, I am really afraid”, Ryo bit on his lips and saw Jin smiling at him, before he felt the other one pulling on his shirt. Ryo leaned down and closed his eyes when Jin's face was only some millimeters away from his own.

He waited and felt a short touch of Jin's lips on his own. He thought of a deeper kiss and opened his eyes to look at his brother. Jin smiled at him and sat up before he pulled him closer again caressed Ryo's lips with his.

Both felt a joyful and indescribable feeling in them and stared at each other after they dissolved from it. “You know it's not easy, because we are brothers – only stepbrothers, but somehow brothers?”, Jin said softly and saw Ryo nodding at him. That was the only thing he wanted to know, he knew that anything else wouldn't be a big problem after all. “I only need time, and please take me as I am, insecure, stubborn and sometimes a bit stupid”, Ryo said after a while and saw Jin smiling at him. “That are the things I love most”, he answered and kissed his shrimp again.

On the next day they went downstairs and Jin saw his mother standing at the reception, waving her hands. “She talks with a doctor in Osaka.”, Jin's stepfather said and smiled at Jin. “They gave her a wrong information, it wasn't your father who died in the accident, and it was also not his fault. He got into a car crash and broke his leg and arm, but he seems to be alright.” Jin couldn't believe it and just stared at his stepfather in disbelieve.

Ryo pulled on Jin's arm and smiled brightly at him. “That means everything is alright?” Ryo said and saw his father nodding shortly. Jin's feelings were spinning around and he couldn't believe all the things which happened right in this moment. He just sat down in the lobby and needed to calm down a little bit. “Everything is alright now”, Ryo sat next to him and gave him some water.

Yes, it seems so. Everything is just too perfect right in this moment.” Jin shook his head and looked up at his brother. He saw Ryo's love reflecting from his eyes and stroked softly above his cheeks, when no one looked at them.

How about surfing today? I will show you a special place of mine”, Ryo suggested and saw Jin nodding at him.

And that's the bay I love most around here. It's so calm and no one comes here. It's like a secret place, where I can think about anything or hide from my brother”, he laughed and saw Jin walking up to him and pulling down into the sand. “Hey, what was that for”, Ryo protested and tried to push Jin down from him.

It's because you want to hide from me, but now we are hiding together.”, Jin answered and looked at the other one before he bent down and kissed him softly. Ryo put his hands around Jin's neck and pulled him closer to feel every inch of Jin's body touching his.

Ryo, if I do anything wrong, or you feel bad, please tell me, okay?”, Jin said after a while when they were lying in the sand, their hands crossed and Ryo's head was lying on Jin's chest.

I promise, Jinjin.”, Ryo said slowly and closed his eyes to feel the love rising up in his body and the heat because of the excitement about something new let his belly bounce in joy. “Hey, and don't leave me, never, okay?!”, Ryo pouted and saw Jin grinning at him. “You are my brother, I can't leave leave, can't I.”

And I don't want to do it”, he added and sank into the other one's dark eyes before he felt Ryo's lips searching his' for another time on this afternoon.

Epilogue 1

You have to keep the balance”, Ryo screamed and stood on his board. He looked behind and saw Jin's board in the water – but without Jin.

He looked around and got nervous when he felt someone pulling on his board. He lost his balance and fell into the water where he felt someone grasping his waist. He didn't yell anymore, because he knew this touch on his body. “Hey, that's not fair, fat ass”, Ryo whined but had to smile when he saw Jin's pouting face and his wet hair in his face.

It is, because when you stand on the board, I can't kiss you, right?”, he laughed and placed a soft kiss on Ryo's lips before he dived away from him to get his board.

Epilogue 2

Jin is in love”, Ryo said during dinner and saw Jin blushing next to him.

“That's great, son. Who is it?”, his mother asked and saw Jin glancing at his brother.

No one, but Ryo is in love too”, he answered and saw the question in his stepfather's eyes.

They didn't know if their parents knew about their relationship, but they never said anything to them or did anything to keep them apart from each other. Ryo and Jin knew that the day would come when they had to admit everything, but for now they just wanted to enjoy their time together.

Epilogue 3

Jin nibbled softly on Ryo's neck and stroked above his still wet upper body. They were lying in their secret bay and spent another afternoon there. Ryo moaned shortly when he felt Jin's hand wandering down his body.

Jin, we can't do it here. We don't have anything here.” Ryo stopped Jin's hand and smiled lovingly at him.

Jin grinned back and pointed at a small bag next to their boards. “I brought anything along”. He jumped up and took the lube and the condoms out of the bag before he ran back to Ryo, who just rolled his eyes, but giggled because of Jin's great ideas.

He pulled Jin down into a heated kiss and wrapped his legs around the other one's legs. “Try to get me now”, he laughed and saw Jin's evil smirk resting on him. “I am called fat ass, Shrimp! I can escape from every situation, and I will get you”, he answered and pressed the other one back on the sand before he started to kiss him everywhere on his body.

A/N: So, that's it...the multi is over ^^ I really loved writing it, and there will definitely more RyoJin from my side :))

Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE
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