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Drawn silence - Chapter 18: Silent birthday

Drawn silence - Chapter 18: Silent birthday

Title: Drawn silence - Chapter 18: Silent birthday
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa; Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya [Brothers]
Rating: PG-13
Multi Chapter in 26 Chapters
Genre: AU, romance, angst, drama,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamapi is new in town and he searches for new friends. Luckily he meets Ryo, Jin and Jin's brother Kazuya and starts to hang out with them. Everything would be perfect - even his growing feelings towards Kazuya, but the fact that Kazuya isn't able to speak makes everything more complicated. Kazuya isn't able to communicate with anyone, and no one knows why.
Note 2: This chapter is especially for sweetspicyhot and romapi. :D

„And you really think that’s the one?“, Jin asked. Pi looked at the various notepads and pencils in front of him and sighed. Kazuya’s birthday was in three days and they needed a present for him, but unluckily they didn’t know exactly what Kazuya wanted to have. Jin knew his brother, but all the things he bought him during year weren’t special at all.

“You are together since three months with him, tell me what he wants?”, Jin whined and looked at the other one. Some things changed during the last weeks. Kazuya was able to show more and more emotions, but there were times when he only sat there and stared into nothing. No one was able to reach him there, not even Pi. Jin accepted the fact that there was a second person, who was important for his brother, but he also got to know that he was a main point in Kazuya’s life, and during the last time he managed it to show Jin about this more often. The four of them became more and more like a unit and the friendship grew bigger.

“Hey, I have no idea, he didn’t tell me what he wants to have”, Pi laughed and saw Jin grinning at him. Somehow they managed it handle Kazuya’s problem with more humor. At least because Kazuya came back to normal life step by step. But all in all Pi was still very careful when he was alone with him, and he did as he said it from the beginning on: he wouldn’t make any quick steps or rushing forward in their relationship.

They walked out of the shop and Pi pushed on Jin’s arm when he saw a big advertisement on the other side of the street. “An exhibition”, Pi said and pointed at the poster. “Painters of the last two centuries”, Jin added and looked at the other one. “Do you think Kazuya want to see this?”, Pi asked and bit on his lips when he had an idea. “Listen, Jin. I will go with him to this exhibition and meanwhile you can prepare everything for the little party we planned”, Pi suggested.

“That’s a great idea. And luckily I don’t have to join, because you will go there”, Jin laughed and saw Pi pouting next to him. He wasn’t interested in this exhibition at all, but with Kazuya he’d go everywhere. “Let’s drive back home. I think the others are already waiting for us.”, Jin said and opened the car.

“You are back”, Ryo smiled when he heard the door got open. His relationship with Jin became more relaxed since Pi stepped into their life. Jin was able to concentrate on other things than his brother, because he knew that there was someone else who took care about him. And Pi got more and more used into the complicated situation he was in.

Pi and Jin walked up to the kitchen and looked around. “Where is he?!”, Pi whispered and saw Ryo pointing upstairs. “Great, listen Ryo, we have an idea for Kazuya’s birthday”, Pi started and explained their plan.

“Sounds great, and what did you buy for him?!”, Ryo asked when the others were done.

“Nothing till now – we didn’t find anything”, Jin sighed deeply.

“There are only three days left, maybe you should hurry up a bit”, Ryo said and rolled his eyes.

“I go and try to find out something”, Pi said and walked upstairs to Kazuya’s room. In the last three months he started to feel like this was his home. Even though he and the other didn’t sleep with each other till now, he was often there over night. His mother and stepfather were traveling a lot since his mother retired two months ago, and his stepfather was already in pension since one year.

Pi knocked on the door and waited till Kazuya opened it. “Hey”, Pi said softly and saw the other one smiling at him. He grasped Pi’s hand and pushed him into the room to show him his newest drawings. Pi looked at the nightstand and it was like a blizzard hitting him. A magazine was lying there and on the front page Pi could see the announcement for the new study program. It was a drawing course, which was chargeable. Pi remembered that Kazuya was interested in this course, but he didn’t have the money to buy it. But all three of them together could manage it to donate him this course. Pi took out his mobile and sent Ryo and Jin a message. He knew they were in the same house, but it was easier to talk about Kazuya’s birthday present without talking to each other.

Kazuya knelt on the ground and sorted the drawings he made during the last time. “That’s my favorite one”, Pi took the paper into his hands and looked at the small drawn lines on it. Ryo and Jin were smiling brightly at him and Pi and Kazuya were sitting next to them, Kazuya’s head on Pi’s shoulder and Pi was smiling at him.

Kazuya nodded and took the paper out of Pi’s hands. It was definitely one of his favorites too. But every picture with him and Pi let his heart made some happy jumps. He rested his head on Pi’s shoulder and closed his eyes to smell the other one’s scent.
“Great idea”, Jin whispered when they were done with dinner and made the dishes. Pi nodded and smiled at the other one. “I will go and manage everything so he can join this class.”, Pi whispered back and saw Ryo and Kazuya sitting on the terrace, enjoying the last sunlight of this day.

“Are you going to sleep here?”, Jin asked when they cut the fruit for the dessert.

“Yes, I think I will, when Kazuya gives his okay, of course”, Pi smiled and saw his boyfriend nodding energetically. He grinned and placed a soft kiss on Kazuya’s lips before he continued cutting the melon.

They went to bed late at night and Kazuya was still lying in his bed when Pi entered the room. “You always need the whole place for you”, Pi smiled brightly and tried to find some place in the bed. He felt Kazuya robbing closer, his hands were wandering above Pi’s upper body and he kissed him passionately. Pi felt Kazuya’s hands wandering down on his body, where he stopped him.

“Stop it”, he said softly. “You aren’t ready for it, aren’t you?”, Pi added and stroked above Kazuya’s head. The other one shook his head and looked on the ground.

“Kazu, I said it many times, we don’t have to hurry. I feel that you aren’t ready to make this step, and I won’t go along till I am sure that you really want this.”, Pi hugged the other one tightly and pushed him down on his body. Of course he wanted to feel his boyfriend and he also wanted to sleep with him, but he wouldn’t make any step for which Kazuya wasn’t ready. Their relationship scared Pi sometimes, because it seemed he totally knew what the other one wanted or didn’t want to make. It was like a transparent ribbon connected them.
He saw Kazuya snoozing away on his chest and he closed his eyes to find some sleep too.

“Boy, stand up and come here”, the voice said.

The boy made some steps and stood next to three dark men. He saw his parents kneeling on the ground, their scared faces looking up at him and the men.

“Choose”, another man said and held the gun in front of the boy’s face.

“All of you, or only them if you do it”, an evil laugh resounded in the house and when the boy started to cry.

“Do it, Kazuya, just do it and save you and your brother”, the mother whined and tried to be strong for her son.

 Kazuya woke up in the middle of the night, his breathe was fast and he grasped for air. He sat up and wiped away the sweat in his face, when he felt a soft touch on his back. “Nightmare?”, Pi yawned shortly and looked at the other one. It wasn’t the first (or second) time his boyfriend woke up, totally scared and in fear. No one knew why he had this nightmares, and what they were about, but it had to concern to his silence. Kazuya turned around and looked at Pi lying there, stroking his back.

Some tears came up in him and he lied down, grasping for Pi’s hand to find some safety. Pi let him robbing into his arms and hugged him tightly. He really wanted to know what was bothering Kazuya, but he saw no chance to get to know it. So he did the only thing he was able to do, he was there when the other one needed him, especially during nights.

A/N: So I am back with PiKame today. ^^ I wanted to post yesterday, but I came home too late in the evening. This chapter is dedicated to sweetspicyhot, because the day yesterday was great, really. I sooo enjoyed the talk and everything. And thanks sooo much again for my b-day present, I really love anything of it. :D

And it's dedicated to romapi, because you really wanted the update. XDDD

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