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About the NewS news....

Dear friends and fellows!

Because of all the happenings yesterday concerning NEWS I decided to make a statement on my journal, because I am really interested in telling you my opinion about it, and I don't want to just ignore it.
First of all I have to admit that I counted with this since weeks. The fact that NewS hadn't even released a single during the last months, and their work was not really visible at all let me think about that almost every day. So I am not surprised that Yamapi and Ryo are leaving the group.
Yesterday I thought about the history of NewS, and there is one point I do not understand, but I think no one can give me the answer to it: Why did Johnny disband 4Tops? And why did he make a group out of people who were totally different and didn't even know each other?! It worked out for NewS till now, but I think it was only a matter of time till this happened....and I think especially Pi wanted something totally different from the beginning on. And Ryo fits, but his music style is more Kanjani8 like and not NewS (that's my opinion, and I don't want to say that he wasn't a important and good part for NewS, because of course he was...)
I really, really like NewS and their work, but I think it's not a big secret that I am more into Kanjani8 than NewS, so I am selfish and say that I am glad that Ryo is still in Kanjani8 (even though I wished he'd be in both groups. So please don't see this as a “I want him only in Kanjani8, because it's the one and only....”) For me Ryo was always a member of both bands, and I enjoyed him in both, so I didn't like him more in K8 or in NewS, because Ryo was and is always Ryo for me.
I think he really made the correct decision to leave NewS, because everyone knows Ryo is a perfectionist, he always gives his best, and I think he hardly had any free time during the last 8 years, so it's understandable that he wants to concentrate on one/two thing(s) from now on. And I am glad he did, because when I think back in time, there were so many months were I thought that he'd going to faint on stage, and he looked that sick and thin, and everything because he was overworked. Two bands, photo shootings, drama and so on was too much, even for him. (I don't want to imagine what would happen to me when I'd have his life, honestly I don't want to change for even one day, because I wouldn't stand it.)
I think Ryo thought of this decision every day and night since the last weeks (or maybe months), an I am sure that he didn't make it an easy one for him. Even though it was always no secret that Kanjani8 is like his family, especially because they are the Kansais, I think he really loved the members of NewS, and grew together during the last years, so I think it really wasn't easy for him to make this cut.
I really hope to see a healthier Ryo in future, and even if he maybe doubt on his decision from time to time (I think he thought a lot of it, and I think he didn't make it an easy one, so I think he will always think about this decision) I think he will be happy to have at least some time to make a break, and maybe (or: hopefully) he can start having a life at all.
Yamapi's point of view is much harder to get, I think....I don't think we should bash him for this, because it wasn't a secret that he wants to go on solo. It's his dream, and I really hope it is a big dream, and not only a short altitude fly he has right now. But I thinkblundering to tell the people that he will be the rival of the other 5 from now on, and there was no apologize in his words. And the fact that he swore that NewS will be back was a lie, if he meant it or not, but I think he should have said nothing, it would have been better at all. I don't know, I am not that mad at him, because maybe I already thought that this would happen.

I really hope he can make what he wants now, but I also think it will be hard for him in future. Going on solo isn't that easy in my opinion and as it is with Jin, he has to admit to himself that acting in the Dome will be unrealistic for him in future, and I can't say how he thinks about it … I think he has to know that his popularity won't be the same anymore (like Jin's, but Jin counted with it, because it's the way he wanted to go, no matter what happened).
I just want to make a short break here and make some notes about Jin, because I read so much hate against him: I think it's also no secret that I am a big Jin fan at all (even though Kame is my bias), but I try to be objective. Why the hell is Jin accountable for Pi and Ryo's leave? Maybe Pi admires Jin for his way, but I really don't think that Jin told them what they should do. I really loved one comment I read, where Anon-san wrote that Pi and Ryo aren't a puppet on a string, and they made their decision on their own, so why Jin?
Everyone knows that Jin is a good friend of Pi and Ryo, and I think he talked with them about it, but I don't think he told them what to do. I can imagine that Jin told Pi that he should really think about this, because I think Jin knows how hard it is to be on solo, but for him it's the way he wanted to go., and he counted with this, and I somehow doubt that Pi is aware of it.
I read some comments where guys said that Yamapi is selfish. Yes, he is, but I don't see this as a bad thing, because honestly, who doesn't want to be happy in his job? And it's Pi's job at all....idol or cleaning staff… job is job. And when he feels uncomfortable in the group, and he wants to do something else, and he gets the chance to do it, so what would you do?!
I think everyone lies who says that he/she would stay in the group just because of the group. No one who feels on the wrong place would do this. (and I am not talking about liking the other members, that's not the point here, I only talk about the work he has to make, and it seems solo he is happier than in the group – so he has to try it.)
The only thing I am blaming Pi for are his statements. He really could have said something like “sorry” or “good luck to the others”. But the fact that he wants to do what he longs for, and what he desires is no bad thing in my eyes.
Another fact I stumbled over in the comments was why both of them left at the same time. I think that was the best thing they could have done, because one now and the other one in one year?! I think the fans would have been really pissed off then, more than now. And I think the one who would have left now would have been Pi, and I think Ryo wouldn't have been able to hold the group on his own. Even though I like all NewS members, I think that Pi and Ryo carried the group. They were the faces of NewS, and Ryo alone would have been horrible for him, because he would have had much more work. (Even though NewS wasn't releasing anything now.) So I think it was a “now or never” decision, and I really think it wasn't something which came up in between one day.
I don't know how much they decided on their own, and how the agency was involved in their decision, and I think it doesn't really matter, because I think Pi and Ryo had the chance to change the decision, or to say anything against it.
And another short comparison I read often: Kat-tun and NewS....
I think you can't compare them, their situation is completely different. Jin was always unhappy in Kat-tun, and I think everyone could see this. It was never his dream to be in the group, I think, because the music style wasn't what he wanted to do.
Pi and Ryo weren't unhappy in their bands, not like Jin was. Pi's dream was to go on solo, but I think he also loves NewS, and Ryo is something completely different, I think I don't have to explain this again.
I think it's maybe really harsh to say this now: but Kat-tun has especially Kame, Koki and Ueda after Jin's leave, who are carrying the band in some ways (Sorry for Maru and Junno, but they are in the background in my opinion. But I really want to say: I like them (sorry for saying such words in every “harsher” one I use, but I don't want anyone to believe that I do not like someone, it's just the way I see the positions of the guys, and it doesn't have anything to do that I do not like them).
I really wish the four of them good luck, but I doubt that NewS will exist in this combination for a long time. I can imagine that there will be Tegomassu, who already have a bigger fan-base, but I am really sorry for Koyashige, but I don't see them on stage anymore. I am a bit afraid that the new NewS is just a “calm down” for the fans, so the agency doesn't have to admit that there is no NewS anymore. As far as I know, there was never a band who was allowed to disband. (For example: Ninja still exists, even though they don't do anything anymore....)  So I think there will never be the official break up of NewS, but I am really glad that they said something for the first time. There was a clear statement from all members, and there wasn't only the usual “everything is alright” anymore, and somehow I liked this much more than all the illusions they tried to keep alive, even though every fan still knows that it's over.
And I am glad that it was different from Kat-tun, because they made everyone believe that Jin would come back to the group during tour, and it didn't happen, and I bet they knew this long before. That's betraying on the fans in my opinion.
I think the statements of every of the members shows that they thought long about this decision, and as Shige said: Now it was for real, and it wasn't only talking about, but doing it.
So in the end (after a long text, I am sorry *lol*) I just have to say: I wish all of them good luck, I hope NewS will make it, and the four of them get their chance, I really dance for Ryo, because he'll have more time now, and I hope it's really Pi's dream he is going to live now, and not only a phase....
So, but one thing I want to ask you, my readers:
I am not sure about posting PiKame/RyoJin today, because of all the facts....So please let me know what you think about posting today, I leave the decision to you. :)
I love you all, let's stay fans of all of them, and let's hope it calms down a bit in Johnny's from now on after this stressful year,
have a nice day,


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