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The fog surrounds you (one shot)

The fog surrounds you

Title: The fog surrounds you
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Takizawa Hideaki
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama, angst (a little bit ^^)
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: When Takki tells Ryo that he hates him, he runs away and Tackey is worried to death, because he can't find him. 

Tackey stood there, his breathe was fast and he felt his hand burning like fire after he slapped Ryo. He saw the other one staring at him and before he could think of his own words, he heard himself saying: „I hate you Ryo, I don't want to see you anymore. Go away and leave“. He was infuriated in this moment and saw Ryo's teary eyes on him, before he turned around and ran out of the apartment.
When the door closed Tackey realized what he had done and said right now. He slapped his boyfriend, so that there was a small wound on his lower lip and he lied to him, because he didn't hate him, and of course he didn't want him to go away. But everything was too much on this day, and Ryo didn't make him feeling better when he came home one hour ago.
“I am going, Ryo-chan. And don't forget: You have to stay in bed! You are still sick and I don't want to find you anywhere in the agency, got it?!”, Tackey crossed his arms in front of his body and looked at the coiled up boy in the bed next to him.
“Sure, I got it”, Ryo murmured into his pillow and felt the other one stroking above his head. Ryo felt his heart beat got faster when he waited till the other one was out of the door. He raised his head and looked around. He'd wait some minutes till he'd dress up and leaving for work. He knew that he had to be careful, because if Tackey would get to know about Ryo's journey to the agency he'd get more than angry.
Slowly Ryo walked up to the closet and angled for a shirt and a jeans. He closed his eyes and shook his head shortly when he felt weak again, but he wanted to go to work, no matter what. The tour had to be planned and he didn't want to miss the rehearsals and meetings. He walked out of the room and looked around, just to be sure that Tackey was not around anymore. He breathed in and put on his shoes when he reached the corridor.
He opened the door and looked left and right, but he couldn't see the other one anywhere. He sneaked downstairs, every time aware of seeing Tackey anywhere. He reached the train station and took place in the last row. His breathe was still fast and his heart bumped heavily against his chest. He looked out of the window, ignoring all the people around him.
When he reached Johnny's he looked carefully around. Actually Tackey was on the other side of the city, because he had to manage some things for his new musical, but Ryo couldn't be sure about it – and he wanted to be safe that he wouldn't run into him anywhere around here. He knew Tackey  would be angry, really angry when he'd find out that Ryo was outside even though he was sick.
So he watched out every step he made.
After a long day he walked home and slipped into his bed before Tackey was at home. He heard the door slammed some time later and winced when he heard Tackey's loud and angry voice resounding in the room. “Ryo...” Tackey walked into the sleeping room, a piece of paper in his hands. “Why is there a paper on the door? I waited for a package to arrive today, and you didn't take it?! It was important”. Tackey stepped next to the bed and waited for Ryo's explanation.

“I am sorry, maybe I was asleep. I didn't hear the doorbell.”, Ryo lied and sat up to follow Tackey into the kitchen.
“You weren't at home, Ryo. I saw you in the agency. Why? Tell me why? You are sick and you shouldn't be outside, and you know how urgent this package is?! There are papers for my grandfather's funeral in it, and I really need them. It seems I can't count on you Ryo?!” Tackey's voice got lower and deeper and Ryo just stared on the ground. He remembered that Tackey told him about the package, but he totally forgot about it.

“I am sorry, Tackey”, he only whispered and looked up. “But I had to work today, it was important, and I am not a kid anymore.” he added and immediately knew that these were the wrong words for this situation.
He saw the dark glance in Tackey's eyes and he knew what would follow. “You are sick, Ryo. You have to stay in bed”, he tried to be calm, but he felt the blood rushing through his veins and he knew it was a matter of time till he'd explode.
“Sometimes I think that the time with Ren was much easier than the time with you!” Tackey didn't need anything more to hear. He breathed in slowly and grasped the chair next to him. “Ren? The one who beat you up? The one who treated you like a piece of shit?”, Tackey yelled and tried everything to hold the anger back, but when Ryo nodded shortly, he exploded.
He stepped forward and slapped the other one in his face. He saw some blood running down Ryo's face and he looked up at him in utter surprise. „I hate you Ryo, I don't want to see you anymore. Go away and leave“, Tackey whispered and saw Ryo leaving the apartment.
Flashback end
“Yes, he ran away, Tsubasa. I need to find him...oh god, what did I do? I slapped him, I slapped the most precious thing I ever had. And the words I used...I think he'd never forgive me”. Tackey looked out of the window and bit on his fingernails. The rain started to pour against his window and it was already midnight. Ryo was still somewhere outside, or anywhere else – that's what Tackey hoped.
“Tackey, he will forgive you. You are his, how to say...let's say something between “hero” and “angel”. We will find him, he can't be far away.” Tsubasa tried to cheer the other one up, but he had no idea how and where to search for Ryo.
Both met up half an hour later to search for Tackey's boyfriend. “And now?” Tsubasa asked breathless when they made a break from running through all possible bars and cafes. “I have no idea where he can be. He can't be that far away, and he isn't with Jin and Pi, we were there, and I could see that they had no idea about Ryo's absence and about the things which happened between us.” Tackey got more and more desperate and worried and bit nervously on his fingernails, when he had an idea.
He wiped away the rain drops in his face and started to run. “Tsubasa, go home and prepare some tea and warm blankets, I think I know where I find him” Tackey threw the house key to his friend and turned around, praying that his intention wouldn't be wrong.
“Hey, Ryo! Sorry, I am a little bit late, but I had to talk to the director about the next shooting days.” Tackey walked up to the middle of the bridge and smiled brightly when he saw his junior standing there, waiting for him. His heart beat a little bit faster and he felt his hands became wet.
Ryo on the other side felt his heart beat somewhere in his throat and his whole body was shaking. He finally found the courage to ask Tackey for a date, okay not exactly a date, because he told him about a big problem he had and he really needed a Senpai to talk to. “Oh, Takizawa-kun”, he smiled brightly.
“So, what's your problem, Ryo? I was so worried when you told me that something is wrong with you. I hope I can help you”. Tackey touched the other one's shoulder slightly and pulled it back when he saw Ryo wincing next to him. “Ano...I … maybe or better probably I used the wrong word when I told you about a problem...”, Ryo rubbed his forehead and searched for words, but actually he was never good with words.
Tackey smiled slightly and was sure that he got what the other one wanted to tell him. “You don't have a problem?”, he asked softly and leaned against the lantern next to them. “Actually...no, I don't have one”, Ryo looked on the ground and bit on his lips. He felt like being caught by stealing mothers fresh made cookies without asking.
“Ah, and what exactly are we doing here?” Tackey tried to hide his smile and looked at the boy next to him. His heart beat faster when he saw how embarrassed and shy Ryo was, and he could see his nervousness when he bounced from one leg to the other. Ryo on the other side felt the heat rising up in him and he could feel his cheeks blushing. What should he answer to the other one's question? I love you, Tackey? - No, before he'd confess his love, he'd jump from the bridge. He got lost in his thoughts, till he felt a hand on his chin.
Tackey raised the other one's head and looked into his junior's dark and sparkling eyes. “Takizawa-kun...I am sorry for calling you, even though I don't have a problem. I didn't want to waste your time, it was just...I wanted to see you, nothing more”, Ryo could feel his cheeks were burning like fire and he had to hide some tears in his eyes.
“Ryo, first of all, how many times shall I tell you that you can call me Tackey, and second you never waste my time. I am glad that you called me, and I am much gladder that you don't have a problem and you only wanted to see me.” Tackey stroked softly above Ryo's cheek and he could feel the heat of his skin touching his'. He loved the cuteness and shyness of his junior, and when he thought of anything else, he knew that he loved the whole person in front of him like he never loved someone else before.
“I am sorry Takizawa”, he heard Ryo's voice whispering at him. “Hey, stop apologizing, you didn't do anything wrong”, Tackey rolled his eyes and before he thought of anything else, he pulled the other closer and hugged him tightly.
Ryo didn't know what was happening in this moment, but he just leaned into the embrace and breathed in the most beautiful scent he ever got to know. Ryo felt the other one's hand stroking softly down his back, sending shivers down his spine. Tackey dissolved from their position some moments later and still felt Ryo's breathe in his neck. After his junior leaned into the embrace he somehow was sure about Ryo's feelings towards him.
Tackey smiled at the other one, and saw that Ryo wanted to say something, but before he could do this, Tackey pulled him closer again and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He smiled brightly when he saw Ryo blushing much more than before, because he didn't expect that this was even possible.
Ryo felt the heat in body rising up and he couldn't believe that this was happening right now. He came here to see Tackey and to admire him, like he always did when he was with him, but he never expected that his Senpai had feelings for him, even though it was the only thing he wished and prayed for.
It was the day they started to be inseparable and Ryo didn't think that it was possible, but with every day he started to love the other one much more. Tackey on the other side was always next to his junior and day by day it was more and more unimaginable for Tackey to be without Ryo.

Flashback end
Tackey ran down the street and saw the bridge appearing in front of him. He tried to see something, but the fog came up and rain was pouring down on him, making it unable to see anything far away. His heart bumped against his chest when he reached the place where they got together and in the corner of the lantern he saw something on the ground – coiled up and soaking wet. Tackey felt the tears in his eyes and the anger changed into sorrow and worry when he came closer and saw that it really was Ryo lying there.
Even though the situation wasn't funny at all, he had to smile about Ryo's ability to sleep anywhere. He knelt in front of him and touched Ryo's forehead which was burning like fire. He saw his junior opened his eyes and faced him shortly before he closed his eyes again. Tackey tried to carry Ryo up, but in this position he wasn't able to do it. “Ryo, you have to help me, I can't carry you home if you are lying here coiled up”, he said softly and waited for an answer.
Ryo stared at him and opened his eyes before he coughed and started to talk. “I thought you don't want to see me again and I shall leave.” Tackey felt a stinging pain in his chest when he heard the other one's words and breathed in deeply, before he stroked softly above the small wound on Ryo's lower lip and answered. “Ryo, you know I didn’t mean what I said, don't you?! I really was upset, but I am really sorry about anything I said and did. You are the most precious person I ever had, and nothing will change it, and I think I will never be able to love someone like I love you. And today I was angry because of the letter, yes, but I was also so worried, because you walked out, even though you are sick, and I don't know what I should do without you.” All his worries and thoughts broke out of Tackey and he felt the tears in his eyes, even though he wasn't the one who started crying that easily.
Ryo looked at him and tried to find some hold on Tackey's arm, so he could sit up. “I am sorry”, he just said and leaned forward, so Tackey was able to carry him. He walked home with Ryo on his arms and knocked on his door, because he wasn't able to open it by himself.
Tsubasa had prepared anything and helped Tackey with bringing Ryo into the apartment. “Thanks for everything, I can do it on my own now”, he smiled at his band mate and saw Tsubasa nodding shortly before he left the room. Tackey undressed his boyfriend and rubbed him dry before he gave him some warm clothes and put the blanket above him. Ryo let Tackey do what he wanted to do with him, because he was too tired and the fever was too high to say anything against it.
Ryo had his eyes half closed when he felt Tackey disappearing from the chair next to his bed. “Please, don't go”, he pressed out and saw the shadow in front of him stopping. “I just change my clothes too, I am back in one minute”, Tackey answered and walked into the bathroom. He breathed in deeply and felt his heart beat got normal again. The worry in his body dissolved step by step and his hands weren't trembling anymore.
When he was done he walked back to the sleeping room and saw Ryo looking at him. “You aren't sleeping?” Ryo shook his head and wanted to sit up, but his condition didn't let him. Tackey walked to his side of the bed and slipped under the blanket next to Ryo. He robbed closer, till their bodies were only an inch away from each other. “I didn't mean what I said about Ren, Tackey”, Ryo had his eyes closed again and breathed in the other one's scent, which let him feeling loved and comfortable. “ I know, it's alright”, Tackey said softly and pulled the other one closer.
“Sleep now, you need some rest”, he said and stroked lovingly above Ryo's head, which was lying on his chest now. He placed some soft kisses on Ryo's head and he knew he wouldn't leave him alone till Ryo was totally healthy again.

A/N: I wrote the story during lilly0 and my cologne trip in August on a day where I really was in a bad mood....but I hope you like it ^__^

Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE
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