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1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 3: Forgotten love

1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 3: Forgotten love

Title: 1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 3: Forgotten love
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Short multi in 6 chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: 1582 - Kame, the son of a rich family, and Jin, who works for Kame's father, are a couple, but they have to hide it from everyone. Till today everything worked out, till the disaster starts and their love got tested. Will they stay together, or will their way separate forever?!

„And this is Rei. She is the captain’s daughter, and she is going to be your wife in spring.”, Kame’s father smiled brightly and guided his son at the table where the young woman was sitting with her parents.
Months passed since Kame broke up with Jin and their last meeting in the forest. He still felt the pain in his chest when he thought about it, but he learned to live with it. It was the best for the other one, that was what he always thought and what made him calming down a little bit.
“And my son will be the head of the company after I retire. And I think your daughter is the best for being at his side.” Kame’s father smiled brightly and Kame felt the anger in him, when he saw his arrogant and over self conscious behavior. He tried to hold everything back and smiled at the family in front of him. He didn’t want to get in any kind of fight with his father again, because every wrong step could make him searching for Jin, and Kame really wanted to avoid this.
Jin walked back to his new home late in the evening. After the meeting with Kame in the wood he ran away, and somewhere he lost his orientation and finally landed in a town far away from the Kamenashi’s manor. He got to know a guy, who happily accepted him as a worker in his company and Jin started a new life there. For the first time since years he got treated like a human being again, and he had a bed and a room in the house. Actually he missed nothing, but there was a hole in his chest, and he knew, even though everything was much better now, his heart was still at the other one’s place.
Even though Kame told him that he didn’t love him anymore, he knew it wasn’t his real opinion. He remembered Kame’s sad eyes and he saw his broken heart reflected in his eyes. Jin smiled sadly when he recognized why Kame was acting like this. He only wants to protect me, nothing more Jin stroked above the leather ribbon Kame gave him some time before the situation escalated. Maybe their destiny was to be separated and Jin didn’t want to bring Kame in danger, so he stayed where he was.

Kame tried to talk to the guests, but he hardly found any topics they had in common. When his father suggested to go for a little walk with his new wife he wasn’t euphoric, but everything was better than sitting next to his father and listening to his lies about his great and rich life.
He nodded and waited for the girl till she walked up to him and both of them left the building. The cold air touched Kame’s face and he breathed in deeply. He looked at the stars above him and his first thought was how Jin was doing in this moment. He shook his head to forget about him and saw the girl staring at him with a small smile around her lips.
“You know, I am also not amused about the marriage.” Kame stared at her and couldn’t believe his ears. She grinned at him and looked around carefully, because she didn’t want anyone to listen to their conversation.
“I have someone I gave my heart to, and it seems you know what I am talking about, because your heart belongs to someone, and you have someone else’s heart, haven’t you?” Kame guided her to a small pavilion and offered her a seat. He carefully scanned the area and tried to read her mind. He didn’t know if her words were honest, or if she wanted to know about his real feelings to betray him to his father. Kame learned to think about every step he made, and he’d never tell anyone about Jin, if he had a small distrust in this person, or he didn’t know the person well enough, like it was with Ren.
“You think I am betraying you and tell everything to your father? I really understand your careful steps, and I’d act same, but I saw that you are suffering because of your situation, and I thought we could maybe play together and think about a solution.” She smiled and blinked for some times when she saw Kame’s pained expression. He had to experience a real deep love, and she really felt with him, because she was in the same position as he was, but she could also understand his fears and worries about his family and their revenge.
Kame got more and more nervous. He couldn’t decide if he believed in her words or not. He knew he played hara-kiri when he opened himself to her, but he had no other chance. Her eyes were honest, and hopefully her words were it too.
“Yes”, he whispered and nodded his head slightly. She grinned at him and stood up to step a bit closer to him. “There are some of your father’s guys around us now, I heard them. So let’s stay quiet about this topic. We will have time to talk about everything later. But I am glad that we play in the same team from now on.” She took his hand and walked back to his and her family, who were already waiting for them in the lobby.
Jin walked out of the bar and felt his head got dizzy. It was definitely too much alcohol on this evening, but he had to forget about anything which bothered him. He already heard the rumors some time ago, but now it was official. The Kamenashi clan’s son would marry in spring. Jin always hoped to see him again some time, but now everything got dark around him and his hope disappeared. He forgot about me, his love is gone Jin stumbled into his room and didn’t recognize that his clothes were soaking wet from the rain which poured against his window.
Jin heard his lord’s voice early in the morning and opened his eyes slightly. “Stay where you are Jin. You got a cold, and you have a high fever. I won’t let you out now”, he sounded anxious and that worried Jin. He tried to sit up, but his cycle broke down and he fell back to the bed. Everything was spinning around and the only thought he had was a married Kame. He couldn’t live with this, and maybe now was the time to go for him. He closed his eyes and tried to find some rest, but his inner unrest let him turning from one side to the other.
What if…that was what Jin tortured the whole day he was dreaming in his fever.
What if I’d taken him with me?
What if we’d tried to flee from there together?
What if I’d be stronger and stealing him from there afterwards?
What if we’d never got caught by his father?
But he had no answer to these questions, because everything seemed to be too late for him now. Kame would go to marry soon and he could wait for him till the end of his days, and Kame would never follow him. Maybe it was time to search for something new and maybe he had to close the hole in his chest with a new found heart.



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