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The waves call your fate - Chapter 3: Hot waves on a sunny day

The waves call your fate  - Chapter 3:  Hot waves on a sunny day

Title: The waves call your fate  - Chapter 3:  Hot waves on a sunny day
Mini series in 5 chapter (+ Prologue)
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: romance, AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Jin and Ryo are stepbrothers and they don't like each other from the first day they meet each other. Everything begins to change when they have to make a summer holiday trip with their parents. But what if one falls in love with another guest? What if one of them recognizes feelings for his brother - Is everything too late then? 
Note 2: Written for the [info]ryoxjin  welcome challenge! (Sorry, it's no one shot, but a short multi chapter...I didn't want to hurry with my idea for this story, so I parted it in some chapters. :)))

They woke up early in the morning and Jin smelled the other one's scent – a mix between cherries, cocoa and apples and smiled into the other one's hair. He recognized that the other one wasn't sleeping last night when he robbed into his arms, but for their peace he'd deny that he was awake.
Ryo looked up at him and Jin had to smile when he saw Ryo's messy hair and his small and tired eyes resting on him. He touched Ryo's lip shortly and saw him wincing because of the touch. “Does it still hurt?” Ryo just nodded shortly and lied back on the other one's chest to snooze away again. He hated to get up early, especially during holiday. In this moment he didn't even dare about the fact that he was lying on his brother, and he didn't think about why he did it.
Jin didn't remove from the position and just enjoyed the moments during this morning till they stood up and walked to meet up their parents for breakfast. “Oh god, what happened Ryo”, his father asked and pointed at his lip. “Nothing bad, I just stumbled and bit on my lip.”, Ryo lied and sat down towards his father. His father didn't ask any further and smiled brightly at both of his sons. Somehow he recognized that there was something different with them than some days ago.
Jin's mother looked at them and a small grin appeared around her lips. Her heart made some joyful jumps when she saw the boys talking to each other like they were different persons now. Something must have happened, but she wasn't interested what it was, as long as they talked to each other now and as long as they found a way to act with each other.
“Jin, do you want to go surfing with me today?”, Ryo asked while he ate his bread. Jin's eyes grew wider, not only because he never joined Ryo to one of his hobbies, but he never tried this sport before. “Sure, but I have no idea how it works out”, he answered and heard Ryo chuckling on the other side. “It's no problem, I can show you how it works out” Jin nodded unsure and swallowed the knot in his throat. He had a bad feeling with this.
One hour later he found himself in a tight wetsuit and a board in his hands. He saw the waves coming closer, but luckily he was sitting on the board and not standing, because he knew he'd be the first who’d land in the sea.
He saw Ryo standing up on his board, gliding above the waves till he finally landed in the water. Jin swallowed the knot in his throat when he saw Ryo's messy and wet hair and his big smile when he came up to him. “And now it's your turn, Jinjin” Ryo saw the other one blinking at him and added: “Sorry, I didn't want to use this nickname. I won't do it again” Jin grinned at him and tried to sit on his board before he tousled through the other one's hair. “I am alright with it, really”, he said and felt the next wave raising his board and he fell backwards into the sea.
He heard Ryo giggling next to him and felt Ryo's arm pushing on his, helping him to sit back on the board again. “Hey, stop laughing Shrimp! That wasn't funny at all!” Jin pouted and tried to balance on the board. Ryo was still grinning at him and pricked out his tongue. “Shrimp? If I am a shrimp, then you are a fat ass.” he joked and paddled forward so Jin couldn't get him anymore.
“Oh, I get you, there will be a time when you need to come out of the water, and then I get you”, Jin yelled and grinned brightly while he tried to follow the other one, but  unluckily the board wasn't his favorite “vehicle”.
He moved slowly forward and saw Ryo waiting a moment and moving on when Jin was closer to him. “Yeah, but I think in your tempo you will never reach the land anymore, and I will be gone when you arrive there” Ryo stopped when he saw that Jin was again somewhere in the sea and his heart beat faster when he saw him nowhere in there.
He came back and robbed down from his board to search for Jin, who waited behind the board, nearly under water where Ryo couldn't see him. He jumped up a bit and grasped Ryo's waist under water, making the other one yell in surprise. “Are you nuts? I was worried to death right now”, Ryo screamed and felt the blood rushing through his veins. He really thought something happened to Jin and he couldn't laugh about that joke.
Jin held him closer and both clang on one board. Ryo gave Jin a dark glance and snorted shortly. “I am sorry Ryo. I didn't want to scary you, really”, Jin said and wiped away some wet hair of Ryo's face. “It's okay, but don't do this again, baka”, Ryo answered and grasped for the board behind him.
Jin looked at his brother's slender figure and his trained body and again he wanted nothing more than touching him. He looked around and saw no one was around them, before he pulled on Ryo's arm and pushed him back on his board. Ryo whined and winced when he saw Jin's face coming closer. He slipped down again and dived to his board, just to get out of this situation. His heart was beating fast and he sat up to go back to the beach. “It's time for dinner, we should go back”, he said coldly and started to move forwards. Jin cursed himself for making this step and just nodded at him.
He knew that Ryo wasn't interested in him, and he didn't know why he fell for his brother, but he really wanted to try it.
They walked back to their room and an uncomfortable silence appeared between them. Even though Ryo didn't know if Jin really wanted to kiss him, he had the bad feeling that the other one wanted more from him than only friendship.
Ryo felt his heart beat faster when he thought about Jin, and about their day on the beach, but he couldn't be with him in more like a brotherly relationship (and at least they were brothers). He shivered when he remembered about his past with his mother.
For a long time he was living with her instead of his father and it was only a torture for him. His mother's new husband handled him like a slave and he had to do whatever he wanted from him. On the day they got to know that Ryo had a boyfriend, his stepfather beat him up for the first time.
They told him various times a day that he was worth and useless and after some weeks he really felt like they were right.
After one year of silence and pure torture he finally managed it to talk about anything to his father. And he took his son immediately with him and cared about him, like they were always together.
But Ryo couldn't forget the pain he got to know during the last years, and he was afraid of experiencing something like this again. Even though his father never had a problem with him being gay. But anything in him broke down with the first time he and Jin met each other. They started to hate each other, but Ryo had always the feeling that he hated the other one, because he fell for him, and he wanted him to go away, because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to forget about his feelings.
And this holiday didn't make it easier for him. He and Jin had to go on like nothing happened between them, and that was what he had to tell Jin. They were brothers, and nothing more. They should go on with avoiding each other, but not with sleeping in one bed under one blanket.
He stepped out of the room and saw Jin sitting on the bed, his head in his hands. When Ryo stepped closer he could hear him sobbing. Ryo bit on his lips, and hoped that it wasn't about him and his reaction.
“I am sorry”, he said and saw Jin looking at him.

Without answering to Ryo's words Jin only said: “My father died today”.


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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