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1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 2: Broken love

1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 2: Broken love

Title: 1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 2: Broken love
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Short multi in 6 chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: 1582 - Kame, the son of a rich family, and Jin, who works for Kame's father, are a couple, but they have to hide it from everyone. Till today everything worked out, till the disaster starts and their love got tested. Will they stay together, or will their way separate forever?!

„Kame, you should go back to your room now“, Jin whispered and looked at the coiled up boy in his lap. He stroked softly above the other one’s head and tried to wake him up. Kame snorted and sat up after a while. “You really look cute.” Jin laughed and tousled through Kame’s messed up hair.
“I don’t want to go again”, Kame grumbled and leaned against Jin’s chest. He hated the days, because there he had to be the perfect son and treating Jin like a slave. He longed for kissing and hugging the other one all day long and the nights passed by too quickly and every day he had the feeling that he didn’t show him enough how much Jin meant to him.
“I know, and I don’t want you to go, but we have to take care about being caught”, Jin answered and pulled on Kame’s arm when he wanted to stand up. Kame stumbled backwards and sat down on Jin’s lap. He felt his arms on his belly, stroking softly above his skin. Kame closed his eyes and enjoyed the kisses in his neck when he suddenly heard a loud noise.
“What the hell are you doing here, son” Kame winced when he heard his father screaming through the barn. Kame felt Jin’s hands pushing him away and forcing him to stand up. “I”. Kame started but got interrupted by his father who rushed forward and grasped Jin’s shirt harshly.
“You bastard, you seduced my son”. He screamed pushed Jin against the wall behind him. Jin closed his eyes and tried to escape from there. “Father, stop it, he didn’t seduce me, I…”. Kame ran up to them and pulled on his father’s arm but his father turned around and slapped him hard into the face so he was falling down on the ground. Kame felt some kicks against his body, and he saw Jin trying to hold his father back, but he knew it was senseless. When his father got furious, no one could stop him. “Run away, Jin, run”, Kame yelled and saw Jin’s shocked expression resting on him. “Please”, he added and Jin did as he ordered him to.
Jin reached the forest and breathed in deeply. He looked around and tried to listen to any sound in the area, but there was nothing but silence surrounding him. So they weren’t after him, but the worry about Kame didn’t let him find any rest. He sat down next to the small river and cleaned the drained blood from his face. He didn’t want to think what they did to his lover, and he prayed that his father didn’t hit him to death.
There was only one chance to get to know how he was. Jin had to go back and look after Kame, but he wanted to wait some time till he calmed down a bit. His heart was bumping fast against his chest and he felt the pain on his lips, when he licked above them.
Kame lied on the ground and tried to sit up, but every move he made hurt him. Some time ago his father stopped hitting him and left the barn without any word. Kame didn’t move and he just tried to ignore the pain he felt everywhere on his body. He hoped Jin was able to flee far enough, so his father’s guys wouldn’t get him somewhere.
He stumbled back to the house and saw his mother glancing at him when he walked into the house. “You are a disgrace for this family, Kazuya. Luckily everything will change when you are going to marry next spring”. She walked out of the room and let her son standing there against the wall, the wounds were still bleeding and he definitely needed some help, but he knew that no one would do this, so he had to take care about himself.
He walked up to his room and fell on his bed, where he fell asleep immediately. He knew his parents would never forgive him, and he knew they’d do anything to kill Jin, who was the one who seduced their son, even though that wasn’t the truth. Kame loved Jin more than anything else, and because of this fact, he’d tell him that it is over, and he didn’t love him anymore. He had to protect Jin, and the only way was to do what his parents wanted him to do. He had to be the perfect son, for his and especially for Jin’s sake.
“Mum, dad”, Kame started when he walked into the dining room some days later. “I will do anything you want me to do. I am sorry that I was a bad kid, but I will change, I promise.” Kame bit on his lips and saw his father smiling slightly at him. “That’s great son, so sit down here and eat with us. I really hope that taught you a lesson, and you won’t do this again. And I hope this bastard never returns to our plot.” Kame saw his mother nodding energetically and he felt the knot in his throat getting bigger.
He hated how they talked about Jin, but he couldn’t do anything against it when he wanted him to be safe. He hoped Jin was far away, and he hoped he would find a place where he got treat better than with his family.
Some weeks later Kame was recovered and he got the trust of his family back, even though they were watching over every step he made. In some minutes Kame was able to forget about Jin, and he enjoyed the sunlight on his skin during his walk home from work. But these moments were rare and he felt a big emptiness in him during the whole time. He didn’t have to ask why it was there, because it was totally clear to him. He missed Jin, and he’d do anything to be with him, but it was simply not possible.
He walked around the corner and stepped into the small part where he had to pass the forest. He hated this part, because it was dark and somehow mysterious. He heard a noise behind every tree and he saw shadows everywhere around him. He concentrated on the ground and tried to ignore all the things around him, when he suddenly felt someone pulling on his arm, and a hand shot his mouth, so he wasn’t able to scream.
He struggled a bit, but the other one was stronger than he was. Some meters away from the road they stopped and Kame felt two strong arms surrounding him, and soft lips touching his. “Jin”, Kame whined and felt his heart beat got faster. Jin stroked softly above the already disappearing wounds on Kame’s face and looked at him lovingly.
“I was worried and I thought you are dead.” Jin hugged the other one tightly and tousled gently through his hair. When he recognized that Kame wasn’t leaning into the embrace he stepped backwards and glanced at him.
“What happened, Kazu? Is everything alright?”
“Jin, I think I don’t love you anymore. Maybe I had a crush on you, but nothing more, so maybe it’s the best way that we broke up in this way and now everyone can go his own way.” Kame turned around and walked back to the road. His lips were still burning because of the kiss, and his hands were trembling. He couldn’t believe that he met the other one here, and he didn’t want to look back, because he knew he couldn’t resist hugging and kissing the other one for hours.
It was the best thing to go separate ways from now on. Everything was for Jin’s safety, even though Kame didn’t want to live without the other one for one single day.
Jin stood there and looked at the slender figure, which was disappearing in the dark of the wood. “That can’t be”, he croaked and bit on his lips. He suppressed the tears in his eyes, and started to run, run away from this place, run away from the guy who had his heart, who’d ever have it – even though he didn’t appreciate it – and who, apparently, didn’t love him back.
Kame reached the house breathless and walked into the barn. He knew his parents weren’t at home at this time and he sat down in the corner of the room where Jin’s place was. He could still smell the other one’s scent on the blanket, which was still lying there, waiting for him, like he’d return in between the next minutes. Kame coiled up there and grasped the blanket to bury his head into it. The tears were running down his face and he felt the other one’s embrace around his waist.
He knew he’d never forget Jin, even though centuries would pass.


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