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The waves call your fate - Chapter 2: Cold waves in a dangerous night

The waves call your fate  - Chapter 2: Cold waves in a dangerous night

Title: The waves call your fate  - Chapter 2: Cold waves in a dangerous night
Mini series in 5 chapter (+ Prologue)
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: romance, AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Jin and Ryo are stepbrothers and they don't like each other from the first day they meet each other. Everything begins to change when they have to make a summer holiday trip with their parents. But what if one falls in love with another guest? What if one of them recognizes feelings for his brother - Is everything too late then? 
Note 2: Written for the [info]ryoxjin  welcome challenge! (Sorry, it's no one shot, but a short multi chapter...I didn't want to hurry with my idea for this story, so I parted it in some chapters. :)))

Jin greeted the girls and together they walked down the bay till they reached the bar they wanted to visit. Jin knew that Ryo was already there, because he met up half an hour earlier with his friends than Jin did with his dates. They walked into the room and Jin looked around till he saw his brother standing on the bar and talking with his friends. Jin saw an empty table in the corner of the room, far enough away so Ryo couldn't see him, but close enough so he could observe him.
The last hour Jin spent with the torturing question if he really was jealous because he felt more for the other one, or if he was only worried about his brother having the wrong friends. He came to the result that both things must have been a part for the reason why he was sitting there with two girls – who were nice but nothing more - and a big bottle of Long island ice tea in front of him, a drink he hated like nothing else.
He looked at Ryo, who drank one Tequila after the other and soon Jin could see Ryo was drunk. Jin joked a bit with the girls, but in the corner of his eyes he never lost his brother and watched every step he made. He saw the blond boy from the afternoon waking next to Ryo, who wanted to get some fresh air.
Jin felt a stinging pain in his chest, and knew it wasn't only because he was jealous, there was something else in the behavior of this guy, which let him doubt that he was really interested in Ryo. Jin listened to the other guys, who were still standing some meters away and his heart beat faster when he heard one of them saying: “I hope he's going to fuck the hell out of this naive boy”.
Jin tried to stay clam and stood up slowly. He apologized and told the girls that he needed to make a call and disappeared in the dark.
He didn't know where he should search for his brother, but they couldn't be far away. Ryo's condition wasn't the best anymore, and he was sure that the other guy wasn't interested in bringing him somewhere far away. He ran up and down a little bit and finally heard his brother's voice behind a stone. “Hey, don't touch me”. Jin ran up to them and saw the guy leaning against Ryo, pressing him on the stone.
“I always get what I want” Ryo struggled, but he couldn't get rid of the strong grip the other one had. “I don't want this, leave me”, Ryo's voice started to tremble and he tried harder to free himself from there. The blonde guy raised his hand and slapped Ryo once. He laughed when he saw some blood running down Ryo's lips and raised his head for a second slap.
Jin's heart bumped against his chest and with one swift move he was next to Ryo and hit the guy directly into his face. The guy stumbled backwards and whined when he felt Jin's fist in his face again. “Don't dare to touch my brother again, or I swear to god you will be dead”, he pointed at the guy, who really seemed to afraid of Jin and started to run away. Jin looked after him till he couldn't see him anymore and turned around to see Ryo sitting on the ground, staring at him in utter surprise.
For just one moment he saw Ryo's eyes sparkling in a way they never did before. He knelt in front of him and stroked softly above his head. “Is everything alright?”
“He wanted to rape me, it's all my fault, I went out of the bar”, Ryo blinked and some tears came up in his eyes. “Don't be silly, Ryo. It's not your fault that this asshole wanted to do this. I swear I hit the hell out of him, of he is going to touch you again. Or if any of his friends is going to touch you”, Jin glanced into the darkness where the other one disappeared right before.
Ryo looked at him and blinked for some times before he pulled on Jin's shirt. “Why were you here? I thought you went on a date?” Jin looked at him and blushed a little bit.
“Yes and no...ano...listen Ryo, please don't be mad, I followed you. I already knew that there was something wrong with this guy. Okay, no I didn't know it particularly, but I had a bad feeling when I saw this guy. And....” he thought of telling Ryo about his jealousy, but decided to keep quiet about it. “nothing more”, he added and saw Ryo nodding at him.
Ryo leaned back against the stone and closed his eyes to calm down a little bit. He still felt the alcohol in his veins and his lip was burning like fire after the other one slapped him. He felt his brother sitting next to him and a hand was softly stroking above his head. “Everything is alright”, he heard Jin saying and recognized that he had started to cry. He felt Jin pulling him closer and hugging him tightly to calm him down. Ryo wanted to fight against the embrace, but his body did the opposite and he just leaned into it.
They sat there for some time till Jin dissolved from there and smiled gently at Ryo. “We tell mum and dad that you stumbled and fell down, okay?”, he touched his brother's wound and saw him wincing. “Sorry, I didn't want to hurt you. Is it bad?” Ryo shook his head and closed his eyes to enjoy the other one's touch on his lip. It hurt, but Jin's hand seemed to calm every part in him down – even the pain.
They walked back to their room and Jin felt Ryo's head leaning on his shoulder and he was already snoozing away on his chest. The alcohol and the stress from the last hours let him falling asleep during the walk. Jin carried him somehow to the bed and tried to wake him up, but it was impossible. Once asleep no one could get Ryo up again. Jin pulled on Ryo's shirt, but it was senseless, Ryo didn't even move one millimeter. He placed him on his side of the bed and put the blanket above him.
Jin walked to the bathroom and washed his face to cool down. His hands were still trembling and he didn't want to think what would have happened to his brother if he wouldn't have been there in time.
He took a cold shower before he went back to the sleeping room and lied down next to Ryo. He had to smile a little bit, when he saw that Ryo had the whole blanket on his side again, but he just took one of the towels and placed it around his feet. It gave him at least a little warmth.
Ryo woke up during night and saw his brother sleeping next to him, a towel around his waste. Ryo fumbled with the blanket and threw it around Jin. He thought of the last happenings and stared out of the window, where the moon was shining into his room. He knew what could have happened if Jin wouldn't have been there, and he really wondered about Jin being after him all the time. Maybe Jin really liked him. And if Ryo listened to his own heart, he knew that he really liked the other one. Probably more like someone likes his brother.
He shook his head and tried to forget about thoughts he had. He closed his eyes and some terrible picture's popped up in his mind again – the slap he got some hours ago remembered him about his past, a past he wanted to forget about. He turned around and saw Jin sighing deeply in his dreams and laid on his back. Ryo rubbed his chin and before he thought of something he placed his head on Jin's chest – the warmth of a person he liked gave him peace and some rest.
And at least he could say that he did everything in sleep, and didn't remember about it. But the fact that he felt Jin's arm stroking down his back let him know that the other one wasn't sleeping at all, but he didn't say or do anything to hold Ryo back or push him away. He just pulled him closer and let him feeling comfortable.


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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