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I think I love you (One shot)

I think I love you (One shot)

Title: I think I love you
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/ Sakurai Sho
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Aiba confesses his love, but Sho somehow rejects him, or Aiba thinks he does and runs away from the other one.
Note 2: Requested by: faradakiut in my request post *open*   HERE

I think I love you
Aiba opened his eyes and winced again when he saw the other one's expression after he finished this sentence. He couldn't say what Sho was thinking right in this moment, but he knew that the other one didn't count with such words.
I need some time to think about everything, Masaki
Aiba swallowed the knot in his throat and suppressed the upcoming tears in his eyes. He knew that his chances were small, but these words hurt him, even though they weren't harsh or unfriendly and actually he didn't reject him, he just needed some time to think about everything. But for Aiba it felt like a punch in his face. He didn't know what he expected from Sho, but maybe he just wished the other one would just thave kissed him.
He sighed deeply and walked out of the rehearsing room. His confession was some hours ago and after Sho left the room Aiba just stood there and looked out of the window. His thoughts were spinning around and he tried to cheer himself up. It was late after midnight when he returned to his apartment where he was finally able to cry. The tears were running down his cheeks and he wasn't able to hold it back anymore. He lied down in his bed and after some hours he finally fell asleep. It was a restless night for him, and every minute he heard Sho's voice resounding in his dreams. Aiba saw his smile popping up in his mind, but it wasn't a friendly and warm smile, it was more like he was making fun of him and his feelings.
Early in the morning Aiba woke up, and he knew his dreams were just ridiculous, because Sho would never laugh about him or calling his feelings ridiculous. He could see in the rapper's eyes that he didn't know how to react and he could see that he never wanted to hurt Aiba in any kind of way. Aiba stared on his breakfast but wasn't able to eat a single piece of it. He stood up and walked out of his flat, his body felt heavy and sick and his head was nearly exploding. He breathed in deeply, but the situation didn't change. He felt the burning in his eyes, and he knew all his band mates would see that he had cried the whole night. Hopefully they wouldn't ask about it.
He entered the room and saw the others eyes resting on him. His sight fell on the guy in the corner of the room and he immediately wanted to turn around and leave the room again. Sho looked at him, and he couldn't say if he pitied him or if there was something else, because Aiba didn't look back at him. He greeted everyone and walked up to Jun to talk about their duet they planned for the next performance.
“Can I talk to you”, Sho asked after the rehearsal ended, but Aiba just told him that he had some businesses and no time at all. He felt his heart beat faster when he walked out of the agency, and the picture of Sho's eyes were still popping up in his mind. He wasn't interested in talking with the other one for a second time.
Masaki, please let us talk again
Sho's words didn't sound like a rejection, but Aiba was too hurt to listen to the other one for a second time. He knew it was impossible to avoid him, because they were in the same group and if he wanted or not, he had to work with him. But only time could heal the wounds he felt in his chest, and it would take him some time to forget about everything.
Sho was the first one Aiba confessed to. He was always shy and not sure about feelings from others towards him, and so he mostly kept quiet. But this time everything was different, he and Sho laughed together, went our together and they met up for cooking, watching TV, swimming and so on...He really thought the other one had feelings for him, and everyone else who knew both of them had the same thoughts. Sho and Aiba, that must be love, Jun said some time ago and smiled brightly at Nino next to him.
Aiba felt some jumps in his belly, because these words let him feel stronger and he felt the courage to tell the other one about it. And yesterday he finally managed it to talk to him, but everything went wrong, and Aiba's confidence was gone in between one second.
He walked down the street and bought some stuff for his dinner. Again alone at home, another evening in front of the TV, only me without anyone else Aiba bit on his lips and tried to suppress the feelings coming up in him. He rushed upstairs and closed the door behind him. This time he was able to hold back the tears and stumbled into the kitchen. Cooking was always one of the things which distracted him from problems he had.
For some minutes he was able to forget about everything and smiled during he twisted the spoon in the pot, till he heard a knock on the door. He looked at the clock on the wall and wondered who was going to visit him at this time. He opened the door a little bit and wanted to close it immediately when he saw Sho in front of it, but the rapper was already in the door, so he was able to slip in.
“Now you have to listen to me”, he said angrily and put off his shoes before he walked into the living room. “What do you want here, Sho? Please leave my apartment”, Aiba followed him and crossed his arms in front of his body. He really wasn't in the mood to talk about everything right now, especially because his dinner was on the oven and he wanted to be alone right now.
“No, no chance. I want to talk right now, and then I am going to leave the apartment if you want me to.” He sat down on the couch and pulled the taller one with him. Aiba rolled his eyes and give in, because he knew he had no chance against Sho.
“Listen, Masaki. Yesterday I said I need some time to think about everything, but you rushed away and locked yourself in the rest room, so I wasn't able to finish my sentence. I needed some time, because you know I was in a relationship, and I am a little bit afraid of something new, and that's the reason I wanted to run away. But Masa, that doesn't mean that I don't feel something for you.” Sho robbed a little bit closer and stroked Aiba's cheek softly.
Aiba bit on his lips and felt some tears appearing in his eyes. He couldn't believe what the other one was telling him here right now. “I felt my heart beat faster when you told me about your feelings, and I didn't count with it. I always pushed my feelings aside, because I never thought you'd feel anything else than friendship. Look at me”, Sho touched Aiba's chin and turned his head till he looked at him. He wiped away some of the other one's tears and smiled slightly at him. Aiba sobbed shortly and closed his eyes when he felt Sho's hand on his face, brushing softly over every part of it.
Sho leaned forward and stroked Aiba's back before he leaned forward and kissed him gently. Aiba leaned into it and enjoyed the rapper's lips caressing his, nibbling softly on his lower lip. Sho dissolved from the other one and smiled at him. “Shall I go now? Or am I allowed to stay in your apartment?”
Aiba shook his head energetically and hugged the other one closely. He sobbed into Sho's chest and heard the other one laughing loudly. “Everything is alright, Masaki”, he said softly and stroked Aiba's head.
“Please stay, Sho-chan”, he whined and heard the other one laughing again before he bent down and whispered at him. “Don't worry, I didn't plan to go away from here tonight”.
He grasped for Aiba's hands and pulled him up a little bit. He knitted his eyebrows when he saw Aiba's nervous sparkling eyes. “Hey, what bothers you?” Sho stroked the taller one's cheek and saw him biting on his lips. “Sho, I have to tell you something”. Sho felt his heart beat faster and he hoped it wasn't something bad. “I never did it before”, Aiba added and blushed a bit.
Sho breathed in deeply, stroked Aiba's head and smiled brightly. “Shall we wait?”. Aiba shook his head and kissed the other one again. Sho wiped away some hair strands of Aiba's face and took his hand to push him up with him.
They stumbled in the bed room and fell on the bed. Aiba's hands were trembling when he stroked Sho's face softly. “I immediately stop if you want me to”, Sho nibbled softly on Aiba's neck and saw the other one enjoying his touches. Sho sat on Aiba, who looked up at him and smiled brightly before he removed his shirt and bent down to kiss the other one forcefully. He pulled on the taller one's item and pushed it above his head to get lost of it.
Aiba lied back and felt Sho's kisses on his upper body, caressing his skin with soft touches to calm the other one down. He breathed in deeply when he felt Sho's crotch rubbing against his and arched his back to get more of the friction. “Do you have everything at home?”, Aiba pointed at the drawer next to him and leaned back again when he felt Sho's hot breathe in his neck. Sho removed Aiba's pants with some swift movements and robbed down from him to stroke softly above the other one's whole body.
Aiba winced when the other one stated to tug his length and began to buck his hips forward. Sho held him back and kissed his belly while he was still stroking his arousal with one hand. Aiba moaned into the touch and felt Sho's kisses like little electric impulses on his skin. He was nervous because of this first time, but he knew the other one long enough to trust him, even tough they weren't together before. He knew Sho would never hurt him or do something to him what he didn't want to do.
He yelled out Sho's name when he felt a tongue on his erection. He never got to know such a feeling before and it was like thousands of butterflies were hovering in his belly when Sho started to suck him. He knew he wouldn't last long and tried to buck his hips forward. For is surprise Sho let him do like he wanted and he got more and more of the friction when he felt the tip touching Sho's throat. “I am close”, he pressed out but it didn't seem to interest the other one and he came some seconds later.
Sho came up and places soft kisses around his body before he angled for the stuff in the drawer. He opened the full bottle of lube and spread some of it on his fingers. Aiba swallowed the knot in his throat. Even though he loved and trusted the other one, he was afraid of the first time and of being hurt.
Sho leaned forward and nibbled on his skin to make him relaxing bit more. Sho could see Aiba's worry and fear in his eyes and he wanted to distract him from this first, really painful, intrusion.
“Please, relax now”, he whispered and placed his finger between Aiba's legs. He slowly pushed in and looked every second into Aiba's face to stop if it was necessary. He slowly started to move and he could see Aiba breathing in deeply and some small tears were in the corner of his eyes. “It hurts so much, Sho”, he pressed out and felt the other one's warm lips on his, kissing him lovingly and his hand stroked his cheeks. “Calm down, Masaki”, Sho said again between two kisses.
He felt the taller guy started to relax at least a little bit and he started to move gently in the other one. Aiba moaned in pain some times, but soon he got more used to the situation till Sho could finally add a second one. Aiba grasped the blanket next to him and arched his back because of the repeating pain he felt. Sho pushed in completely and started to move less gently as before, because he knew that he had found the other one’s spot with the second thrust.
Aiba let go off the blanket and yelled in pleasure when Sho twisted his fingers and hit the sweet spot in him with every move he made. He smiled and bit softly into Aiba's skin while he kept on preparing him properly. After he added a third finger he pulled out and put on the condom before he placed himself between the other one's legs. He spread them a bit more and leaned forward to push in slowly.
He saw the pain in Aiba's face and bent down to distract him again, but Aiba was struggling against it. Sho held the other one's hips down and sank into him. He tried to be gentle and slow, but he could see that the other one was deep in pain in his moment. He stopped moving for a moment and let Aiba adjust to the situation before he started moving.
Aiba yelled and grasped for Sho to pull him down into a heated kiss. Sho started to speed up his thrusts when he saw Aiba relaxing under him. “More”, he heard him screaming, and he knew he had found the sweet little point in the other one again.
He held his hips up to meet this point with every push and soon he felt the heat rising up in him. He could see that Aiba was already hard again and started to tug him in rhythm with his own thrusts.
Aiba rocked his hips and soon he was over the edge again and released into the other one's hand. He sank back on the bed and felt Sho grasping his hips to hold him up so he could thrust into him, till he found his release and sank down on him.
Half an hour later both stepped out of the bathroom and fell into the bed again. Aiba snuggled up to the other one and placed his head on Sho's chest. “I am really glad you allowed me to stay, and not throwing me out to make a single dinner night”, Sho said and smiled brightly at the other one.
He winced when Aiba suddenly jumped up and ran out of the room. Some minutes later he returned and sat down with a pouting face. “What happened?!” Sho sat up and got worried for a moment.
“My ramen burned and now I have nothing to eat”, Aiba whined and pouted when he heard Sho laughing loudly.
“Forget the ramen, we live from love”, he answered and pulled Aiba down to kiss him again.

A/N: I am really sorry that the requests take me so long, but RL is really stressful during these days and during the last weeks, so I hardly found the time to write and just posted what I had already written. I am really sorry, and I will try to post the next requests as soon as possible! *hugstoall*


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