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1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 1: Hidden love

1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 1: Hidden love

Title: 1582 - Love's forbidden. Chapter 1: Hidden love
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya
Short multi in 6 chapter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D - everything is pure fiction!
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: 1582 - Kame, the son of a rich family, and Jin, who works for Kame's father, are a couple, but they have to hide it from everyone. Till today everything worked out, till the disaster starts and their love got tested. Will they stay together, or will their way separate forever?!

A dark shadow lied above the town and the poorness was more visible than every time before. Kame sat in the garden and saw some farmer walking up and down on the street and he waited for his father to return from the market.
Luckily his family was one of the best-heeled families in this area, so Kame never had to fear about hunger or thirst. He smiled brightly when he saw two shadows appearing on the horizon. He saw them coming closer and helped his father with the bags he carried.
“Akanishi-san, bring this to the kitchen and then go and lumber, but quickly please. We don’t have much time”, Kame’s father ordered harshly. Kame winced when he heard the tone his father used and felt sorry for Jin, the young man who worked for Kame’s family. Actually hew was more like the slave for his father and he handled him like an animal.
Jin had to sleep in the barn and he got a warm meal once a day and a small and meager breakfast early in the morning. For Kame was this behavior like a thorn in his eye and he hated his father for treating the other one like this, but he couldn’t do anything against it.
He saw Jin nodding shortly and running into the house. Seconds later they heard something falling down in the kitchen and Kame’s father ran up to take a look what happened. He saw a broken glass on the floor and some water was building a big puddle on the ground.
Kame could see the anger in his father’s eyes and he hoped he wouldn’t overreact. “I help you cleaning…”, Kame started but his father stopped him with his loud voice.
“You are really too stupid to handle anything, aren’t you”, he started screaming and Kame’s try to hold him back was a fail. He saw his father walking up to Jin and Kame closed his eyes when he saw him hitting the other one for the first time.
Minutes passed by and his father was still screaming and hitting him, till he suddenly let him go off and stumbled out of the kitchen. “I am in the town’s bar”, he only said and walked out without looking back. “Go to your room and let the ragtag cleaning everything. I don’t want to see you here with him, do you get it?”, he father yelled and saw Kame nodding shortly at him before he ran upstairs and closed the door to his room. He looked out of the window and saw his father slowly disappearing behind the hill. He counted till 100 and left his room again to run down to the kitchen.
“Is everything alright Jin?”, he asked softly and saw the other one sitting on the ground, collecting the pieces of the broken glass. His face was red and swollen, but it didn’t hurt that bad like it did when he got beaten up for the first time.
“Yes, I think I am alright”, he whispered and felt some small tears in his eyes.
“I help you”, Kame answered and knelt down next to Jin.
“No, it’s alright, what if you get caught”, Jin said and pushed Kame’s hand softly away.
“I come to you later”, Kame said when he heard his mother entering the house.
“Mother”, Kame smiled when he walked outside to great her friendly.
“Ah, the ragtag was disobedient again? Father told me, I met him down there in the town”, she smiled when she saw Jin kneeling on the floor, cleaning up what he did.
“Yes, he was, but father was here to punish him for this”, Kame smiled and tried to hide his true thoughts about his father’s behavior.
Kame walked up and down in his room and waited for the dinner. He didn’t hear anything again, so probably Jin cleaned up the kitchen and was sent to the barn without food again.
“Kazuya, dinner is done”, his mother smiled when she saw him walking down to the dining room.
Kame looked at his parents and waited for the right moment till he got the chance to hide two pieces of bread and some cheese in his pockets.
“Oh, it tasted great, didn’t it?! You ate that much tonight”, his mother smiled brightly and saw Kame grinning back at her.
“I go to sleep now, I am really tired today”, Kame answered and saw his parents nodding shortly at him. Kame walked up to his room and got more and more nervous, like every evening he had this special plan.
He waited till his parents went to bed and sneaked out of his room. He tried to avoid every noise and breathed out deeply when he reached the front door. Kame looked back and saw the darkness behind him. He tried to figure out any noise, but there only was silence lying in the air.
He felt the fresh air in his face when he opened the door and thought of bringing Jin a blanket when he visited him for the next time. He sneaked around the house and opened the door to the barn slightly. He could see the other one sitting in the corner of the room, a candle lightened a small part of the room and he was reading an old book.
“Jin”, Kame whispered and closed the door behind him.
“Kazuya, you are here”, Jin smiled slightly and looked at the other one in front of him. Kame walked up to him and knelt down next to the other one.
“I bring you something to eat, and I have to write down that you need another blanket, it’s almost autumn and the winter isn’t far away anymore”, Kame nodded and felt Jin’s hand on his waist.
“You don’t know how much that means to me”, Jin said and pulled Kame closer till their faces were only a few centimeters away from each other. Kame closed his eyes and could already smell the other one’s scent. “You know I do anything to help you”, Kame answered and without looking at the other one.
He let his eyes closed and waited till he felt Jin’s lips touching his and he leaned into the warm feeling the other one gave him.
Kame looked at Jin eating the stuff he brought him and he touched his bruises softly, trying not to hurt Jin in any kind of way.
“I am really sorry for this, Jin”, Kame whispered and saw Jin shaking his head.
“It’s absolutely not your fault, Kazuya. You are the best thing I ever met”, Jin answered and poked Kame’s nose playfully.
“It’s dangerous what we are doing, you know that, don’t you?”, Jin said after a while and looked at Kame, who only pulled on a thread on his shirt.
“I don’t dare about it. I want to stay with you”, he answered and finally looked up to the other one.
“Kame, don’t be silly, your father is going to kill both of us. We never can tell anyone about this”, Jin answered sadly. The only reason why he didn’t run away till now sat towards him in this moment. Kame was the only one who ever supported him. He brought him clothes, food and the most important thing: the feeling of being loved.
Jin saw Kame’s sad eyes and pulled on his arm. “Come here”, he said and felt Kame leaning against him and he stroked softly above his back. “We will find a way, no matter how long it will take, and no matter what we have to do”, Jin whispered and closed his eyes.
“I really love you, Jin”, Kame said after a while and felt Jin’s strokes stopped immediately. He looked up at the other one and saw Jin smiling before he bent down to kiss him forcefully.
A slender figure leaned against the barn’s wall and listened to what happened inside. A small and evil smile appeared around his lips and he walked away with a good feeling in his stomach. The next day would be his day. He would get much money for this and he really needed the money…


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my
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