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The waves call your fate - Chapter 1: Cold waves in a hot night

The waves call your fate  - Chapter 1:  Cold waves in a hot night

Title: The waves call your fate  - Chapter 1:  Cold waves in a hot night
Mini series in 5 chapter (+ Prologue)
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: romance, AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Jin and Ryo are stepbrothers and they don't like each other from the first day they meet each other. Everything begins to change when they have to make a summer holiday trip with their parents. But what if one falls in love with another guest? What if one of them recognizes feelings for his brother - Is everything too late then? 
Note 2: Written for the [info]ryoxjin  welcome challenge! (Sorry, it's no one shot, but a short multi chapter...I didn't want to hurry with my idea for this story, so I parted it in some chapters. :)))

Jin woke up late at night and shivered. It was freezing cold in the room and he wondered why, because it was summer and the blanket was thick enough. The blanket? He looked down and saw that there was nothing above his body and when he turned around, he saw his stepbrother coiled up next to him, the blanket all around him and he was sleeping like a baby.
Jin turned around and tried to pull on the blanket to get a bit of it, but Ryo was holding it in his hands and so he was unable to get a piece of it. Ryo snorted shortly in his dreams and rolled around so he was facing Jin. Jin stopped and breathed in slowly, he didn't want to wake up his brother. He rolled his eyes and robbed a bit closer to get at least some warmth from the other one.
Early in the morning Ryo woke up and blinked for some times. His forehead was sweaty and he felt sticky all over his body. He looked next to him and saw Jin's hand around his waist and he was rolled in the blanket. He tried to free himself from the position and pushed away Jin's hand, who woke up because of the sudden touch.

“Don't touch me again”, Ryo grumbled and saw the other one's sleepy eyes resting on him. Jin just nodded and yawned loudly before he stood up and walked into the bathroom. He didn't want to start another fight with his brother and just walked away from the situation. Ryo looked at the bathroom door and knitted his eyebrows. His brother didn't talk back – that was definitely something new for him. He bit on his lips and rubbed out of the bunch of blanket around him. Maybe it was cold during night and Jin didn't want to wake him up? - no that couldn't be, Ryo shook his head and looked into the mirror.
He tried to deal with his messy hair and walked into the bathroom when Jin returned from it. He took a long shower and felt refreshed when he walked back into their sleeping room. His hair were soaking wet and some drops were pouring on his still naked upper body. Jin looked at him and blinked for some times before he left the room with a short “I have something to do”.
Before Ryo could answer anything he heard the door got closed and he was alone in his room. He had no idea what happened right before, and why Jin was running away from him. He shook his head and searched for his bathing clothes before he walked down to the beach and grasped his surf board to ride on the waves all day long.
Jin breathed in deeply and hid behind the hotel. He definitely needed to cool down and forgetting about what he saw right before and he really needed to forget the thoughts he had in this moment. He couldn't forget about the desire to touch and kiss the other one, no matter how hard he tried it. It's your brother, that can't be Jin shook his head and rubbed above his face when he heard a familiar voice around the corner. He looked around and saw Ryo standing there with a guy he didn't like from the very first time he saw him.
It was the type surfer, a surfer who was loved by every girl on the beach – and probably not only by the girls. Jin scanned him from base to tip and felt the jealousy rising up in him when he saw Ryo giggling around with him. He never saw his brother that happy and kind of free. On the one hand he was jealousy because he wished that it would be him with whom Ryo would act like this, and on the other hand he felt something was wrong with this guy. He couldn't say what it was, but there was something off with him.
Jin tried to listen to their conversation, but since he wasn't into surfing he didn't understand what they were talking about. The only thing he understood was that they wanted to meet up later in the evening to go for some drinks together. Jin felt the alarm clocks ringing in him and he knew what that meant – a drunken and “I do everything you want me to” Ryo.
He had to do something against it, but he knew Ryo would never listen to him, or let him join the evening, because Jin was a no-go for Ryo's nights somewhere in bars. But he couldn't say anything if Jin would appear with someone else there and it would be a coincidence that they meet up there.
He smiled shortly and sneaked around the hotel to avoid being seen by Ryo. He had a plan, but there was a big point missing: a date for the evening. But Jin was Jin, and Jin had always a plan or least enough charm to find a date. He walked down the beach and saw two girls sitting in the corner of a tree, talking to each other. He listened some minutes to recognize that they were alone on holiday, and they really wanted some fun in the evening, but it wasn't funny to go alone all the time.
“Sorry for disturbing you, I just listened to a part of your conversation, and I am really sorry about it, but I really need a date for the evening. I want to go in the club next to beach and I wanted to ask if you want to join.” Jin smiled brightly and waited till the girls finally smiled at him and agreed to his invitation. Perfect -  Jin stood up and promised the girls to pick them up later in the lobby from where they'd walk up to the bar.
Jin walked around the promenade before he returned to his room and saw Ryo was already there. “Ah, hey, I will come home late this evening, so you don't have to wait for me”, Ryo said and smiled at him. He didn't know why this were his first words, maybe he wanted to see Jin's reaction to this.
“Me too”, Jin only said and slipped into the bathroom where he prepared himself for his date. “You're going out?”, Ryo asked when Jin fumbled on his belt and put the shirt above it. “Yes, I met some girls and we want to go out tonight. “Ah, okay, I will go with some friends I met during surfing. I don't know when I will be back. But luckily we have two keys”, Ryo pointed at the keys on the bed and smiled at the other one.
After dinner both of them went out in separate ways and only Jin knew that he'd see Ryo later in the bar, but he didn't know what else he'd do on this evening.

A/N: Ryo and Jin, those heroes....XD


Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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