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It's your fault (one shot)

It's your fault

Title: It's your fault
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: PG-15
Genre: romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Kame has a real bad day, and everything is Pi's fault
Note 2: I am back with this today. I wrote it for some real special guys here in Lj as a little thanks for your great support. So this is for: [info]sweetspicyhot -- fazlyn_n -- citraryo  -- romapi anda_k_k_h_n

Kame walked down the corridor and murmured something while he looked at the ground. He felt the anger rising up in him with every word and every thought he had. One bad thing after the other happened to him, and he really wanted to go home now. He thought of the first hours in this morning, where everything started.

First of all he walked into the agency and landed in Tokio’s rehearsing room, because he mixed up the doors, then he stumbled down the corridor and doused the coffee above his shirt. During rehearse he had no further problems, but right after he walked into the canteen where he finally had the spaghetti all over his lap.

He left the agency in the afternoon and totally oversaw the tree right next to the park – that’d be a big bruise on his forehead. And when he reached the subway he ran into the chairs there and a big blue and yellow bruise appeared on his knee.

He cursed everything and slammed the door open, yelling through his apartment. “It’s all your fault”, he glanced into the room and saw Ran, his dog, disappearing somewhere under the couch to hide from her furious owner.

Pi blinked at him and put down the magazine he was reading right now. He smiled because of the coffee-spaghetti mix on Kame’s clothes and stopped when he saw the small bruises on his forehead and knee.

But why was everything Pi’s fault?

Fault number 1

Kame walked into agency in the morning and felt someone pushing him into an empty room. He felt a warm and soft breathe in his neck and closed his eyes to enjoy the kisses and nibbling there. He smiled and looked into Pi’s eyes before he kissed him forcefully. Half an hour later they separated and Kame still felt dizzy because of all the kisses – till he stood in the middle of Tokio’s rehearsing room.

Fault number 2

Kame apologized and breathed in deeply. A coffee would help him to get his brain back after Pi’s attack, but he didn’t count with the other one. Kame winced when he heard Pi’s voice next to him and he felt the goose bumps on his skin when Pi stood directly behind him and his fingers were stroking softly above Kame’s belly. “I am looking forward to tonight…I really want to feel my Kazu again”, he smiled and walked away with a little kiss left on Kame’s cheek. Kame felt his hands were shivering in excitement and he stumbled a bit with the first step he made, and the whole coffee was somewhere above his shirt.

Fault number 3

Kame walked in the canteen and wanted to turn around when he saw Pi grinning at him. Kame tried to ignore him, but when he sat down and wanted to start eating he heard the other one’s voice next to him. “You really look hot right now, I wish I could fuck you right here”. Kame swallowed the knot in his throat and oversaw the border of the plate. The whole food landed in his lap and his cheeks felt hot as fire when he saw Pi smiling at him.

Fault number 4

Kame was already really annoyed when he walked out of the building and tried to hurry up, because he wanted nothing more than being at home right now. He made some steps and breathed in the warm air when he felt a almost hard slap on his butt. “I love your ass, especially in the bed, and naked”, he heard a laughter behind him and saw Pi grinning brightly at him before he slapped him again. Kame murmured something and tried to ignore the other one – not looking at the big thing in front of him. He rubbed his forehead and kicked the tree, searching for Pi, who was already gone.

Fault number 5

He stumbled down the subway and his anger was mixed up with being excited and aroused – finally he would be at home where he could finally feel Pi with all his body. He got lost in his thoughts and daydreamed about Pi touching and kissing him when he ran into the chair and yelled out in pain.

Now he stood there and breathed in deeply. He saw a small smile around Pi’s lips and he felt the anger rising up again. “That’s not funny at all. I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything during day. Everything went wrong, and look at me, I look terrible. My shirt and pants are dirty, I have two bruises and I ran into the wrong room today. And that’s your fault, only because I fall for you.” Pi stood up and walked to Kame, who was still yelling at him, and hugged him tightly.

“I am sorry, but I can’t resist you, even though we are somewhere outside.” Pi kissed him slightly and smiled at his boy in front of him. He never expected that Kame was that easy to agitate, but he really liked this clumsy and embarrassed part of him. “I am sorry about the bruises, I didn’t want it”, he said and kissed Kame’s forehead carefully before he carried him to the couch and stroked softly above his knee.

“It’s alright, I think. Pi?!”, Kame asked and curled some of the other one’s hair between his fingers.

“Hm?” Pi buried his head in Kame’s neck and nibbled softly on his skin.

“I love you”, Kame said out of the blue and for the first time during their relationship. Pi looked up and stared into the other one’s eyes before he smiled brightly and kissed him again.

“I love you too, Kazuya”, he answered after a long kiss and carried his love to the bed room.

A/N: Finally I cooled down again - it was as I said, I am a bit hotheaded and get angry quite soon, but now I am alright again. I really want to thank everyone who commented on my post, it really cheered me up. So thanks again *bighugs*
to my dear a_k_k_h_n: I know it's not one of your OTP's but I hope you anyhow like it  :))

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