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Hey there!

I just want to tell everyone that I will be on hiatus for some time. I don't know how long, maybe only a few days, but I am really annoyed of the fandom (or of some guys here in the fandom) right now.

I think some guys can't imagine how much effort and work is in every single line of a fanfiction and they can't cheerish it.

So maybe it's stubborn and a too impulsiv reaction from my side, but that's how I am. So maybe I will be back on wekend or after it, but now I have no motivation to write or post anything.

If you areinterested in the reasons, please write me a pm, I don't want to discuss it here, or leave a comment and I will write you :).

And I will be online, I am not avoiding lj *lol* and I will read and comment things, as far as I have the time to do it

*hugs*to all my dear friends

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