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Drawn silence - Chapter 12: Silent kiss

Drawn silence - Chapter 12: Silent kiss

Title: Drawn silence - Chapter 12: Silent kiss
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa; Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo; Akanishi Jin/ Kamenashi Kazuya [Brothers]
Rating:  R (just to be safe)
Multi Chapter in 26 Chapters
Genre: AU, romance, angst, drama,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Yamapi is new in town and he searches for new friends. Luckily he meets Ryo, Jin and Jin's brother Kazuya and starts to hang out with them. Everything would be perfect - even his growing feelings towards Kazuya, but the fact that Kazuya isn't able to speak makes everything more complicated. Kazuya isn't able to communicate with anyone, and no one knows why.

„What are you doing Ryo?“, Jin laughed and looked at his boyfriend, who was lying on him, his trembling fingers stroked above Jin’s chest. “Have you forgotten how sex works out?”, Jin asked and smiled brightly.

“What, no, but I am nervous…”

“Why the hell? We did it so damn often during the last two years”, Jin said and knitted his eyebrows.

“But it was our first date tonight”; Ryo stopped touching the other one and glanced at him.  

“Ryo, it wasn’t our first date tonight”, Jin laughed loudly. He absolutely loved the cute and illogical thoughts Ryo had. He was able to dive totally into a game he played, and it was like he really believed this game become reality.

“Oh, I got it, you don’t have to be nervous. Shall I be top instead?”, Jin smirked and hit Ryo’s butt playfully.

“No chance”, Ryo protested and pressed Jin back on the bed.

“Alright, but then go on, Shrimp”, Jin joked and kissed him forcefully.

“Hey, don’t stress me, Jin”, Ryo whined and poked the other one’s cheek playfully. “I would never do this, but I really want to have our “first time” today”, Jin laughed and stroked softly above the other one’s back, pulling him closer for another kiss.

Ryo let his hand wandering up and down on Jin’s body and smiled when he saw Jin closing his eyes, enjoying his touches. He placed some butterfly kisses on the other one’s upper body while he tried to unzip Jin’s pants.

“Shall I help you?”, Jin smiled brightly and looked at the other one who blushed and pricked out his tongue. He pulled on the belt and finally managed it to get the item away. Jin grinned, but let the other do what he wanted to do with him. He just enjoyed the touches the other one gave him, and for this moment he wanted to forget every problem he had right now, and his brother was far away.

He breathed in deeply when Ryo placed some soft kisses on his body, and he moaned shortly when he felt Ryo’s finger gliding into him. He knew he wouldn’t hurt him anymore, because Ryo was the most precious thing he had in his life. He was there when he needed someone to talk to, and he was there when he cried because everything was too much.

Jin grasped the blanket next to him when Ryo pushed in and moved his hips slowly and in a state rhythm. He bit on his lips and tried to suppress his yelling and calmed down when Ryo hit his spot with every single thrust.

“The best first time I ever had”, Jin smiled and kissed Ryo, who was snuggling up to him.

“Yes, it really was, but maybe we should go to our home now. I am living at your place during the next time, don’t forget about it.”, Ryo smiled brightly and kissed the other one again.


“Kazuya?”, Pi said and smiled when he looked above his own shoulder. The other one was hiding behind him, his head buried in Pi’s shoulder blade and his hands were grasping Pi’s shirt. “Is everything alright? Shall I stop the movie?”, Pi asked softly and tried to touch the other one, but Kazuya was nearly lying behind him, not moving a millimeter, but shaking his head energetically. Pi smiled and turned around, trying to dissolve from Kazuya’s grip.

“Is really everything alright? You don’t seem to be fine?”, Pi said half amused and looked at the other one closely. He stroked softly above Kazuya’s cheek and tried to dissolve from the other one’s grip. “I turn it off”, Pi said and wanted to take the remote controller, but Kazuya shook his head and stared at the TV again. He bit on his lips and tried to stay calm and cool, but with the first monster which appeared on the screen he winced and grasped Pi arm again, burying his head in the other one’s chest.

Pi grinned and curled some of Kazuya’s hair between his fingers. He still had Ryo’s words in his head, and he thought of being the one who could bring Kazuya back to a normal life. Pi saw him looking at him and for just one moment he forgot everything and bent over to place a soft kiss on Kazuya’s lips.


“We are back”, Jin said from downstairs and waited for Pi’s answer. He hoped that everything was working out.

Pi pushed slightly on Kazuya’s shoulder and dissolved from the kiss. Thousands of explosions crossed his body when he felt the other one replying the kiss. He looked at Kazuya and suddenly he got afraid, he couldn’t be in a relationship with him, it was impossible at all. It wouldn’t work out. He heard Jin’s voice from downstairs and stood up immediately.

“Hey there, we are here!”, Pi yelled and walked down to the others.

“Everything alright?”, Jin asked and looked at Pi.

“Sure, everything perfect. We watched a movie”, Pi answered and saw Jin smiling at him and walking upstairs.

“What happened?”, Ryo whispered when Jin was out of sight.

“Nothing”, Pi lied and explained that he had to go now, because his mother waited for him. He rushed out of the door and ran down the street to his house. His heart beat fast and his hands were sweating when he reached his room. What had he done? He knew it was a mistake to kiss him, because he couldn’t be in a relationship with the other one, it was simply impossible, but there was a strange feeling in him, which let him doubt on his opinion.

He couldn’t forget the warm lips lying on his, and he still felt Kazuya’s hand stroking above his back. It was like Kazuya was able to transport his feelings in touches, and Pi was wondering if he was the only one with whom Kazuya was able to talk (in his own way).

“Where’s Pi?”, Jin said and looked at his boyfriend who was standing in the kitchen.

“I don’t know. His mother needed something, and so he had to go.”, Ryo said and smiled at Jin. “Is Kazuya sleeping?”, Ryo added and saw Jin nodding shortly.

“He lied down right now, so he will go to sleep now, I think”, Jin smiled and grinned brightly when he added: “We could go for a second round…a second date…or so…right now…”.  Ryo nodded shortly and stumbled when Jin took his hand and pushed him upstairs to their sleeping room.

Kazuya lied in his bed and heard his brother and Ryo giggling on the corridor, and everything got silent when they reached their sleeping room. Kazuya had some tears in his eyes and still remembered Pi’s expression and his words: “It’s not possible, I can’t be with you”. Kazuya pressed his head in his pillow and started to cry. He really wanted to open himself for the other one, but it was nearly impossible. He still needed a lot of strength to go as far as he managed it till now.

Hours later he fell exhausted asleep and cried some tears during dreaming about the first kiss he got some hours ago. He woke up and winced when his dream suddenly changed and he saw the masks and dark guys grinning at him, pushing him forward, forcing him to decide. He saw the boy standing there, his hands shivering, tears in his eyes, blood was running down his cheek and a low voice behind him said: “Do it”.

He sat up in his bed and looked outside. It was early in the morning, and he normally would try to sleep again, but he had to do something, he had to be confident, at least one time in his life.

A/N: Yeah, I am back with my PiKame story. ^^ After my holiday I am glad to be back with this story. I hope you like this chapter. We nearly have the half-time with this story, and now it's PiKame time. Okay, in this chapter it's a little bit more RyoJin, but I think after all the things which happened between them, they need some love too :DDD
So, enjoy reading it, I hope you like it. :)

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