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The creatures of the night - The black men (1/??)

The creatures of the night - Chapter 1 "The black men"

The creatures of the night (1/??) – Chapter 1: The black men 
Pairing:  none (till now)
Rating:  PG-13 (till now) 
Genre: AU, friendship, mystery/horror, romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Four different species humans, magicians, werewolves and vampires have to work together to defeat the "black men". The big problem is: normally the species do not cooperate with each other, it's more that they hate each other, and so it is hard to work together and find a way to defeat the enemy.

„Here is the entrance of the cemetery and on the other side is the mausoleum. We had to arrive there before the black men see us.” Yoko, the head of the Vampire clan pointed on a map, which was lying on wooden table.

The Vampires lived in a wood far away from civilization. They visited the cities only for hunting. But these times they had other problems, then hunting humans. A species called “black men” appeared in the country and they knew that it could be the vampire’s end, if they didn’t do something against them.

Kame, the youngest of the vampires sat on the windowsill and said to the others: “You know what that mean? We can’t deny the fact that we are to less fighters for this war. We are only five, and they may be hundred. And don’t forget, we don’t have the weapons.”

From the dark corner of the room came a voice: “We are six Vampires, and not five, Kame”. Goro, the newest Vampire stepped in Kame’s direction and the moonlight glanced in his face.

“Goro, you faint, if you see blood…I think you wouldn’t be the best fighter, ne?!”, Kame answered.

That was a sad fact. Goro turned into a Vampire, because of a long family tradition, but the fact, that he couldn’t see blood, wasn’t the best condition for being a blood-sucking creature. He lived because he had his “special-five-minutes” when he turned into a monster and killed every human being in his direction. But he never remembered about what he did. His therapist ordered him to drink a lot of strawberry shakes, because of its red color and maybe he get used to blood – Subaru rolled his eyes when heard about that tip, because he already knew Goro’s therapist: Ryo.

“You know, Yoko, we have only one chance to defeat them…”, Subaru stared at Yoko and waited for an answer. “We can’t do this Subaru, that’s against our rules.” Ryo and Sho just walked into the room after they kept watch. “Everything is alright, but I could smell, that there is something evil in the air”, said Sho.

Yoko sighted and looked at the others: “Go to earn power tonight. I think tomorrow we will meet up with the other species. We need a plan. I got a letter; we meet up in the mausoleum tomorrow night.”

Kame glanced at him: “Don’t tell me you want to collaborate with them Yoko?”

“I believe we have no other chance. They are too strong this time. ”, Yoko answered.

So they all went out to drink some blood. Subaru had the worst part, like always: He had to go

with Goro.


Shingo stood beside the river and drank some water. Nagase rolled on the earth and gasped behind him. Somewhere farer away they heard Jin barking. At nights they turned into werewolves and strayed round the region they lived.

Jin was searching for the black men, while Nagase and Shingo tried to find out in which direction they fled. Murakami Shingo, always called Hina, saw the black men two days ago.

He lied on the balcony at midnight and looked around. Aiba was cooking for the next days dinner, and suddenly he saw them, running in the wood, black, transparent, like shadows. Hina alarmed the others and they searched in the woods. They never parted, because they knew that there would be no chance to survive, if they fight alone.

They even did something they normally do not do: Taking Aiba with them. Aiba was everything, but not a hunting, fighting, and dangerous dog kind creature; he was more like a caring, cute pet. But he was the best cook the ever know, and especially Shingo loved eating.

On days they were able to turn into human beings but at night they are cursed to live as creature. They were mutants of the traditional werewolves and there genes transformed, so they weren’t only at full moon cursed to live as wolves but every night.

They reached their home early in the morning and transformed into humans.

“We need to be strong tonight. We are going to meet up with the others. So maybe Aiba can cook something?”, Shingo asked Aiba and looked at the others.

“Why the hell do we have to collaborate?”, Jin yearned.

“There is no other chance, Jin. They are too strong this time. We meet up tomorrow night in the mausoleum”, Shingo answered.


The cat sat on the wall and looked down on the cemetery, at the beginning of the hill. They lived in a villa next to this. The magicians were the oldest race of supernatural creatures in this landscape. All of them were fit out with special abilities, so they weren’t only the oldest but also the strongest species here. “Hey, Ohno, something new?”, Tegoshi asked from the inside of the house.

The cat jumped from the wall and transformed during the flight. Ohno was able to change himself into any animal he wanted to, but mostly he preferred a stoic cat. Tegoshi stood in his room and read books of the black men’s history. “Nope, everything silent outside”, Ohno said and took one of the books.

“I hope it stay like this”, they heard Tackey from the other side of the house. “Yes, we too”, Ohno answered.  Tackey was able to read others minds, so he didn’t have to be in the same room as the others. That wasn’t always nice for the others, because Tackey knew everything about them.

“I really want to know why they are here again…”, Nino appeared behind Ohno. He looked over his shoulder and read the first rows of the book.

“Maybe you can make me fall asleep tonight, Nino”, Miyake Ken called from the kitchen. “Do I always have to use my ability, because you can’t sleep, Ken?”

Ken smiled and turned round. He was the only one, who had no special ability till this day. The story told that every magician would find his ability, but for some of them needed more time to find out their ability. But Ken was very impatient, and Tackey and the others had to calm him down very often.

Tackey was like the head of the magicians, because he was “the men who always had a plan”. And somehow he knew that this time they really needed to collaborate with the other species if they wanted to have any chance to survive.

“We meet up with them tomorrow night at the mausoleum”, Tackey said during lunch.

“You aren’t serious! We can’t collaborate.”, Nino yearned.

“There is no other way. They are too strong this time. They will be like an army.” The monkey on the windowsill said.

“We are going to meet up tomorrow night in the old mausoleum.”, Tackey explained.

“Like the last time….” Tegoshi added thoughtfully.

Sakamoto sat in his office and looked in his map. Numbers rushed through his head and he wrote down the equations. “No, that can’t be…they came back right now…” He was deep in thoughts and didn’t realize the man who stood in the corner of the room.

“Card trick?” the man said. Sakamoto looked up and saw MatsuJun stood there in his suit; his sunglasses hid his dark eyes. Sakamoto smiled, he knew the young boy was a master of tricks. He won every game and it was impossible to win against him.

“Jun, we have a problem. I checked the dates and it seems the black man return.”, Sakamoto looked down on the notes.

“I thought you’d say this…”, MatsuJun replied. “Have you called the others?”

Sakamoto nodded and right after Jun’s sentence the door opened and Koichi walked in. Right after him was Okada.

“We know about it”, Koichi said. Sakamoto nodded and said: “We have to do something. But I think we all know that we aren’t able to fight alone.” All of them looked around.

“We humans never collaborated with the other creatures, but the fact that we aren’t able to walk out at nights, make us special too, ne?!”, Sakamoto sighted.

They were human, but at nights, when the moon appears, old signs appeared on their whole body, their eyes became red and their skin became hot like fire. So they weren’t able to walk out at nights. The only different between them and the other species was the fact, that they didn’t live together in a house, but everyone had his own life. Sakamoto was professor on the university, Koichi was head of a insurance group, MatsuJun was part of Yakuza and underground activities and Okada was the Mac Donalds employee of the month.

“But we are strong, look, you are the master of numbers, Sakamoto, Jun is the best trick player I ever know, Okada is the man of the guns, no one shoots better than he does, and I can handle every electricity and technique which exists. We can make this on our own.”, Koichi said.

Sakamoto shook his head and mentioned: “this time it will be worse. They aren’t five, six or ten black men, the will come with an army, and we have to collaborate.”

Jun came closer and answered: “The other species are all more than four guys, ne?! So I think we need someone else to help us!” The others looked at him and didn’t understand what the talked about. Jun pointed at the door, but there was no one. He stepped out and packed something. He held a young boy by his shirt and pushed him in the office.

“Pizza boy….I am only the Pizza boy…I heard nothing, about the black men and fighting and creatures…really…” Shige trembled.

Sakamoto rolled his eyes and sighted: “Ok…that’s bad… I told you not to meet here…but now we couldn’t do anything…so you join the group…” Shige had no idea what the old man was talking about, but he didn’t contradict.

“We meet up with them tomorrow night in the old mausoleum on the cemetery. Go to sleep, we need to be strong tonight. We don’t know how that will work out.” Sakamoto said. “And you come with me”, he said to Shige.




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