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Hangover (one shot)

Title: Hangover
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Uchi Hiroki
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Ryo has a terrible hangover, and thinking of the last night makes him wincing in pain but also in pleasure.
Note 2: Written for theje_7stars  welcome challenge.


Ryo walked down the corridor and closed his eyes. It was a horrible day and his head ached terribly. He rubbed his temples and felt the fresh air hitting his face when he opened the door.

What a terrible day…Ryo thought when he entered his apartment and fell on his bed, the pillow above his head. Only two hours sleep, three pills against the headache, and a dry mouth for a whole day…I never go out again Ryo sighed deeply and turned around in his bed, his eyes closed. He winced and opened them when the pictures of the last evening popped up in his mind again.




He stood in his favorite bar and was laughing around with his friends when he saw his boyfriend entering the room. Normally Ryo would have been happy and bouncy about his appearance, but what he saw made him forgetting every good feeling he knew.

He saw Ren walking in with another guy next to him, but not only next to him, because he held his hand. Ryo felt a short stinging pain in his chest, but he still believed that it was just a coincidence and just held the guy’s hand because he nearly stumbled or something like that. He saw them walking up to the bar and Ren was still holding the other one’s hand. Ryo wanted to walk up to him, but right in the moment he started walking he saw Ren kissing the other one passionately.

Ryo felt his heart bumping against his chest and the heat was rising up in him when he felt some tears in his eyes. He wasn’t able to make a single move, even when Ren saw him standing there, looking shocked at him. “Ryo, what are you doing here? I thought you are in Osaka?” What a statement, Ryo thought and tried to calm down.

He walked outside with Ren and they talked about their relationship and what has happened right before. Ryo couldn’t believe that the other one had an affair since months, and he got angrier when Ren was giving the entire fault to him, because Ryo was often not at home because of his work. Ryo turned around without saying anything and walked down the street. He didn’t look back when he heard Ren calling his name and he didn’t react when he heard his mobile ringing some minutes later.

Before he knew what he did, Ryo found himself in the next bar with a lot of alcohol on the table in front of him. Hours passed and he felt the drinks made him dizzy and everything was spinning around.

Ryo didn’t know how late it was when he heard a familiar voice calling his name. “Ryo, come on, I bring you home”. Ryo tried to escape from the grip, but it was impossible, because his reaction was already too slow. He remembered the moment he stumbled into his apartment and he saw Uchi holding him, trying to prevent him from falling on the floor. Ryo fell backwards and giggled when he slammed against the other one. “Ouch, Ryo, go down from me”. Ryo turned around and sat up on the floor. He and Uchi sat on the ground and looked at each other and before Ryo could think about anything he grasped Uchi’s shirt and pulled him closer.

Uchi struggled against the grip, but Ryo didn’t dare to let him go and before he could do anything he felt Ryo’s lips lying on his, kissing him passionately.

“Ryo, please stop it, you are drunk, you don’t know what you are doing”. Uchi pushed the other one harshly away and stared at Ryo with his eyes wide open. “Ryo?”, he said softly and stroked above Ryo’s shoulder.

Ryo winced and looked up at his friend, and the tears in his eyes were rising up. He bit on his lips to suppress them but it didn’t work out. Drops were falling down on the ground and neither Ryo nor Uchi moved a single millimeter for at least five minutes. “Please go Uchi, I am not myself right now”. Ryo rubbed above his face and looked at the other one. The dizziness in his head disappeared step by step and he realized what he had done right before.

“Ryo, I won’t leave you alone here. Please stop crying, Ryo, I am here for you”, Uchi tried to calm the other one down and robbed closer to him. Uchi felt Ryo’s head against his chest and he heard him sobbing loudly.

“Everything will be alright, Ryo-chan” Uchi saw Ryo shaking his head energetically and before he could say something he heard his breaking voice whispering: “I feel nothing, no matter how much I search for a feeling, I do not feel anything”.

“What do you mean you feel nothing?” Uchi wiped away some tears in Ryo’s eyes and stroked softly above the other one’s back to calm him down. “I don’t feel angry, sad or anything else when I think of Ren and someone else. It’s like I never loved him”.

“But why are your crying then?” Uchi knitted his eyebrows and looked at Ryo next to him. “I have no idea, Hiro. I think I realized that I wasted my time with him, and I think I broke someone else’s heart, even though I fell for him since forever, but I never had the courage to admit this to myself and to him.” Ryo looked up, the tears in his eyes let everything became blurred, but he could see Uchi’s expression, and that made the goose bumps appear on his skin. He remembered the day everything went south…

“Hey, Hiro”. Ryo smiled brightly and ran up to the other one, pushing softly on his arm. “What’s up”. Ryo could see the sad and confused expression in the other one’s eyes and stopped walking when he recognized that Uchi must have cried right before. “It’s nothing”. Uchi kept on walking without noticing Ryo anymore. He swallowed the knot in his throat and tried to hold his tears behind. The day before he got to know that Ryo finally asked Ren for a date, and actually he had to be glad about the fact that his best friend was happy again, but actually he couldn’t be.

“Hiro, stop walking and tell me what’s going on.” Ryo breathed in deeply when Uchi finally stopped walking and pushed Ryo into the empty dressing room behind them. “You are together with him, aren’t you?” Uchi stared at the smaller one and tried to read his mind. He could see Ryo blinking for some times and staring back at him. “Why do you ask?” Ryo shook his head, still staring at Uchi in front of him.

“Ryo-chan…I …sorry, I think I have to go”, but Uchi had no chance to escape, because Ryo grasped his arm and pulled him back into the room. “Why are you asking Hiro?” Ryo glanced at the taller guy and saw the sparkling in his eyes disappearing. The latter’s heart beat faster when he saw Uchi biting on his lips. “I think I fall for you, Ryo-chan”, he whispered nearly voiceless.

“I am sorry Hiro, I am with Ren, I can’t be with you…”, Ryo answered and stood there, watching Uchi rushing out of the room, leaving him behind there. “But actually I don’t know what I want”, Ryo added but Uchi couldn’t hear him anymore.

And now Ryo was sitting there, crying the whole pain out and he didn’t dare to look into the other one’s eyes. “Look at me”. Ryo raised his head and saw a warm smile on Uchi face, and he felt his hand caressing his back lovingly. “Everything is too late, isn’t it?”, Ryo croaked and saw the other one was still smiling at him.

“It’s never too late to get a second chance, you know me”, Uchi smiled and pulled Ryo closer to him.

“You really think there is a second chance for me?” Ryo couldn’t believe it and stared at Uchi, and before he could say or do anything, he felt his lips resting on his’ caressing them softly and at least kissing him passionately.



Ryo murmured in his pillow and winced when he heard a familiar voice next to him. “You are at home?” Ryo turned around and faced the tall guy, who was standing right next to his bed. “Hiro”, he smiled and pulled the other one down to the bed. “Okay, the day wasn’t that terrible at all”, Ryo smiled and kissed Uchi, snuggling up to him and forgetting about his hangover.

 Yeah, my first RyoUchi one shot. ^^ I hope some of you like it and comments are love XD 




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