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30 days of PiKame

Title: 30 days of PiKame
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya/ Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: PG-R (just to be safe) 
Genre: romance, fluff,
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Drabble series - 30 days of PiKame
Note 2: As very belated birthday present and a kind of "I am happy that you are back" present for fazlyn_n

1st day

Pi walked upstairs and saw him looking at him. He blushed, his eyes were shyly and he bit on his lips.

“Hey”, he said.

“Hey”, Pi answered and stepped closer.

“It’s not a dream”, Kame said.

“No, it isn’t”, Pi replied and kissed him slightly.


2nd day

Pi saw him on the corridor. Only a few steps and their ways would cross. Pi could already smell the other one’s scent, and when he passed him he felt the others hand brushing his, stroking softly above it. He couldn’t await the evening when he finally could take the others hand in his, caressing it for hours.


3rd day

Pi slowly stroked above Kame’s waist, drawing circles on his skin. He smiled when he saw goose bumps appearing on the other one’s body.

“You’re too thin”, Pi said and pinched into Kame’s belly.

“Too much sport”, Kame grinned back at him.

“Sport?”, Pi knitted his eyebrows and understood what the other one meant when Kame started to kiss him forcefully.


4th day

“You’re an idiot, Pi”, Kame screamed and bit on his lips when he felt some tears running down his cheeks. Pi stared at him and stood up slowly, trying to calm the other one down.

“I said I am really sorry, Kazu”, he whispered and pressed the other one against his body. Kame tried to struggle, but finally he leaned into the embrace and let Pi comforting him.

5th day

I saw your musical today, Pi

And?, Kame

I love it, Koki was funny and Nakamaru did a real great job, Pi

And I?, Kame

Sorry, I had to stare on your butt all time long, Pi

Baka, Kame

Hey, it’s my butt, Pi

I love you, Kame

I love you, and your butt, Pi


6th day

“I made some Onigiri for you today”, Pi smiled brightly at Kame and saw the other one's irritated eyes resting on the plate in front of him.

“You?”, Kame said and got a little bit afraid.

“Alright…you got me…I ordered them…”, Pi crossed his arms and pouted.

“I love you”, Kame smiled and bit into one of them.


7th day

“I was totally hyper when I saw the performance, and when you turned around….and then you had this shirt….and the dancers….and when you made these steps, you know…and in the second part….the lights….”, Kame was talking without a single stop and his eyes were sparkling. Pi stood in front of him, his hands crossed and he listened to his boyfriend’s explanations about his solo concert. Pi looked around in the train and pulled the other one closer, when he saw that no one was around. He kissed him forcefully and smiled brightly at him. “That’s the way I can make you stop talking at all”, he laughed and kissed Kame again when he saw him pouting in front of him.


8th day

“I love you more”, Pi said.

“No, I love you more”, Kame smiled.

“No, I”

“I love you more”

“No…I”, Pi grinned and stood up to kiss Kame who was sitting on the other side of the table.

“Oh god…stop this…I have a head ache…you are more than lovey-dovey….that’s awful”, Ryo grumbled and walked away.


9th day

Kame stood in the kitchen, just a little towel around his waist when Pi entered the room.

Pi smiled brightly and stroked above the other one’s back.

“Hungry?”, Kame asked and felt Pi’s hands around his hips.

“Later”, Pi whispered and carried the other one to the bed room.


10th day

We are too different

We have different friends

We have different hobbies

We have a different style

We have a different way of thinking

But we have the same love – us


11th day

They needed years to fall for each other

They needed months to admit that they love each other

They needed weeks to go to their first date

They needed hours to find the right styling for the first date

They needed to be patient, because the minutes till the date started didn’t pass by.

But they needed only one second to recognize that their feelings were true.


12th day

Kame leaned against the cold wall and felt the other one pressing him against it. He looked at Pi and saw the dark and lustful eyes in front of him. He smiled brightly and kissed the other one forcefully, ordering him to go on.


13th day

“Kazuya, why are we together?”, Pi asked slowly and kissed the other one’s forehead. Kame was already snoozing away on Pi’s chest and opened his eyes just a little bit to look at the other one. “Because we love each other?”, he suggested and smiled brightly. Pi grinned back and whispered: “I just wanted to hear you saying this again”.


14th day

 Pi buried his head in the other one’s hair, trying to smell his scent and memorizing it for the next months. He’d be on tour and they wouldn’t meet up during this time. Pi felt Kame moving on in his lap, he felt him around him and he closed his eyes to memorize even this feeling.


15th day

“You are an arrogant idiot”, Kame yelled.

“And you are bitchy, like a girl”, Pi screamed back, and saw Kame taking his bag and rushing out of the room.

He sighed and rolled his eyes before he followed him and saw him struggling with his shoes. Pi grasped the other one’s hand and pulled him closer, kissing him before he was able to protest.

“But you are my bitchy Kazuya”, Pi whispered into the other one’s ear and smiled into the next kiss.


16th day

Kame woke up late at night and turned around in his bed. He saw the other one’s face next to him and he stroked softly above it.

“What are you doing?”, Pi murmured and opened his eyes a little bit.

“I just wanted to feel you”, Kame answered and snuggled up to him.


17th day

It was raining – and Kame loved the rain – but not on this day. It was like the rain cried with him. Pi left him, completely for this time. He had enough from their fights. He didn’t want to go on like this, and now it was too late to change something.

Tear drops were falling on the windowsill and Kame’s cheeks turned red in between some minutes.

He felt a warm feeling behind him and winced when he felt two hands around his waist.

“I can’t go”, Pi whispered and leaned his head on the other one’s shoulder.

“I am sorry”, Kame sobbed and turned around to hug the other one.


18th day

“Ouuuchhhh”, Kame yelled and jumped up and down in the kitchen. Pi’s heart beat faster when he ran up to him and saw him standing in front of the water basin, some blood was dropping down there and Kame bit on his lips.

“I cut myself, do something”, Kame whined and saw Pi smiling brightly.

“It’s not that bad”, Pi said and took the other one’s hand to clean the little wound and put a plaster on it before he placed a soft kiss on there.

“Now it’s better”, Kame smiled and leaned against the other one.


19th day

Pi sat on the beach and looked at the sunset in front of him. Some small tears were running down his cheeks and he sobbed shortly. “Can I sit down here?” He turned around and saw Kame smiling at him. Pi nodded shortly, still looking at the other one.

“I am sorry”, Pi whispered.

“I know...” Kame smiled sadly and leaned his head against Pi's chest. “Everyone makes mistakes, and everything can be forgiven”, he added and saw the other one looking at him. He kissed him slightly and smiled into the kiss.

20th day

Pi breathed in deeply, tried to hit the other one's spot with every thrust. He heard Kame yelling his name, making him going on harder and faster. He felt the heat rushing through his veins when he came with a loud moan. “The best sex ever”, Pi smiled and kissed Kame slightly.

21st day

Kame looked next to him and saw Pi staring at the screen in front of him. It was their first date and they were in the cinema. Kame saw some small tears in Pi's eyes and grinned brightly. “But you don't like romantic movies...don't you”, he whispered and saw the other one's dark glance on him. “I love this way of acting”, Kame added quickly and saw a sparkling in Pi's eyes. Kame looked around and saw that they were alone in the room before he leaned his head against Pi's chest, taking his hand in his' and kissed Pi slightly.

22nd day

Pi sat in the audience and looked various times in his watch. He got more and more nervous. Soon it would be the moment he awaited most. Just some minutes...and there it was. Kame entered the stage and started his solo song. He saw his sight wandering above the audience till he found him in one of the first rows. Naka ni mieta hikari tsunagatte iru kara Pi heard him singing and he knew it was only him of whom Kame was thinking right now.

23rd day
Kame was rushing up and down on the corridor and searched for his costume. The countdown was always stressful and somehow it was always Kame who lost something during this show. “I can't find it...I am going insane...fuck...”, he cursed and ran up and down till he felt someone pulling on his arm, pushing him backwards. Kame stumbled and fell into Pi's arms. “Keep cool, where have you seen your costume for the last time”. Pi stroked softly above Kame's back and felt him calming down. “Ah...I know it!”, Kame smiled and kissed Pi before he rushed away again. Pi was always calming him down, bringing him back and making him start thinking again.

24th day

“Pi?”he heard the other one's voice on the phone and grumbled something, rubbing above his face.

“Kame, are you insane? It's 4am and I was already sleeping. What do you want?”, Pi said unfriendly and winced when he heard Kame crying on the other side.

“I am in hospital with Ran-chan....”, he answered and Pi was already out of his bed.

“I am on my way, give me 10 minutes”, Pi said and hung up. His heart was beating fast, and he hurried up to get to his boyfriend.

25th day

Kame let his hand running above Pi's face. His fingertips brushed above the other one's lips, cheeks and nose. He bent over and placed a soft kiss on the other one's cheek, bit softly in Pi's nose and smiled brightly when he heard him protesting against it. But Kame didn't let him speak, he just kissed him passionately, longing for more.


26th day

Kame sat in the living room and read a book. It was the first day off since weeks. He just wanted to relax and doing nothing. He felt a soft poke in his leg, then in his hip, in his chest and at least at his nose. He looked up and before he could do something his book was thrown into the corner and pi pulled at him, pressing him against his body, kissing him passionately. “No time to relax...”, Kame whined but smiled brightly. “No, not today...”, Pi grinned and went on kissing the other one.

27th day

“Jan-ken-pon”, Pi and Kame yelled loudly, making everyone looking at them.

“What the hell are they doing?” Jin knitted his eyebrows and looked at Ryo next to him.

“They check out who is going to be top next time, but Kame is always losing, and protests against it....playing it again, and again, and again...”, Ryo grumbled and rolled his eyes.

28th day

“Kazuya???”, Pi yelled and searched in the apartment for his lover but couldn't find him anywhere. He opened the door to their sleeping room and stopped, his mouth wide open. Kame stood in the middle of the room, naked and smiled brightly at Pi.

“Come in”, he said and put the red scarf above Pi's eyes before he guided him to the bed.

29th day

“Why are you so chipper?”, Jin asked and saw Kame bouncing up and down on the chair in front of him.

“There is no reason”, Kame answered, still grinning brightly.

“And why are you so happy?”, Jin asked Pi, who was also bouncy and chipper.

“No reason...”, he only answered.

“Oh god, you had sex”, Ryo yelled out and saw Jin staring at him in unbelieving.

Pi and Kame turned red and just nodded shortly, looking ashamed on the ground, but both were still grinning brightly.

30th day

“And that are the basic rules of baseball....”, Kame said and saw Pi's irritated sight resting on him. “Did you understand it, or shall I start again?”, Kame asked and saw Pi bending over, kissing him forcefully, holding him back to start talking again right now. “Please no rules anymore...”, he whispered and distracted Kame with another kissing attack.

A/N: I really loved to write them together. I never thought of liking them some weeks ago, but now I can say they are getting one of my OTPs. ^^
It's a present for fazlyn_n, I really hope you'll like it, and happy belated birthday, and I am really glad that you are more or less alright, and that you are back here. :) *bighugs*


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