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The waves call your fate - Prologue

Title: The waves call your fate  - Prologue
Mini series in 4-5 chapter
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: romance, AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary:  Jin and Ryo are stepbrothers and they don't like each other from the first day they meet each other. Everything begins to change when they have to make a summer holiday trip with their parents. But what if one falls in love with another guest? What if one of them recognizes feelings for his brother - Is everything too late then? 
Note 2: Written for the ryoxjin  welcome challenge! (Sorry, it's no one shot, but a short multi chapter...I didn't want to hurry with my idea for this story, so I parted it in some chapters. :))) 


„No, mum, why do I have to share a room with him? That’s not fair. What if I meet a girl and want to bring her to my room”, Jin whined loudly and pulled on his mother’s arm.

“I am still in the room, Jin. So maybe you can shut up and wait till I left it!” Ryo took the glass of water from the table and glanced at his stepbrother. He hated his father for marrying this strange woman and her “I am the coolest” son. At least that was what Ryo thought about Jin, and he hated him for acting like this, especially because Jin always got what he wanted and he never got dumped or something like that.

“I can wait, yes, but I don’t want to. Mum, I want my own room…please”, Jin smiled at her and he knew he always got what he wanted. She couldn’t resist giving him what he begged for, but this time it was different. “No, I said it twice. You will stay in a room with your brother. Point. No discussion anymore. You do what I want you to do.” She rushed out of the room and searched for her husband, who was packing the things into the car.

“I think they will hate each other till the end” she sighed and carried one of the bags across the room. “No, they won’t. You only have to wait, Jin and Ryo will get along well, you’ll see it. Now they fight, but in the end everything will be alright.”. He smiled brightly and prayed that his words would become true. He knew it was hard for Ryo that he married again, and he never saw his son that angry and annoyed like he was during the last months. He really seemed to dislike his new family and especially his new brother. He shook his head and rolled his eyes when he heard the boys yelling at each other when they walked up to the car.

“I want to sit behind mum”, Jin screamed and pushed Ryo’s shoulder slightly. “But I told you I feel sick during long drives. I need to sit behind someone who’s smaller, so I can look above her head. I feel better then.” Ryo answered and bit on his lips. “I don’t care about it, you have to sit behind your father, I want to be behind my mum”. Jin rushed up and slammed the car door open to take a seat there. Ryo sighed and sat behind his father. He knew he’d go to puke sooner or later, because he really had a problem with sitting there and it wasn’t only a joke he told the other one.

One hour passed and Ryo felt a grumbling in his stomach and everything started to spin around. He closed his eyes various times and sipped on his water for, leaning his head against the backrest. He tried to breathe in and out in a state rhythm and pressed his eyes together. “Is everything alright”, Ryo felt a warm hand on his arm and turned his head to the side to face his stepbrother. “I thought you didn’t care about it”. He only said and his hand started to shiver. “Dad, stop the car, now”, he slammed the door open while the car was still moving forward slowly and ran to the field next to the street.

He stumbled a little backwards after he emptied his stomach and sat down on the ground. “Water?” he turned around and saw his stepbrother standing behind him, offering him a bottle of water. “No thanks”, Ryo grumbled and stood up to walk back to the car. “You can have my seat” he heard Jin saying right behind him and he only shook his head and sat down behind his father again. Not only because you feel sorry now…Ryo thought and looked out of the window, ignoring the rest of his family.

“So it wasn’t a joke at all?” Jin asked and waited for Ryo’s answer, but instead of him his father shook his head and started to tell Jin about every journey where Ryo jumped out of the car to puke.

“And that’s your room”, the man said and smiled at the boys next to him. “Thanks” Ryo grumbled and slipped into it. He stopped walking when he saw the bed in front of him. “Oh no, a king size bed with one blanket? Are they nuts? I am not going to stay here”, Ryo rushed out of the room to search for the man who showed them their room. Jin smiled slightly and ran after the other one. Even though he was annoyed of him at the beginning, it was more like being annoyed that his mother had someone new than hating his brother at all. He is more than cute … Jin thought and smiled slightly when he reached Ryo who yelled at the man at the reception. “You have no other room? That can’t be” he growled and the man looked at Jin and then at him. “I am sorry for my brother, we had a little fight, you know”, Jin pulled on Ryo’s arm and brought him back to their room.

He closed the door behind them and pushed Ryo forward. “It’s not that bad at all. Okay we can’t bring any lovers here, but it’s alright. You have to live with the situation that we will share a room during the next two weeks.” Jin grinned evilly and patted Ryo’s head. “I don’t want to be in a room with you, Akanishi!”, Ryo turned around and left the room to run down to the beach.

“I am not going to follow him, I won’t follow him”, Jin said and walked up and  down in the room, but half an hour later he found himself standing on the beach, searching for his stepbrother. He turned around and saw his mother smiling brightly at him when she came closer. “Oh, you are on the beach too, where is Ryo?” she looked around but couldn’t see the small black haired guy anywhere. “I am searching for him, he wanted to come here and I said I need some time…and now I don’t find him”, Jin lied and smiled back at his mother. “Ah, but you get along well now, I am glad for you boys”, she smiled and touched Jin’s shoulder slightly before she walked up to her towel to place her stuff there and jumped into the sea.

Jin looked around and finally saw a slender figure walking down the beach. He saw his trained and wet upper body and the slightly curled black hair hanging down in his face. Holy cow…Jin blinked some times and had to admit that this was really his stepbrother and he never thought that he’d look so damn good underneath his clothes. He felt a small jump in his belly and shook his head to forget about the dizzy feeling in his head. It couldn’t be that he fell for his brother, because at least he was his brother and Jin never fell for guys before.

He saw Ryo walking up to him and passing him without looking at him for a single moment. “Hey, Shrimp, wait a moment”, Jin turned around and grasped for the other one’s hand. “Let me go”. He saw the smaller one’s dark eyes resting on him and stepped back to let him go off. “I just wanted to say sorry”. Jin yelled and saw Ryo stopping for a moment and shaking his head before he walked up to their room.

“What are you doing?” Jin walked in and saw Ryo standing there with a blanket in his hands and his bag in the other one. “I am not going to sleep with you in one room”, Ryo grumbled and wanted to walk out of the door, when he felt Jin’s grip on his arm.

“Don’t be silly, we are brothers, sooner or later we have to get along with each other. And I already said I am sorry for the thing in the car”. Jin looked at the other one and got lost in his dark and sparkling eyes for some moments. “I felt really sick during the drive. And you didn’t care about it”, Ryo whined and sat down on the border of the bed. “I really thought you just said that you are getting sick because you wanted to annoy me in some kind of way.” Jin sat next to his brother and looked down on the ground.

“No, I didn’t tell you a lie, I really get sick there. Jin, it’s not that I do not like you, but I can hardly accept to have a family again. My father and I were alone for a really long time, and it’s not that easy for me.” Ryo bit on his lips and curled the blanket in his hands. “Neither is it for me, but we can try it, can’t we?” Jin answered softly and smiled brightly at Ryo, who did it same. Jin felt his heart beat faster when he saw the small wrinkles around Ryo’s lips and the sparkling eyes resting on him. “Maybe”. Ryo lied back on the bed and closed his eyes.

Note: Hello everyone!! Thanks for reading my story and supporting me and my (crazy) ideas. I just want to tell you that my request post is open for everyone. So if you want something, just feel free to request it HERE

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