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Character sheet: "Creatures of the night" [multi chapter]

Creatures of the night

Four different species humans, magicians, werewolves and vampires have to work together to defeat the "black men". The big problem is: normally the species do not cooperate with each other, it's more that they hate each other, and so it is hard to work together and find a way to defeat the enemy.

Character sheet


Yokoyama You = known as the head of the vampire clan he is the one who makes the plans and decisions

Kamenashi Kazuya = all his victims are his slaves because his sexappeal let the women and men melt away.

Nishikido Ryo = sporty, trained and very quick…his abilities are perfect for fighting.

Shibutani Subaru = He's a brilliant fighter because he is always quicker than the enemy

Sakurai Sho = He's elegant and sexy, and his favorite victims: rich people

Inagaki Goro = he’s new in the vampire clan, a strong boy, but there is one problem: He’s afraid of blood.


Katori Shingo = He is always in a good mood and the head of the werewolves

Murakami Shingo = His bites are always deadly

Nagase Tomoya = next to Shingo the strongest werewolf, he is sleeping often and very long, but in fights he is always in the first row.

Akanishi Jin = Sex sells, even as a werewolf.

Aiba Masaki = jumping round and playing, observe flowers, cooking and cleaning are his favorite hobbies…but fighting? No way for Aiba.


Takizawa Hideaki = the head of the magicians, his special ability is telepathy.

Ohno Satoshi = the most silent one in the row of the magicians, special ability: he is a Shape shifter

Tegoshi Yuya = being crazy, doing crazy things, that’s Tegoshi, special ability: he can freeze others.

Ninomiya Kazunari = He is the man who makes all the plans. He is organized and knows where he gets what he need. Special ability: Master of making people sleepy.

Miyake Ken = He always cares about the others, his special ability: none till now, because the legend says that every magician gets a ability, but some have to wait longer till it appears.


Sakamoto Masayuki = He is professor on the university. He's a genius in maths and solving codes.

Domoto Koichi = He's the master of technology and electricit, as a head of an insurance group he knows many influental people 

Okada Junichi = Master of guns and weapons, and he is Mc Donalds' employee of the mont.

MatsuJun = He is a gangster, he works underground and know one really know where he get all his moneyaster but he is the master of tricks and betrays.

Kato Shigeaki = The pizza boy.





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